Empire Defence 2 Cheats Hack

Empire Defence 2 Cheats

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61 comments to Empire Defence 2 Cheats Hack

  • andresumoza  says:

    Compred to Japan in WWII, will there ever be another direct threat to Australia, through Asia or South East Asia again?

    When you look at China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia do you think any of these will ever try to invade other countries and have to be stopped again?

  • Jeffery Carlson  says:

    For a research essay! I need to know resons why paying more for the roman army/defence caused more problems in the empire. Thanks for any sort of info!

  • kewlflame14  says:

    Between 1900-1910 what was going on in The Austro-Hungarian empire? And no this isn’t my homework.

  • Lia-lu-li  says:

    Was it mostly because they were forced, because, I’ve heard that the British mostly used convicts or prisoners for recruitment for their armies before a war, and trained them to be a solider within the army. Was it mostly a chance to see the world and move around? Or was it just nationalism pride that allowed most to join the army at the time? Did the British recruit people willingly or was it forced during times of war because of how small their army was at the time compared to other European powers?

  • Disrae  says:

    If so, what defences do the gnomes use to protect their ecological niche?

  • joevsyou  says:

    It’s all very well to say ‘Ah, that was back then’, but even back

    then, they were no angels.

    There is a myth that the Soviets were the reason, but the Cold

    War prolonged communism, it would have imploded much faster

    had we not had an acerbic tone towards them, which ignited


    Americans should not be surprised they are hated in the Middle east, if Russia did the same to us we would justifiably loathe them.

    Those who deny this, well the Roman Empire also thought it was

  • andresumoza  says:

    What were the disadvantages of the British empire for the BRITISH?


  • Thomas A  says:

    Consider Siezure of power? what power did kerenski goverment have in 1st place, did bolsheviks have any control? what does control mean , did they really take over anything apart from material elements ?

  • evangldbrg  says:

    Any and all background information on the current situation between Israel, Hezbollah and Lebanon is welcome. I’d also like to know exactly what the relationship is between the Lebanese government and Hezbollah.
    Website references would be nice…
    Captain W I am asking for that very info. You seem to know so please tell.

  • kewlflame14  says:

    Hey guys I am playing Age of empires III The asain dynasties right now and I have been trying to find out for the longest time how to make your Oprechnicks into defense position. I watched someone break 3 of my walls with 30 oprys in a small square defense position. How do you do that? I have been trying to find it but there not defense position to make it smaller only thing there is. Is there is a defense position for a big square. I want a small square does anyone know?

  • Samuro  says:

    respected other countries right to self rule survive without joining the colony wars?


  • Taylor2k  says:

    i ment expanding one?

  • Cpt Excelsior  says:

    Do they have to pledge allegiance to the Queen? Do they have any special trading status with Britain? Are they considered part of the British Empire? Do they have a mutual defense treaty?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo  says:

    I have a compare and contrast essay between the two and I do not have a clue what to write!

    Thank you!
    Thanks for your help. The question was directed at the social economic difficulties and how they were dealt with in different degrees of success by the governments.

  • Johnky J  says:

    Should we cut veterans benefits or reduce readiness and compromise National security?

    There is no alternative but these because of budget constraints. If vet benefits continue to grow as they have in recent years, in a few decades there will be zero defence dollars for readiness as all will go to bennies.
    Either cut bennies, or cut National securty, you choose, David.

  • sam N  says:

    I need to write a 2 page double spaced essay can someone help me please!!! Here is exactly what the paper says: It has been said that ancient Rome was one of the mightiest of civilizations in history. How did such an empire fall. By the way I need a thesis body and conclusion. THANKS!!!!!

  • sam N  says:

    Any1 have an opinion of what nation is best on water maps? EG, spanish have good water defence, but i was wondering if any of the nations standed out, as i like to play on water maps.

    Please explain why aswell ;)


  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet  says:

    How come in History various countries, some of which are now considered “Good Guys” Like UK and France were building Empires and invading countries for no reason and now countries can’t do it anymore, When Germany invaded Belgium in 1914 and Poland in 1939 Britain and France declared war immediately when they used to do it themselves? Britain even done is as recent as the 1900′s. The 20′s (Irish Easter Rising, War of Independence and Civil war) the 40′s 50′s and 60′s (Canadians, Indians etc. gaining independence). After the discovery of America it was almost immediately colonized? In the 1800′s under Napoleon Bonaparte’s leadership, France attacked and captured most of Europe and attacked Russia for no reason? And if they done it now half the countries in the world would declare war on them.


  • Spider Pc  says:

    How come in History various countries, some of which are now considered “Good Guys” Like UK and France were building Empires and invading countries for no reason and now countries can’t do it anymore, When Germany invaded Belgium in 1914 and Poland in 1939 Britain and France declared war immediately when they used to do it themselves? Britain even done is as recent as the 1900′s. The 20′s (Irish Easter Rising, War of Independence and Civil war) the 40′s 50′s and 60′s (Canadians, Indians etc. gaining independence). After the discovery of America it was almost immediately colonized? In the 1800′s under Napoleon Bonaparte’s leadership, France attacked and captured most of Europe and attacked Russia for no reason? And if they done it now half the countries in the world would declare war on them.


  • Michael K  says:

    After all they do act in a very brutal way to the Palestinians in my opinion beyond what could be called self-defence.

  • Sophia C  says:

    What factors best explain the relative strengths of the British, French and Spanish colonial empires in North America?

  • Matthew S  says:

    How did the dual monarchy of austria-hungary function?
    a) austria controlled departments of foreign affairs and defense

    b)both countries shared the same constitution and parliament

    c) each country was respnsible for managing its own affairs

    d) the ruler of each country took turns ruling the empire.

    which one is right?

  • Xbox360king  says:

    Canada is still the most loyal of all the Commonwealth to its British heritage, as exhibited in no republican sentiments toward being rid of the monarchy (as, for example, in Australia). Canada’s proximity to United States must have seemed a jewel to the British, for defence purposes and bragging rights. So, why hasn’t Canada ever been considered the jewel of the crown like India was?

  • Peter  says:

    What were some of his accomplishments or greatest achievements in the Roman Empire???

    Thanks!! Answers much appreciated :)

  • mike s  says:

    They are saying on the news that a lot of China’s people want a war with Japan, and the United States would then be involved because they have a defence treaty with Japan(or something like that). If USA was to go to war against China because they picked a fight with Japan would that mean that the USA would call up on there old ‘war buddies’, Great Britain?
    So what is going here?

  • Disrae  says:

    I find it very hard to believe that a person can beat the computer in this game when it comes to the hard level. I start building my army and defence towers and before u know it I have a stack of army attcking my teritory which ends the game quickly

  • Jamal  says:

    My wife constantly kicks my butt in Age of Empires 2. I know that there is a diff strategy for each race, but to make it easier to answer …. is there a winning combination for an army that works with any race? If so, how many of each unit? And what should I leave guarding my town?

  • white man  says:

    Romans and Greeks did use Archers but they rarely use them.
    How did they won so many battles without Archers ?

    Early kingdoms like England and Rusland depended on Archers and were successful but how come Romans and Greeks were so successful with a little use of Archers.

  • SKATEskum  says:

    Let’s say his regime ended up conquering the rest of the world. What would society, laws, and living be like?
    Please don’t give me some, “this would never happen” answer, just give me what you would think life would be like.

  • John  says:

    A 17 year old illiterate farm girl reversing the tide against the English empire in a series of daring strategic and tactical military victories, physically fighting. planning, and leading and the battles suffering arrow wounds, and then baffling english lawyers with subtle, resolute genius so disturbing they had to ban the public and the executioner feared damnation.

    And this in 15th century europe? How could this even be true? She has to be one of the most remarkable people of all time.

  • stingerms  says:

    I honestly think it played a large part in dividing the empire with religious differences and with how large it was made rebellion easy, but how much longer would of it lasted even without Christianity?

  • Joe T  says:

    In relation to Scottish independence, a lot of politicians are saying Scots would leave A Scottish Defence Force to join a rump British army and I was wondering if people from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and south Africa already do this as the Queen is also the head of state in those countries. Elizabeth would also still head of state for Scotland if it were to become independant so could this happen?

  • Sahil  says:

    What were the accomplishments for art, law and military? There should be mosaics, then two others for art, the Justinian Code and one other for law, then the crusades and Richard + Saladin and two others for military.

  • Matthew S  says:

    I’m curious what is the best late game strategy for age of empires 2 (conquerors 1.0c). This is assuming you had all the resources you could want. What civ/unit combos are the best?

  • maskills24  says:

    I’m just wondering as I know during World War I and II both Commonwealth and Empire thought alongside Britain (I guess the empire had lil choice in the matter).

    I just curious though, do Commonwealth member states have any obligation to defend fellow Commonwealth Nation that requires defence?
    The dude who mentioned the US being independent in all affairs regarding the Commonwealth, that is pretty easy to determine as it never joined the Commonwealth.

  • brincks26  says:

    when did Sweden have a large , efficient army? and were their troops all swedish or from where else and why ?

    why Sweden,,and Finland as well as Scandinavia in general became so quiet and peaceful after 1700? was the Thirty Years War really the last time Sweden was really active?

    pleae explain what you can..how Germany was at that time? (or the Holy Roman Empire) did they fight a lot during Sweden’s time of having a large army? if so, when? and why?

    thanks for your answers!

  • Roar me R  says:

    and also I don’t really understand this ;

    There are many causes of the fall of the Athenian Empire. Several of those causes are listed below. Briefly explain each one:

    Athens dominated the Delian League.

    Pericles declared war.

    Athens and Sparta had different forms of government.

    Persians gave money to Sparta.

    Any help would be great, thanks.

  • Picean  says:

    Discuss the concepts that become the foundations of aggressive nationalism during the period 1815-1914.
    It is asking about Europe in general. The major country woul be france.

  • Chester  says:

    I wrote in another question that such a government would result in huge cost savings, as there would be no need for defence spending (as police would suffice), and one guy told me to f*ck off, while my answer was rated down.

    What do you think? and try to be honest without invoking all the conspiracy theories

  • Mistry  says:

    I was just playing in a 4 Hour game of The Conquerors & at the very end my huge army got crushed by my brothers army of like only 60 people.

    He claims that I’m good with resources & building armies but my fighting tactics are crap.

    How can I get better at this?

    Thanks for your Help!

  • ConfusionnaJob  says:

    Back in the 19th century, when the Royal Navy had to defend an empire that spanned every continent and ocean, and had few friends outside of the commonwealth, it maintained the ‘two power’ rule, where it could take on and defeat the next two biggest navies at the same time.
    However today the USA has just two coastlines to defend, control of the skies, weapons of mass destruction, an alliance with every great power besides Russia and China, but you still feel the need to maintain a what, one hundred power rule. Is it really necessary?

  • PoohBearPenguin  says:

    I need to choose one for an essay example about the decline of the Ottoman Empire. Please explain the significance of the war you choose.

  • have faith  says:

    Does the end come sooner or later, and what are the consequences for those who have to deal with the remaining fragments of empire?

  • skillz  says:

    Here’s the link


    I know that “New Empire” won the battle so that they would use their songs to be featured on the Australian Defence Navy ads but I can’t figure out which song is playing in this particular ad. It’s the “Experience 7 Days In the Navy.”

  • Jack Bauer  says:

    These are my thoughts on why the Pacific war started.

    So, Japan decides to team up with Germany to expand their empire. Japan then decides to invade local countries around itself like Thailand. Later, America soon decides to counter attack the Japanese by setting an embargo on Japan which will greatly affect japan’s expansion. The embargo seized imports of many minerals to Japan which angers her. In return, Japan invades Pearl Harbor for revenge which forced the USA into battle.

    So, am I correct about the cause of the Pacific war? If I am, then please do provide me a lsit of countries japan invaded to expand their empire.
    @Jackie, did we forget about Hitler?

  • dealy  says:

    I have written down the Golden Horn in the Ottoman Empire was a harbour that gave shelter to prisoners and their families but my teacher said its wrong, I have an exam on it tomorrow I need to get a good mark, so can anyone tell me what the Golden Horn was in the Ottoman Empire, Please? Thanks in advance
    It is very late where I am and have an exam tomorrow and this is a faster way to get an answer I am not lazy or stupid and I have other things to study too and don’t have time to run all around the web looking for websites that have information that is not incorrect or false or just plain out rubbish so please helpful ANSWERS or websites that have true information
    I am not allowed to use website like Wikipedia sadly


    I do no thave a text book. This is for a college term paper and I have some books from the library. I am asking for your opinion!

  • Hayden  says:

    War ? Was it the lack of intelligence or power of Hitler’s military forces or on the part of the Japanese, or any other reasons ?? I would appreciate ans from all people but esp. from people who are or have been in the military/defence forces.

  • mr flibble  says:

    Since it’s a common defence of the Crusades posted here, I thought maybe a Xtian could be kind enough to expand on the assertion.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Superman  says:

    What role did the Ottoman competition with the Shi’ite Safavid Empire play in this failure?

  • Seth  says:

    I want a civilization that can defend extremely well so I can build up an army and crush them all, I’ve heard the French are good because of their villagers but if someone thinks differently please let me know.

  • Michael  says:

    The United States emulate many countries ideas. Like the Roman Empire laws. Why can’t the United States do this. What is preventing this from happening. They spent billions of dollars on the Army, and on the country’s defence. Why not use some of it to help our citizens stay in better health.

    Because Citizens is what makes this country. If it were not for us citizens this country would never be.

  • Michael  says:

    How did it aid the Triple Entente in their victory and cause the alliance to lose?

  • Salam  says:

    Also it would help me greatly if you could provide a counter argument to any information you could give me.

  • therundown2k3  says:

    Not supporting this idea, just wondering why the world superpowers used to conquer places, but now they do not do this anymore despite the need for resources and land.

  • Jeff  says:

    I need to do a paper on an important event in history and I’ve chosen the British gaining control of the Suez Canal. How did this affect history? How did it help them control the Raj, China, colonies, did it help them militarily, economically, or in any other way? What were the ramifications in history as whole (outside of how it affected Great Britain)? Thanks in advance.

  • maskills24  says:

    I’m perplexed as to why the UK continues to try and dictate world affairs, and chooses to participate with the USA in policing the world. What is the direct benefit of this for the government of the UK? Is it money, oil, what is it? What does it guarantee? I really don’t get it.

    Surely it would make more sense to take a more neutral stance, similar to countries like Norway, Sweden, etc? I never see their flags being shot at by Islamic Jihadists.

  • henryshensbcglobalnet  says:

    I am doing homework and it is asking me ‘when did colchester become apart of the roman empire’
    Help please

  • MAK & CHEESE  says:

    Details on how the world war 2 stared and the Israela and Lebanon conflict.

  • henryshensbcglobalnet  says:

    I need three arguments and I have one which is about how they closed the gap left by the fleeing French Troops.

  • Erin  says:

    What factors created the rise of the British Empire as well as its’ fall? Were colonial revolts a significant factor for Britain’s world power decline? Are remnants of the British Empire present today even as various global alliances. If so, are these alliances beneficial? Illustrate and explain various former British colonial economies that have loyalties still to Britain. Might other nations learn from them? If so, in which ways?

    Trying to type a 5-6 page essay (double spaced) for class tomorrow but need help!

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