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Iron Man 3 Cheats

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  • Jose B  says:

    How can i get IRON MAN 3 Game hack/Cheats [iOS/Android] ISO-8 & Stark Credits Tools? can anyone help please

  • Pacman  says:

    Okay, so i really wanna unlock “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath for Guitar Hero 3, and i’ve seen videos on youtube but they play it too fast, so does anyone know the code for it?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! =]

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  • Adam  says:

    Iron Man 3 android game is updated today .I am wondering if I can get Iron Man 3 v1.0.2 hack android Unlimited Stark Credits & ISO-8 .

  • mike s  says:

    Where can I download Iron Man 3 v1.0 IOS Hack with infinite credits for my iphone?

  • Con Orpe  says:

    Today , I updated Iron Man 3 v1.0.2 Android version .Old cheat is not working anymore .Is new cheat unlimited money released ?

  • steve  says:

    I have a bunch of old coins from India and I am looking for a way to clean them.
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    Would the coins and stamps show both twins, or just the one who was monarch?

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    I’m curios, If someone is to send 25 coins, loose, unwrapped by U.S.P.S. What is the correct way to prepare for shipping?

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    I have seen many types of coins being used.I want to collect some good coins as hobby,not investment. Where to collect them ,any suggestions.

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    Is there a certain way to take excellent photographs of coins for listing them on eBay? I’ve heard that scanning them can produce an excellent image; however, I’d like to know how to magnify the image so that it is no longer coin-sized on the website.

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    I’m looking into starting to collect silver coins and I feel like I have a great “tool” to use. My girlfriend is a lead teller at our local bank and she is in charge of ordering the money and “coin” for the bank. My question is which is the best way for me to get silver coins. Is it from rolled coins from the reserve or circulated coins that come in from small business or customers? Also is there I certain coin that is more likely that would be silver (dimes, nickel, quarters etc)? Commemorative coins? Any help is appreciated.

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    I’ve amassed $5-15 worth of loose coins from over a dozen countries. My traveling days are over, I’d like to exchange them. Does anyone know if the exchange place would only charge a flat exchange fee or one based on the total amount of all the currency, or would they charge a flat rate/percentage based fee for each country’s currency I exchange?

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    I inherited a few old coins and I think they might be worth something. How can I find out?
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    I am only 18 years old and I have a huge collection of old coins and I was wondering how old you have to be to be able to sell to the store.

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    I see people with these beautiful uncirculated coins and I’d like to start collecting them? How do I go about this? The coins are in mint condition, straight from the roll…I ask for coin rolls from the bank and I always get rolls that ordinary people wrap. I’d like to get the coins that come directly from the Fed…Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I’ve just started collecting coins (I am only 18) and I am considering buying rolls of coins from banks, picking out the good ones, and selling the rest back. I have heard that Kennedy halves are the best kind to buy. Are they? And if so, can anyone give an estimate of how many pre-1971′s they find in, lets say, every 5 rolls or so? I am just wondering if it is worth it. Any other tips? Thanks!

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    I got some old coins, pretty much, about a hundred plus. Some of them are old, more than 100 years old. How do i keep them in good condition? I dont have coin folder. Is it okay if i just put them all in a glass jar? I thought of warping it with string wrap. Will it damage the coin if i string wrap it? Help! Thanks! :)

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    Now, obviously in America, this isn’t a problem, but I have a coin dating back to 1791 in France, two years after the start of the French Revolution. The coin features the face and name of Louis XVI. That same year, Louis was imprisoned by Parisian mobs and was executed two years later. So what happened to these coins after his death? Louis XVI was not exactly on good terms with the French people at that point, so what became of these coins? Were new coins minted with different leaders’ faces immediately (obviously they were eventually), or were the same coins used for some time?

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    I’ve got a small collection of silver coins from various countries, all from the 20th century. I’ve no idea if they’re worth anything or not, but it would be good to find out.

    I tried searching on Google for coin prices, but I just got the same few sites over and over, which were pretty useless.

    Is there a catalogue or something out there with guideline prices for coins?

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    Looking for a way to make personalized coins at home. May be plain (stamped only) or fancy (colored enamel) style.

  • encyclopath  says:

    10 Mark Jewish Getto Coins (1943).
    I am giving them as gifts to people, they are not for keeping so it doesnt matter if the value decreases! they are aluminium metal -what is best for cleaning them please?

  • NC Baller  says:

    The treasury website offers 1oz gold coins for sale.
    Gold dealers tell me that the treasury sells only something called “proof” coins which are more expensive.
    Can anyone help with this confusion?
    Jim Crow. What the heel are you talking about?

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    Some of the coins are pretty awful, I’ve tried everything I can think of to clean the coins, but not good results… Please help.

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    I have no cash and loads of coins, is there a way to exchange coins for cash, like on yoville?

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    I have 9 Eisenhower Dollar coins and I don’t know if they are worth anything. I have been saving them for a while but I don’t really know what to do with them. They range from 1971 to 1978 and a few of them are marked 1776-1976.
    Thank you for any information.

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    I believe the coins are made of bronze, silver, or gold.

  • Gamer959  says:

    I recently discovered different types of coins in my house and I can obviously tell, from the look and wording on them, some are foreign coins. Many of the coins I have found, along with dollar bills ($), are mainly from the early 1900′s up until around the 1970′s.
    My question, is there a good calculator online you could recommend that has all the different coins from different country’s so I could find out the values for today? Thank you

  • supernerd567  says:

    I got some old coins, pretty much, about a hundred plus. Some of them are old, more than 100 years old. How do i keep them in good condition? I dont have coin folder. Is it okay if i just put them all in a glass jar? I thought of warping it with plastic wraps, those for food. Will it damage the coin if i wrap it? Help! Thanks! :)

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    I have 100′s of old coins and was wondering what the best way is to sell them figuring I don’t know anything.Is it generally safe to drop them off at a reputable coin shop to be appraised? I don’t know muchabout coins and grading.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag  says:

    I know there is red and blue coins.
    What were the red coins used for? Anything specific?
    What were the blue coins used for? Anything specific?

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    There is 12 coins which look the same but one of them weigh differently (heavier or lighter). How can you determine in only three weightings which coin is different and if it is heavier or lighter?

  • Derek  says:

    Is it possible these days making the iron man suit? What metals would go into making it? I would imagine it would be something like titanium, carbon nano-tube. If titanium were to go into the making of it I would think the cost would be at a fair price. To make it fly won’t you need like hydrogen peroxide as fuel at 60% higher ?

  • gail C  says:

    I just finished putting together this iron man helmet using the pepkura software. The resin just dried and its ready to be painted. What designs, patterns, colors should I paint it? I want it to look sickk.

  • ConfusionnaJob  says:

    In the first film, Tony Stark (Iron Man) doesn’t kiss his assistant Pepper when she leaned toward him during a party. He stood there stiff as a board and then promptly left her standing on the balcony. Why doesn’t he kiss her? He’s a playboy and is accustomed to making out and sleeping with women he hardly knows.

  • BRUTE  says:

    I want to go see Iron Man 2 in theaters soon, but i never saw the first one. so if anyone saw the first one, could you please tell me what main points happened? i heard it was an excellent movie! so please help me out! :D

  • tefa_96  says:

    I’m a real fan of Iron Man, and the artificial intelligence under the suit. Is it possible to get contained versions of A.I like this?

  • Mak Sultan  says:

    I’ll admit, I’m a total rookie with comic books. I recently saw the iron man movies and they were really great! Now I want to start reading the comics, but I have no idea where to start and which ones to read.

    I know Iron Man started a few decades ago, but are there more modern ones about his origin, published, say, after the year 2000?

    Where should I start? What mini-series do you recommend? Same thing for Avengers too, if you know.

  • Dr Dorian  says:

    I plan on writing a Iron Man story for fun, but have no idea how tos start it.

  • Scorch Delta-62  says:

    Could the plastic on one of those cheap Iron man masks they sell at the store withstand hits from an airsoft bb shot at around 400 fps? Of course if I were gonna be playing with one, the range wouldn’t be the same always, but probably not point blank.

  • ericmreitz  says:

    I would like to know which issue started it all for Iron Man. I’m not looking to buy Vol. 1 Issue 1, but something more like a book that compiles the issues (much like the Masterworks). Something like Vol. 1 Issues 1-10, Vol. 2 Issues 11-20, and so on. Thanks in advance for all the answers!

  • Le Pwner  says:

    I didn’t understand it cause in the comics Thor is supposed to kill Iron Man.

  • timq3dimensionscom  says:

    Just wondering how he became Iron Man in the original Marvel comics. Was it natural causes or what? I don’t have any first edition copies anymore…

  • Alex  says:

    I want to start reading Iron Man comic books. Where do you recommend me to start?

  • veemodz  says:

    I’m going with a few friends, and I’m not really sure what to wear. I kind of want it to be Iron Man themed, but I don’t really own much to work with. Any suggestions for things I could wear (that I probably wouldn’t need to buy anything for)?

  • everydayGuitarist  says:

    I remember back in the 80s watching MTV and seeing an Ozzy video for Iron Man, where a fluorescent green laser cross appears on stage – it spins then turns upside down. Anybody remember that or have a YouTube link? I can’t seem to find it.

  • Maggie  says:


    I want to watch Iron Man 2 online, without downloading it. Is this possible? Does anybody have a link to watch it without downloading it? It would be really nice if someone could find me one! Thanks!

  • everythingisgonnabefine  says:

    Iron man suit can very useful to the humankind.When will a suit will come?Is there any possibility to built it.

  • Jon P  says:

    If Iron Man wasn’t allowed to fly away, and Optimus Prime couldn’t transform into a truck, who would win in a fight?

  • Zanto  says:

    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone had any tips or
    hacks or cheats or whatever for Iron Man 3. anything and
    everything would be very helpful

  • Wooooody  says:

    What does the ending mean? Will there be a new franchise of movies after Iron Man? Is Marvel going to introduce a lot of it’s characters in one movie together? What is the next Iron Man movie going to be about? Will the same actor/actors be in it?

  • Joe M  says:

    I wanted to know when the dvds of iron man 2, clash of the titans, robin hood are releasing?

  • Brody S  says:

    I want to make an iron man suit just for fun. I have no idea what material i should use. I don’t have all the money in the world so it can’t be that expensive. And i would like to make it out of homemade materials and still look boss. But, i will order pieces or go to a store if i have to.
    I also dont want it to look like i made it in 1 day. I would like it to look like the real thing if i can.

  • Joe T  says:

    A friend and I are planning to build an iron man suit from scratch. We thought of using chicken wire, paper mache and tin foil then spray painting it the appropriate colors. We haven’t decided how we will do joints yet and we hope to have it done within a week so he can wear it to a costume party. Any tips or suggestions? If it takes longer than a week, we can deal with it but the shorter time would be better.

  • Jairo  says:

    Out of curiosity, If the iron man suit was real, what would be the name of the guy who made like whats there job? and please be specific not just say engineer, tell me what type. thanks!

  • altair  says:

    There are different (if not one) rock song(s) playing in the Iron Man (2008) trailer that i dont know the name of, and they’re not on the soundtrack. If someone can tell me the name(s) of the song(s), I would appreciate it.

  • Harry  says:

    Whenever iron man flyes in and helps captain america beat lokis ass what song is playing in that part?

  • thinkthought  says:

    I was at Target the other day and I noticed the Iron Man 2 Hall of armor display. Currently it features the Mark IV,VI, and War Machine armors. On the display, it mentioned that three new figures would be added to the Armor line in the Fall. Does anyone know what the figures will be?

  • josh12rox  says:

    Hey, I was wondering what is the title of that song in the Iron Man (first movie) credits.
    And I don’t mean the obvious “Iron Man” cover, but the one after that, when the long credits roll..
    Thanks a bunch.

  • skillz  says:

    I love the holographic technology in iron man. He uses his fingers in mid air to move it around. That is real technology, not just in the movie right? What is it called because I’m really interested in it.

  • RuMKilleR  says:

    Is there a strategy to getting higher quality coins from the mint?

  • Andre  says:

    first of all im not a noob its just i spent all my coins on coin launcher and spectate (didn’t get 1 coin!!!) and i need loads of coins fast because my friend is coming down tomorrow and were planning on doing All star with all characters but if i don’t have any coins i wont be able to continue if we die. please help!

  • Jon P  says:

    My friends and I have a debate going on about who is better Iron Man and Spiderman and it’s 1 vs 3 and I’m the only one Spiderman’s side. I am a huge fan of marvel but don’t really read the comics so I don’t know that much about the characters or if those two characters have fought at all in the comics.

  • supernerd567  says:

    I am currently training for the half iron man. Does anyone know who has competed in the iron man or a triathlon know of a good workout plan online? I have come across a few 18 week plans, but I would just like to know if anyone recommends a particular one? Thanks in advance.

  • Benihana  says:

    In iron man 2, nick fury said they still wanted iron man but not tony stark as he wasnt suitable, what does this mean? whats going on?

  • alberto s  says:

    At least like that first armor built by Tony Stark in the Iron Man I movie while he was held captive in a cave.
    I know in order that an armor to work, it will require a big amount of concentrated energy. The problem is how to do concentrate lots of energy in a small thing…

    Do you think in the future it will be possible?

  • hank baseballs  says:

    I have a sixteen year old little brother who is really into Iron Man thanks to the movies. I want to introduce him to comics but I haven’t been caught up on Marvel since Civil War. What would be a good Iron Man TPB to get him? I want something modern to ease him into comics, so none of the classics yet. Preferably something with just Iron Man to start off with. Any suggestions?

  • johnkaiser 22  says:

    I’m a fan of both the movie series and i can’t wait til both Iron Man 3 and Transformers 3 come out.

  • Motordom  says:

    The scene where Stark and his body guard are fighting in Iron Man 2 in the boxing ring there was a song being played, sounded like the Clash almost but doubt it. Anyone know it?

  • Echo  says:

    first of all im not a noob its just i spent all my coins on coin launcher and spectate (didn’t get 1 coin!!!) and i need loads of coins fast because my friend is coming down tomorrow and were planning on doing All star with all characters but if i don’t have any coins i wont be able to continue if we die. please help!

  • steve  says:

    Just wondering what causes the discolouring of pound coins, that makes them go really dark. I’ve heard that it mean that someone has swallowed it but am wondering if this is really true.

  • nmlpc  says:

    Okay, for one, I’m not trying to be like Iron Man & be a superhero, but I was wondering, if I wanted to forge a steel suit similar to his, does anyone have any tips on how to go about doing that?

  • XplicitzZ  says:

    He went in as a PFC and he is about to graduate next month, which is November. The SDIs already told him that he will make Iron Man. So his pay will increase? If any of you Marines or Marine veterans have had the honor to graduate as Iron Man and as Lance Corporal, please answer honestly and correctly. We are trying to plan a wedding and/or get a car when he gets back.

  • sarah w  says:

    I want to start reading Iron Man, but I don’t know where to start, Demon in a Bottle? Armor Wars? Anyone who’s read Iron Man wanna help me out?

  • callofduty5123412  says:

    In the Iron man Movie Tony Stark arrives in Afghanistan in a private jet. Does this futuristic aircraft really exist or is this something that the Geeks at Marvel have created?

  • PillowMan1234  says:

    I am doing a compare and contrast essay about “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man.” What are some similarities and differences between the two movies? If one is better than the other, why is it better?

  • Jairo  says:

    I am a collector of Iron Man figures. I can’t seem to find out the release date of the Iron Man series 3 figures.

  • kass9191  says:

    In Iron Man 2, Robert Downey Jr is wearing a grey/black and red hoodie while in the boxing ring with Scarlett Johansson. Does anyone know what brand of hoodie it is? I’d like to get the same one. Love the color scheme.

  • Pacman  says:

    It seems since the movie came out that there’s been a big explosion in movie action figures and mask with the hand blasters. I’ve been to Walmart and toys r us and many other toy shops and have found many iron man toys but for war machine I’ve seen not one. My 4 year old son has been wanting an action figure to play with besides the $50 one thats meant for display and not child use. Is it me or did marvel comic Inc decide that no one wants the black one?

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x  says:

    I watched the first Iron Man just now and thought that ring tone was cool. I do know it’s the Iron Man cartoon theme song from the 60′s, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    I’ve looked at the previous questions on here, but I haven’t been able to find a suitable answer.

  • zigg3ns  says:

    I haven’t been able to find one straight answer as to what the Iron Man gauntlets fire out or even how? I’m a sciencey type dude and a big Iron Man fan. I’d really much like to know the details. I’ve heard anything from particle bolts to just plain thrust. I want the right answer.

  • Jeanelle the Retard  says:

    I want to make an iron man suit, i would like to know what materials would be good for building one and where i can get it. I would like it to look decent, so no cardboard. Thanks.

  • stingerms  says:

    In iron man 2 Tony stark/Robbie Downey jr. Is wearing some sick glasses while he is eating the donuts and when he first meets Samuel l. Jackson

  • TommyKay  says:

    I want to wear something cute but casual that’s inspired by Iron Man’s armor. Any ideas or suggestions on what the outfit should consist of?

  • Alun J  says:

    Trying to figure out the “metal/rock” song during Iron Man 2 when Tony re-discovers his Dad’s element and remodels his lab to make the new power source, etc.

    Looked on websites with the soundtrack list, couldn’t find anything.

  • llb443  says:

    My nephew wants to know who would win in a fight. Green Goblin or Iron Man. I said iron man due to the fact he has way more tech. What do you think?

  • rndmaktn  says:

    I need: left;right;front;back;top and bottom pictures of Iron Man’s suit (the Red and Gold version) for reference for my drawings. I tried searching in google web and image section but only found only found his front armor poses. I wouldn’t be asking this questions if I had the Iron Man comics but I don’t, I only got interested in Tony Stark after watch the Iron Man movie.

    I would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

  • slipknot0129  says:

    I heard there were fourteen different Iron Man 2 Dr.Pepper cans that I could collect, so I ran to the store to get a twlelve pack of the soda cans. I open them up and I get the same Iron Man can twelve times. I would like to know if this is a typical result. Do all twelve pack Iron Man cans have the same twelve cans?

  • whites are not the only racists  says:

    Is the movie “Iron Man” (2008)any good?What was the plot of this movie? Was it a good movie or bad movie? Who all stars in this movie ? Did it win any awards or anything? How well did it do with movie critics and moviegoers?Is it worth buying on DVD ? Is worth paying $2 to go see on the big screen?Is there any violence,nudity or swearing in it?

  • louisewoods1984  says:

    I am making a costume for my son, its a really nice Iron man costume and its turning out really well and i think could be worth some money if i tried selling it. So lets say you saw a iron man costume online that was alot like the cartoon iron man costume with dimensions and actuall light in the chest. how much would you pay for it?

  • rashest_hippo  says:

    I am a young coin collector and i am almost done with my first collection ( Jefferson Nickels).
    Im having trouble finding the rarer coins like the 1938′s and the war time coins. I am tempted to buy them on ebay but i don’t know if spending that kind of money would be worth it for a nickel collection. Any advice on where to acquire these coins and whether or not to spend money would be greatly appreciated.

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    I have some coins from Africa, Korea and Europe. Can I go to a bank such as Chase, US Bank, Bank of America and exchange them for US dollars?

  • Blake  says:

    You have five different coins in your pocket: a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and a half dollar.
    You pull out one coin at random.
    What are the odds in favor of the coin being worth less than ten cents?

  • rndmaktn  says:

    What is a coin that is really large, but not worth that much money?

    Looking for a gaint sized coin, however I can’t have it break the bank.

    Thanks alot!

  • Brody S  says:

    Ive been wondering lately that a coin might not be exactly a 50/50 percent chance. The coins have designs on each side and wouldn’t that throw it off a tiny tiny TINY bit because of the extremely slight weight difference? Anyways I was just wondering. Thanks in advance for answering.

  • whitesoxfan2347  says:

    You have twelve coins, one of which is a counterfeit and weighs less than the legal coins. How can you use a simple balance three times to determine which coin is a counterfeit?

  • Cliffy N  says:

    I inherited a lot of coins (especially buffalo nickels and Indian head pennies, along with some others) from a relative. I would like to learn more about these coins and how I should display/protect them. They are literally in coffee cans right now. What is a good resources guide for new coin collectors?

  • Benihana  says:

    I have very old coin collection from all over the world. Most of the coins are from India and belonging to British empire. Some of the coins are more then 1000 year old. Please I would like to know how to know the original current value of the coin and sell accordingly.

  • Xavier Hawthorne  says:

    I bought some rare coins, but can’t somewhat find a real coin dealer willing to pay the actual value of each coin. Is there a way to find someone around your, which doesn’t matter where you are and live. What section would I have to search in the phone book by chance? And how can I get someone interested?

  • Krazy Bob  says:

    If you flip 10 coins and the first 4 all come up heads, what is he probability of the 5th coin coming up heads?

  • dubmecrazy3  says:

    I found some old coins and they say on them “A commemorative medal collection” and “Clashes Ashes.” I think they were made in 1984 and it has a picture of merv hughes on one side and they are silver coins. Where could I go to find out how much (if anything) it would be worth? I also have other ones with different players on them. I am from Australia so please no links to overseas websites.

  • TommyKay  says:

    I inherited a small old coin collection, and have no idea where to start to valuate them. Do I need to do a complete inventory with descriptions then take them to a coin dealer? Does he even need to see them, or are appraisels based on the age and denomination with the description of letters next to the year, etc.

    Any help from experienced coin collectors is welcome, thank you!

  • Jeffery Carlson  says:

    How can I store a mint condition silver coin without the coin being tarnished? How can prevent a silver coin being tarnished? I want the condition of my silver coin to be conserved.
    Is it ok if the coins are exposed to light and heat?

  • EzioAuditore1459  says:

    I’m trying to figure out where a particular coin is from. The coin has a menorah looking symbol in the middle surrounded by a bunch of middle eastern looking symbols. It also has the number 20 and 38 on the bottom – 20 on the left and 38 on the right. Does anyone know which country this coin is from? Thanks!!

  • jag43216  says:

    Coin a new word to describe a common object or phenomenon. To accomplish this you will: write the word; identify it as a noun, verb, adjective or adverb; and use the word in three different sentences. You will be judged on your word’s usefulness and your creativity

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