Beat The Boss 2 Cheats Hack

Beat The Boss 2 Cheats

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111 comments to Beat The Boss 2 Cheats Hack

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again  says:

    What games do you like and who are your favorite characters?

  • altair  says:

    lim playing Dark souls and im at the far im on my 292nd attempt..ive actually been keepin count and i havnt even beaten the first one…it seems games like this are what turns gamers into non gamers..i dont mind difficult games but that is freakin ridiculous..when u have to try a boss battle nearly 300 times and still are no closer to beating cant get help cause i have no humanity…the makers of this game are idiots…and i know some immature ppl are going to say i just suck…this boss battle is absolutely impossible…so if u cant move forward in a game wheres the fun? so 2 questions..does anyone know any way i can hack the game to cheat my way through as that is the only possibility, and ..What is supposed to be so great about this game that you cant get anywhere on?

  • TommyKay  says:

    Is there any cheat codes for any of the 4 final fantasy games for ps2 for the u.s.?

  • Sergio  says:

    Pirates:legend of the black Kay for xbox. Yeah its an old game, but I can’t get past the big purple crab.. helphelphelp.! (Gimme cheats/walkthroughs/general tips.)

  • Matthew David  says:

    Well I just got the yesterday and I wanted to know if they have any cheats for it. And if u can what game should I start with?

  • Scott W  says:

    Right, I have a few questions.

    1.Are there any cheats for this game?

    2. Do you have to play all the single player games to unlock multiplayer games?

    3. What is “Thrilling mode”?

    4. How many boss levels are there with the “Chaffuer” form?

    5. Does anybody have tips for beating the “Chauffeur” or the “Boxer” at the end of the level called “Penny”?

    Thanks in advance. I need to beat this game!!

    :) xxx

  • Joey 01  says:

    I’m on the last battle, and I’m playing on easy because I’m not amazing with shooters (although I handled Bioshock 1 & 2 fine). No matter how many times I play, I get towards the end with the last two zeppelins and my ship gets destroyed because I’m just overrun, despite trying to take out all the infantry. Does anyone have a good strategy I can use? I don’t use the Songbird on the ground troops, just on the zeppelins and gunships.

  • supernerd567  says:

    I’ve found some MMO’s that are cool, but still not what I want.
    The types of games I’m looking for are games with similar fighting mechanics and gameplay are games such as star ocean, spectrobes origins, and phantasy star portable(2).
    I found one called one for free called phantasy star online 2, but every time I launch the game, my computer says it can’t read the program. So anyone know a “free-to-play” game to download with similar game mechanics?
    If not than any recomended “free-to-play” games.
    I already have elsword. It’s cool, but not what I’m looking for.

  • Krazy Bob  says:

    Hey every one , I play a wide genre of PC games from FPS to MOBA to RTS but i miss playing MMO’s and i want to start playing again. I was looking for any one fun to start a current or new/up coming MMO. It doesnt matter if its free to play or pay to play as long as its got good graphics and interesting gameplay. My real life friends are more into FPS games and League of legends and i get bored easily when I have to start a new MMO and go through the initial grind alone D:

    I am fun to play with, a team player, dont get angry or offended easy. I just want to hang out and play not a creep lol xD. I have a good PC and a fast internet connection. Also if you are playing from Canada that would be a bonus too, because I will be playing from Toronto.

    Cheers!! :)
    @CNLee I already play League of legends… almost everyday… I am Lv30 already… I want to play some real MMOs like fantasy or action MMOs.
    @Fanixidi.. I will definately give eRepublik a try. Thank you.

  • Xavier Hawthorne  says:

    What this game all about ?
    I have seen it has a lot of parts so what one should I try to play ?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet  says:

    i want to see a debate
    and make this interesting and please don’t put a simple answer, back it up with some reasons

  • Hayden  says:

    Hi, I have a 13 year old son and he has been wondering about the new game that just hit the shelves this month: Skylanders Spyros Adventures. Here are his words:

    I loved Lego Star Wars 1 and 2, Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Batman. I also enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the campaign/multiplayer of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The whole Skylanders concept looks fascinating to me, but I’m not sure If I’m too old to enjoy it being 13. (14 in January) I’ve been hearing some aspects of the game seem pretty easy and I was wondering if you could tell me what you liked about the game and what not (Including mini-games, campagin, and multiplayer.) Thanks! :)

  • Xavier Hawthorne  says:

    I’m not necessarily, a HARDCORE gamer.

    but I do enjoy massive rpg’s like Oblivion and Fallout.

    What are some games to fill the gap till Skyrim comes out? 11-11-11

  • RuMKilleR  says:

    Well hello fellow peoples of the interweb, its that time of year again, the time for planning what knick knacks and bits and bobs you want for Christmas day. I usually get around 2 or 3 video games at Christmas but I want to restrict it to 1 this year because I’m in my exam year at school and won’t have a lot of time on my hands to play video games too much. I’m interested in getting either Skyrim or Dark Souls,but I’m not sure which to ask for. So humble reader of this question, i want to ask which one you would recommend I get. I do like a bit of challenge In a game, I have heard Dark Souls is pretty tricky, what is the difficulty like on Skyrim. Which do you recommend as an overall package, taking into account Graphics, playability, depth and scope, gameplay mechanics and such things of that sort. Thanks ;)

  • mendhak  says:

    Jade cocoon was an awesome game (up until the second game) so i wanted to make one for the PC. i couldn’t, of course, just copy jade cocoon but it would be similar in the sense of many gameplay mechanics and monster customization, but if i were to make a game like that i would change a lot of stuff and it would likely be just a multiplayer thing to try and see if people would like it. i will describe it a bit and i would like to know if people would be into it or not. if it is really good then it could possibly bring jade cocoon back (but lets all agree on burying JC2 and never bringing it back again…)
    Basically if i were to make it the battles would be different on pvp (or i could script an AI to act like a player)
    here’s how i think it would work, the game will have 3 levels in 1 pvp fight. the center would be a cleared out area with the monsters, and it would mostly follow the same rules as JC1. but depending on how many players there are there could be more than a 1v1 fight. when one side beats the other the circle dissapears and the monsters would be able to move free and deal with the players on their enemy’s side.
    the 2nd level is where it gets interesting. this is an area where the actuall player characters can either stand near their monster to control it or they can have a preset AI to control their monsters while they can be their character and either harass/kill the enemy player with their character or they could move out into the 3rd circle. of corse this means that i would add lots of stats and abilitys to the individual characters so that lets say one can move fast to harass easily but then the one being harassed could actually place up defences around his area so that the harasser would not be able to do anything
    the final circle would lead into the dangerous outside world full of extremely powerful monsters. the benefits of venturing into this area could vary. there would always be an area at the tip top of the map which is hard to reach but could lower the second circle. so the extremely dangerous monsters could attack the players and then it would become a mode where the harrasers which succesfully lowered the second shield have an advantage. of corse the extremely powerful monsters have no alliances so both teams would be in danger. there would be buffs placed randomly around the map which could either give perks or new monsters which the harassers could use to trap enemys into another circle granted they are not safely in the second cirlce that would basically be a lethal trap to players who’s characters are not set up to be independent (without their monsters) there are 2 massive perks in the 3rd area. 1 would be an instrument which is obtained by defeating a super hard boss (likely a scripted pvp AI with monsters). it would allow the extremely powerful monsters to work for you, basically making it gg. and the second would be an orb which allows the one that recieves it to not only revive their monsters once each, but to allow them to switch out like in JC1 and be safe while their monsters fight for them.
    of corse there would also be characters with the ability to fight against these extremely powerful monsters with creatures of their own that they would be able to take away from the fight in the first circle, putting their team at a dissadvantage, but allowing the player to have a higher chance of success in fending off the monsters.
    players would not be bound to turn based combat if they fight unless they fight with their own monsters. turns would be 10 seconds long and 5 seconds for players to choose to defend with their monster.
    it would still have the normal monster merging and at the end of each pvp battle the players would be allowed to capture or level up against the extremely powerful monsters so that the fight came with its own rewards.
    and that is a short summary of the game i am wanting to make, but i think it would take a while and i would need to start from scratch using C++ as my tool. but i would still like to know if it would be a game worth making or if it takes too much away from the origenal game.
    And if anyone else with experiance wants to make a game like this then that is totally welcome because this would be an attempt to make a fun game. but please let me know if people would be into a game like this or not or if people are way too into war sims to care anymore.
    thank you!

  • SKATEskum  says:

    I just beat “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” and LOVED it. But now I don’t know what to play next! So I’m looking for recommendations.


    1. Yes, the other two Deus Ex games are on my list already.
    2. Stuff I liked in “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” includes: well the story was great, of course, especially since I love sci-fi to begin with; I thought the hacking was fun; I liked that you didn’t have to just run into a room and start shooting, you could sneak by all the guards and avoid combat altogether except the occasional run-in (and of course the stupid boss battles); I liked how the decisions you made in conversations affected later gameplay; the cut scenes were SO EPIC; I really appreciated how morality actually did factor in – I wasn’t expecting to like that, but I did; and that’s all I can think of.
    3. Stuff I didn’t like includes: the boss battles – I had to turn down the difficulty every time I hit a boss battle; the very few times when I didn’t agree with any of the available options, but hey, the game wouldn’t exist if the developers had to program every possible opinion in there!; and it was really suspenseful (and therefore hard to stop playing) but too long to play in one sitting, but those are more good than bad. There really isn’t anything else I didn’t like. I really really loved it overall, haha.
    4. I am not wealthy. Therefore, I don’t usually play new games because they’re so ridiculously expensive. I don’t like paying more than $15 for a game, and it would probably take quite a bit of convincing to get me to pay more than $25.
    5. I play on PC, but I do have an Xbox 360. I’m not allowed to use it for anything other than Kinect games that “provide cardio activity” (quoting my dad here) though, so anything I play on Xbox would have to be short enough that I could get through it in the few windows of opportunity while my parents aren’t home.
    6. My computer’s CD drive is basically broken, so anything I play has to be available for download either through Steam or on Amazon. (That said, if something that I can only get on CD is an absolute must-play, there is a GameStop near me and I could thief my dad’s external drive. But only if something is an absolute must-play.) I do have a pretty good computer otherwise, though, so I can probably run pretty much any game on (at least) close to the best graphics settings.
    7. I’m 18, so rating doesn’t matter.

    So… what should I play now?
    Thanks! :D

  • Bryant B  says:

    I got Star Ocean – The Last Hope and I was really enjoying it. Was making solid leveling progress, story started to get interesting, Edge was mackin on Reimi…..then it froze, and I had to repeat four hours of gameplay. Then it froze again. And again. And on the fourth time I broke the disk in half. I was about to beat a boss after a long dungeon with no save points and it froze. Out of the 35 hours I put into it, I had to repeat nearly half of it. Never had this happen with any games, ever (and I even play PC games).

    Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, I’m looking to start over with something more fulfilling. I have a few RPGs here I’ve never really touched, and was wondering which you all think I ought to play. My biggest draw to this genre is story. I love RPGs because its like playing a book. So keeping in mind epic story arcs and characters who you actually become attached to are my favorite elements of RPGs, which should I play? Or do you have a better suggestion of one to buy? (I own PS2 & XBox 360).

    - FF IX
    - FF Tactics
    - FF X
    - FF XII
    - Mass Effect
    - Saga Frontier
    - Threads of Fate
    (Already played Fallout 3, Morrowind, Oblivion, and FF VII to death.)

  • PolishPokeyPimp  says:

    I remember getting a PC spiderman videogame in a cereal box a long time ago — it only had the first 10 levels or something like that, encouraging you to go out and buy the full version. I had so much fun but lost it. Years later, I think it would be fun to play it again but there are so many spiderman video games and I don’t know which one it is. Details of the game:

    90% sure it came out between 2000 and 2004
    One of the first levels was on a rooftop. I think that RHINO was the boss for that level.
    One of the first levels was stealth in a office-like building, where you crawled on the ceiling. Eventually you got to a vault of some sort and defused a bomb or something.
    My friend had the full version, and in his you had to beat Venom several times. Like A LOT. You beat him, he runs away, you beat him again, he runs away again, etc.

    That’s all I can remember but I hope it’s enough – I really want to play this game again :D

    This list may help:
    Also, I don’t remember ever fighting one of the goblins.
    I remember being able to make a web-shield around you or shooting a web-ball (I think)

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x  says:

    I’m looking for something with a variable pace, (maybe an RPG,) something that has slow moments, but also has good action sequences; fun fights. Something difficult, but not so difficult that I’ll have to spend 8 hours on one quest. I’m usually pretty busy with school, so it’d be cool if I could finish one big story movement in a 2 to 3 hour sitting and then stop playing for a week and pick up where I left off. Also, I’d prefer something with really good graphics, but it can be old if it’s good –system reqs are a non-issue. Multiplayer is a plus, but not necessary.
    Oh, and I really like character developing games, like where I get to level up a class and choose my Character’s skills.

    Games I like:
    -I’ve really enjoyed all the Final Fantasy games, especially 7 and it’s extras (Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, and Before Crisis) but I haven’t played the PC Final Fantasy’s because I don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription.
    -Kingdom Hearts
    -Gears of War and Dynasty Warriors and COD[NAZI ZOMBIESXDXD] and all of the Ratchet and Clank series for their gameplay, but I didn’t pay attention to the story in any of them.
    -Freelancer was great, but I didn’t like how I was stuck in a ship the whole time. And when I moved on to online play, there were too few options in the original so I downloaded the most popular mods, but the mods made it impossible to do anything solo (unless I wanted to use the Star Trek mod, which would just hurt my self-esteem)
    -Borderlands had great character development, awesome multiplayer, and fun gameplay, but IMO, the story was lacking.
    -Day of the Tentacle –it’s a classic. Same with Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. I could almost go with a game like these, except that there’s no fighting in them.
    -C&C, OpenLieroX, and Commander Keen are great fun, but kindof unrelated to this question…

    Games I don’t like….
    -Jack and Daxter (It took me like a month and a half to beat the last boss, and I couldn’t just “level up” a few times until I could overpower him. It frustrated me.)
    -Mafia Wars –PLEASE don’t suggest any browser games
    -Tribal Wars –or games with strict online communities and rules about how often you should play.
    -anything that I have to pay weekly/monthly/yearly fees to play

    Thanks much! and thanks for reading all this! I’d really appreciate any suggestions^^

  • Terrence  says:

    on the 2nd year do you have to go back to all the same levels in or do you just progress past the second river which is near the mines the last level on the first yr, because i went back to the first level on the second year and i went through it beat the boss and got more mryll so idk

  • brincks26  says:

    Ok so i’ve always wanted to play final fantasy so I have a few questions.. actually a shitload of them.

    Q1: The FF I and FF II on the app store how many hrs of gameplay does it have? should i buy it? if so why?

    Q2: Is FF like pokemon? like take turned fighting? or is it like KH where you can go all out and rape everyone?

    Q3: what is the FF series in order, for the new systems, PS2 + Xbox 360 + GBA?

    Q4:Why should I buy it? is it a fun series?

    Q5: which FF is the best of the series? and are all the FF games linked to eachother as in you have to play FF1 then 2 then 3, etc? Or is it all different stories?

    Q6:for the PSP Is Crisis core better or Dissidia?

    Q7:are KH and FF in anyway linked? cause ive seen seperoth and Cloud and all those ppl?

    Q8:how much would it be for the whole series at gamestop? If they do have it on the site, can you put them all in order, I know its a lot to ask but please :D ?

    Q9:How many hrs of gameplay do the FF games normally round up to?

    Q10: Are the GBA games for FF Like Some Real storyline game or just a spinoff?

    THANKS EVERYONE WHO WILL ANSWER I JUST REALLY NEED TO KNOW, Cause i made this one electric guitar in 10th grade shop class last semester and it looks ******* amazing, i sold it on ksl for 750 and they didnt know i made it, I already got a car i just want to get these games, always wanted too, again thank you:)

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    I like video games, but only a certain type of video game…

    I really like sandbox type games. Some favorites include GTA4, The Sims 3, The Movies, Super Smash Bros., Mario Party. War-themed games like Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, etc. don’t really appeal to me for some reason. On the PC, i only play ‘tycoon’ type games (except The Sims), like Zoo Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon, The Movies. On the Wii, I like Super Smash Bros Brawl, but all games I get bored of eventually. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, it was fun when I played it, but once I completed it, i got bored of it. I like some puzzle games, like Golden Sun was really fun for me. I like some RPG games, FF7 is an alltime favorite, but for some reason, others don’t have a lasting impact on me as much. I don’t know if this game will last me a long time once i beat it. Also, is it really hard that i’ll have to buy a strategy guide?

  • Cole  says:

    My brother thinks it’s funny that he found out my passwords to many of of my things and so he changed them. I know this sounds weird and ironic but I need to hack into my own accounts. Does anyone know where I could get a free and not a virus hack tool or something that allows me to track each keystroke typed into my computer so I can figure out what he changed my passwords to if he hopefully ever gets back onto my accounts. Thanks.

  • ademuth93  says:

    what would be a good collection of computer hacking tools. i have a portscaner and a password cracker,oh and it has to be for linux. also is there any built in tools for linux mint 14 that i can use for hacking.


    It’s what the question says. I get service on the second floor of my house, but not on the first or in the basement. I’ve tried Google, but I get a load of hacking tools and stuff, and that’s not what I want. Thanks in advance.
    Wireless internet signal, that is. Sorry for any confusion that caused.

  • Spider Pc  says:

    I think there’s some sort of hacking tool or application that allows me to comment on a channel that blocked me. But i can’t find any.

  • colingrillo  says:

    What are the basic Hacking Tools (explain what is their uses) and where to download for free?

  • superdork  says:

    My computer has an anti-virus system on it already, but somehow a hacking tool has gotten in my system and it is wreaking havoc. A friend suggested using Ewiedo but we can’t find the right place to get the trial version. I would appreciate any help.

  • sethburger  says:

    For some reason, I can never ever download hacks and I totally do not understand how so many people have the hack online! It’s crazy…

    How do I download the hack? I’ve been on youtube and google and none of them work due to surveys, so then I try bypassing the surveys and still nothing works. Gahhh…. frustration.

    These are the links to the hacks so if someone knows how to download the file from those sites then I would totally be forever in your debt.


    Those are all the links and each one request for a survey to be completed. Honestly, I want to bypass the survey but although I’ve looked at over 14 youtube videos without the results I had hoped I am quite sure it’s impossible ):

    So please please help me. (: believe it or not, but this is actually very important, haha.

  • davemc74656  says:

    Okay so since the Lips to archive roms to the hack is made for pc I would like to know how I can do this on my mac so that I don’t need to use my old pc for rom hacks, if you could give me info on how to use the hacking tools as well that would be great, ty :)

  • airdogspace2  says:

    I have recently just started up on Maple. I downloaded it. Downloaded a patch, re-installed it 4 times. It still says error, hack tool detected. What is this?

  • Franklin Bluth  says:

    I have tried nearly every single (safe) way of obtaining such a tool and I have actually got it on my computer but when you start hack it says I need to update it but to update it I need to complete a survey. so does anyone know where I can get the latest hack tool without completing any survey what so ever. I’d really appreciate it!

  • nathan  says:

    I need a mediafire link of the hack tool of monster world.I tried in many sites but they to deal with surveys before downloading and evn affter completing the survey,i couldnt find any downloads.So plz help,,,,

    Thnx in advance

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    Hi, I’ve heard that some tool called dragon city hack is available, and with this tool I can add unlimited gems in the game. So basically this is dragon city gems hack or something like that. I’ve downloaded a few dragon city hack tools, and non of it working. Please can you tell me where can I find working one?

  • everydayGuitarist  says:

    What is a good password hacking tool that I can use to hack say……………….. emails or maybe club Penguin accounts or something like that. Can you also give me instructions on how to use it?

  • whites are not the only racists  says:

    Where Can I Find The “Dragon Story Hack Tool” On A Website That Doesn’t Require A Survey? I Would have no problem With Completing A Survey But There are no offers In my country so I thought that maybe I would get it from somewhere survey-less. Thank You!

  • Milk84  says:

    Please, do you know where I ould find the ultimate hack tool for sims social, the one that gives you as much simeleons and simcash as you want, and gettingit the real one without virus and also without needing to complete any survey?? Please!

  • crzyinluv  says:

    Ok, so a hotmail contact has said she has a hack tool which is able to send pictures of me (which i know she has) to my contacts. I have deleted all my contacts, mail, changed all settings to be as private as possible etc, but am unable to close my account (thanks microsoft). So, how can i completely block all outgoing mail from my address? And i dont mean just from my home pc. Thanks in advance!

  • The Beatles  says:

    I want to be able to hack facebook accounts to get revenge on some people at school but i dont want to hack them by trying to guess their password. I was wondering if there are any websites that have a hacking tool that i can download for free.

  • Andres C  says:

    Where can i find a League of Legends hack tool that works on LOL PH and free without doing survey…tnx in advance

  • Mathew  says:

    Is it possible to hack the game candy crush saga? their boosters are so expensive to my budget, I want to hack it for free, can you provide me with some free hacking tool? please the working tool, thanks!
    P/s: I found the site that give the tool for hacking Candy Crush Saga Boosters, at Did you try it? is it working?

  • Andre  says:

    Hello! I am searching for a working Game of War Fire Age Hack Tool for almost a week now, and I haven’t had any success! If anyone have any useful information about cheats or hacks for Game of War Fire Age, please tell me more about it! Thank you all in advance!

  • mike s  says:

    I want to learn more about hacking. So I decided to download some hacking tools(for educational purposes). So then once I downloaded the file, my virus program caught the parite b virus from my program and deleted it. what should i do?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo  says:

    I get 3 oranges and 1 potato chips from gamelinkexchange everyday.But i want more to play since i like this game very much. I do not like to wait for hours, for the energy to fill. I have tried hack tool and cheat engine. But that is not working for me .When i run it shows error. So do anyone know a link or any site were i can get more energy? (I have also added many friends) .

  • Thomas Lopez  says:

    I have been playing Clash of Clans for almost a year now, and I could really use Clash of Clans Hack Tool now! It doesn’t have to be anything special, I just want Gems adder, Shield adder, and if XP Level Cheat would be good too! I am really looking forward to your answers and I hope someone will help me with this! Thanky you all in advance!

  • Vultre9  says:

    Post all of your ddos, hack tools and sql injectors that you enjoy using here!

  • Andres C  says:

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  • turg143  says:

    Hi, Can you guys help me finding some websites where i can download the hacking tools for free. And also suggest some sites where the knowledge of hacking is discussed

  • Lachlan  says:

    I need Big win baseball iphone hack which doesn’t require Jailbreak.
    I need a lot of coins and bucks. If anybody know where i can
    find this kind of Big win baseball iphone hack tools please give me
    download link here.

  • che-che  says:

    For those little iPad apps that don’t matter to the world I want to hack one called clash of clans. I hate surveys mostly because they charge you allot and are fake. My game centre nickname is merlin95 I just want allot of gems on this game that’s it. Does anyone know of a good free easy hack tool OR if someone has it already and could do it for me that would be great? You have my game centre name.

  • evil chevy  says:

    I saw how people got these hacking tools for the iron man 3 game which unlocks all the armors for you while giving you a desirable amount of io8 and stark credits. However none of these seem to work for me. I use a samsung galaxy s4 and iphone 4 with ios 6 to play the game. (yes i play it on both) The game is version 1.22. So does anyone have a hacking tool that could help? And it would help if i can get one whcih requires no surveys. Thanks

  • Jeanelle the Retard  says:

    Can you give me Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack Tool?
    where’s the link? can you gift me the link?

  • _marky_mark_  says:

    from Wennerstrom in the movie from David Fincher “The Girl with the dragon tatto” ? The scene where she is Irenne Nesser with the blond wig. I know she is very smart and has hacking tools but what is what she did? And what make it impossible to apply in for real life? Is it the exaggerated hacking abilities? Thank you. And no I won’t rob a bank, just curiosity.

  • vanvark83  says:

    Does anyone know where to get the real hack tool for madden nfl superstars?
    I’m looking for this particular one below:
    I’ve been to the site to get it, but I turned out to be one of those stupid spam

  • Le Pwner  says:

    what is the hack tool for hacking fire red,leaf green etc to make it look like pokemon diamond or tell me were i can download a rom which is hacked and i can play

  • Ed D  says:

    I downloaded WoW from a torrent website which was optimized for running on a private server. There was a ‘hack tool’ included. I tried running it, but it says that the data is corrupted. So, are there any other hack tools for WoW on private servers (I play on Magic WoW)? Maybe something that could speed up the game or get more exp?

  • mal_functiongeo  says:

    I wish to know about the hacking tools. how to enter into a website without permission? what are the soft warss to be used for this purpose?

  • nyyankees1123  says:

    I have looked around many websites but only got fake ones, can someone provide me with a real working hack/cheat tool for dragon story game.

  • kewlflame14  says:

    Ok so on Battlefield 3, I was banned for apparently using “hack-tools” but since they added a new anti hack system where any program that interacts with battlefield 3 will get you banned,

    So I was planning to buy another copy of Battlefield 3 Ordinary not premium or anything. But my account is a premium account so I don’t know if buying a normal bf3 serial number (new) will reactivate my *PREMIUM ACCOUNT*.

  • Roflcopter  says:

    Or is there a hack tool that I can use to get more bucks and coins? I’ve seen a hack tool going around and I downloaded it, but it didnt work.

  • Mike  says:

    I play Deer hunter reloaded everyday and i am stuck recently.
    I don’t have enough gold, bucks and energy , and i need some good
    Deer hunter reloaded cheat or hack tool to get allot this items. If anybody
    know where can i download this kind of hack tools please post site url
    in your answer.

  • Benihana  says:

    Im specifically talking about pokemon rom hacking tools. I can use them I know where to get them. I want to know how to make my own.

  • Krazy Bob  says:

    Are there any pokemon hacking tools for linux?If yes,please tell me where I can download them.No scam,please.

  • SteveO  says:

    Would it be illegal to make a hacking tool, for example a bruteforce password cracker or a pishing toolset? if not, would it be illegal to share it?

  • JackReynolds  says:

    Hack Drakensang andermanter fast and easy with this Drakensang Hack Tool

    Link :

    Want to dominate the game ? Need unlimited Gold, Silver, Cooper and

    Andermant then this is the right place for you, to start dominating the game you

    just have to download this Drakensang Online cheat tool and start adding


  • Hannah  says:

    If you have a hack tool for castle clash tell me so I can give you my login ID and you can hack for me

  • RichT  says:

    i scanned and healed threats on my pc, but the notice “hacking tools detected” still comes up when i launch online games. i even formatted the whole drive and reinstalled windows, but it still comes up.

  • BRUTE  says:

    every link i get or the Miscrits of Volcano Island Hack Tool V1.02,it just is a link to another website with a link to another website tha asks me to do a survey to download the Miscrits of Volcano Island Hack Tool V1.02.i just want the download without a link

  • Xbox Gamer  says:

    I am currently testing a web site that has a secure area (SSL URL) and I need to test its vulnerability to hackers.

    The SSL pages have the ‘lock’ icon at the bottom of the screen, but I need to carry out further security checks.

    I understand that popular hacking tools are available for download, but do not know where to find them.

    Can anyone help?
    This is my web site. I just want to make sure that it is as secure as possible before it goes live. I’m on a very tight budget & cannot afford a professional firm right now.

  • Ray D  says:

    i want a good game hacking tool to hack bloons tower defence 3. it doesnt work with cheat engine and artmoney. help please!!!!

  • davemc74656  says:

    recently i am addicted for Ghost of mistwood .Is there any hack tool please tell.
    Survey link also acceptable.But i want 100% working tool.

  • Erin  says:

    I have just switched from Windows Vista to Linux Mint and was just wondering if there was any Pokemon ROM hacking tools for my OS. I am in the middle of a hack I was working on and need to finish it so I can release and alpha. Can you help me?

  • Jason  says:

    a hack tool or cheat perhaps to get FREE FB Credits?
    do you know the steps in using Cheat Engine? and will the Cheat Engine work for laptops with flash not version 9?

  • toysruslover  says:

    Is there a chefville hacking tool where i don’t have to complete a (non ending) survey and don’t have to get a password by completing another survey?

  • Jason M  says:

    I’ve been searching through different areas and have yet to find one that doesn’t involve doing surveys. Some say no surveys but yet still require you to do a survey to update the hack tool. Is there somewhere or someone I can get a copy from that doesn’t require completed surveys in one form or another what so ever?!!

  • Kobe  says:

    My Advance text hacking tool doesn’t seem to be working,is there any other hacking tool i can use instead?I heard that Elite Map can be used to edit text in pokemon ruby version,etc..Is it true?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag  says:

    i heard that there r hacking tools that can break the lock of pendrives to make their space very friend broke the lock of a sony vaio 8GB to make it 130GB.if there r any such tools can u paste a link to me that gives downloads of such tools.

  • toysruslover  says:

    First off i know you cant customize them in the game normally. I would like to find out if there is a hack tool that you can use to change the way they look, and how to do it. I know its possible cause i seen a few videos on youtube.

  • Dana G  says:

    my ccount has been suspended by facebook for some kind of idiotic reason i am not aware of. it’s frustrating, but what’s even more frustrating is when others can view your profile and you can’t. i am fed up and want to get rid of this account by any means that is legal or illegal [ software / hacking tool whatever ]

    PS: at the time of login i am being asked to identify pictures of people i have never seen before. moreover it is impossible to identify if pictures are pulled out at random from albums of people who are in your list of friends !

  • Seth  says:

    Can someone give me a dragon city hack tool download for free (If I need to I will pay) but I would love it if someone could upload one to MediaFire for me! Pleas reply thanks!

  • The Inc  says:

    Is the megapolis hack tool 2013 a virus? My anti-virus keeps flagging it as a trojan horse… I realize by the nature of what it does this could be a false positive… But I was wondering if anyone is really using it and did they open a door on their computer? I have downloaded it but am afraid to install it in case it really is a virus. Please only respond if you actually have downloaded it and installed it… Thanks!

  • apleaforbrandon  says:

    I’ve been looking for a few days now and ive seen that 99% of the time when you try to download a hack there is a survey all ways involved in the process and i have had a hard time finding a way to get a hack client for android clash of the clans hack tool with out doing a survey. pls let me know if you have one that does not have no B.S. survey in the hole thing or no virus. pls and thank you

  • XplicitzZ  says:

    I’ve been looking for a few days now and ive seen that 99% of the time when you try to download a hack there is a survey all ways involved in the process and i have had a hard time finding a way to get a hack client for android clash of the clans hack tool with out doing a survey. pls let me know if you have one that does not have no B.S. survey in the hole thing or no virus. pls and thank you

  • Gamer959  says:

    hey everyone, i have been searching for a site where i can download asphalt 8 hack tool but in every site it says i have to complete a form something about ‘SURVEY’. Can anyone tell me a site where i can download it? thanks in advance. Points for the best answer

  • Mak Sultan  says:

    Does anyone know of any website that doesn’t require you to complete a survey to download a hack tool for a video game? I have tried so many different websites and they all have surveys, including websites that advertise a 100% survey free system. I’ve just about givin up and thought I would ask. Thank you for a response.

  • Noe R  says:

    I need a hack tool by which i can gain unlimited mojos and golds and crystals.

    In many videos in youtube many people said that the hack tool works but i can’t complete the survey so that I can download that

  • BRUTE  says:

    I wish to get working Battle Camp hack tool…
    I need it for my ipad
    My device is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone could help

  • callofduty5123412  says:

    I wish to get working Battle Camp hack tool…
    I need it for my ipad
    My device is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone could help

  • LN13  says:

    I want Samurai Siege hack tool…
    I want to hack my iPhone5
    My phone is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone was able to help

  • Brian  says:

    I might pre-order pokemon platinum if it comes out with something good. But its comeing out in the usa March 22, 2009. So my question is how do i get movie regigigas for the U.S.A?
    P.s. i don’t want to use pokesavs or any hacking tools or nothing that will mess/corrupt my game.
    How do i get the pre-order ticket

  • Yoshi  says:

    What is the basic hacking tool and where can I download it. I also want to know where can I learn basic hacking coz, next week Im going to present it in my class in Computer. Thnx in advance.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet  says:

    I’m looking for a good firewall that protects from someone booting a password hacking tool from a CD, External hard drive, thumb drive etc…
    Preferably free, and easy to use.
    Specific protection from the Cain and Abel software is needed, I have already password protected the BIOS, and I could use any other methods of protection.

  • sakyue1993  says:

    hi i am a fan of criminal case game on facebook.i want the download link for the criminal case hack tool.i have searched many sites but asks surveys.i have downloaded some in mediafire and but these files asks password when extracted. hence i want a site to download this tool without any kind of surveys or passwords.
    if you have the tool please sent me via e-mail
    my e-mail address””
    thanks in advance.

  • Jason  says:


  • Gamer959  says:

    He caught me using this hacking tool on a game called Tibia, I apologized and begged for him to forgive me, and he let me off the hook and said not to do it again or I will be banned, he caught me doing it again, and banned me till deletion, but I have an option to click complain and reason with him, what can I say to convince him ?

  • Taylor2k  says:

    I was wondering if there is a hacking tool or program that can allow my laptop to connect to 2 separate wifi internet connections simultaneously. I have AT&T wifi at my house. The speed is okay but when I d/l torrents and watch HD tv the tv is sketchy sometimes, forcing me to limit download speeds to under 1MB/second for my laptop torrents. My question comes from my neighbor having an unprotected network that I used to use for wifi before I got my own. Is there any way to use hers and mine at the same time to the same computer to increase my overall D/L bandwidth? I.E. I get an average of 1.5 MB/s on torrent downloads from my router and when connected to neighbors wifi about 1.1 MB/s….so when I connect my neighbor’s and my wifi to my computer simultaneously, will I have 2.6 MB/s DL speeds? All assuming connecting both is possible…if you know of a tool or program that can allow this please share! Thanks!

  • PIE BOY  says:

    clash of clans is a game for mobile platform. i am using android. i came across many hack tools online. none worked and most of them had to be unlocked by completing surveys. that’s very annoying and frustrating. i really need a hack tool that works and generate gems for me. i’ll provide my mail address. please send me the hack tool to my mail: thanks!

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    I don’t want to fill out their surveys, just want to get to the hack tool…
    Spirit Stones, mobile game for android and iphones

  • Cliffy N  says:

    I wish to get working Battle Camp hack tool…
    I need it for my ipad
    My device is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone could help

  • Erin  says:

    I think the energy thing was a bad idea for the game. I want a hack tool that is esay to install and that I won’t need to complete surveys. Thank you!

  • ademuth93  says:

    I wish to get working Battle Camp hack tool…
    I need it for my ipad
    My device is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone could help

  • Michael C  says:

    Is there any hack tool of Shadow fight hack on fb or any trick to get coins and rubies via cheat engine ?

  • Lachlan  says:

    hello everyone, please help me out to download World at arms hack tool, i am using Ipad 2 IOS , how can i use unlimited medals ???? please help me ….

  • Sonny  says:

    I want Beat the Boss 2 (17+) hack or cheats for android.

  • opurt  says:

    I found this blog with a link to download a hacking tool for Disney Hidden Worlds, but it only comes as an EXE. I tried opening it with WineBottler, but no such luck.

  • Echo  says:

    I downloaded the hay day hack tool for my android phone but i cant understand what is PIN in it?

  • Mak Sultan  says:

    I downloaded android version of hay day hack tool but it is asking for a PIN.What is it?Please help.

  • Sir fliesalot  says:

    I’ve been around searching for a iron force hack tool to download but i’m unable to because of surveys not working for me since i’m not in any major country like US or Canada or China where most surveys work i’ve been runing into problems with every single one i found none works.i would prefer a download where there’s no survey to be taken for the download.can anyone please help me give me a link please or send me the File i need at would really appreciate it alot. thanks in advance.

  • Jeff  says:

    Everytime i play warrock in mid game it says hack tool detected,i don’t have any hacks runing.

  • RichT  says:

    Can anyone give me the links or files to hacking tools for firered and leafgreen to change intro title and change pokemon descriptions

  • ouch  says:

    I asked my neighbor for his wifi password and he told me no. I busted out linux hacking tools and hacked his wifi password and now i’m using his internet. I told him that I did and he said he will call the cops. I this illegal?

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