Ninja Royale Cheats Hack

Ninja Royale Cheats

In this Tutorial we will teach you how to hack Ninja Royale on Android, iPhone, iPad etc without jailbreak no survey and without root. Our hack tool is 100% working and tested so you can spend time in downloading it with confidence. If you have any questions regarding working of the software then just post a comment below this post and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure that you complete all the below steps to download Ninja Royale Cheats and Ninja Royale Hack.


  • Add Unlimited Coins
  • Add Unlimited Money
  • 100% Safe
  • Platforms Supported: iOS, Android, PC & Mac

Step 1:-

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108 comments to Ninja Royale Cheats Hack

  • Eric  says:

    I downloaded from the Ninja Royale win rar file to get free koban on the iphone game Ninja Royale. I know, it’s not good to cheat… But my team has been doing a lot and we’re barely winning. I think it’ll help us out on the last two days.
    So if anyone has downloaded this too, can you tell me what the password is to extract the files?

  • dealy  says:

    Does anyone have some working cheats or a hack for Ninja Royale? Any help would be appreciated. I’m stuck and can’t level up /:

  • sean  says:

    I am planning on buying this really awesome phone. But it is not an android phone. I want to know if I can download the android market into it maybe via a microsd card. Is this possible, if so how?

  • Franklin Bluth  says:

    I’m planning to buy an Android phone but my budget limits me to phones with 240×320 resolutions. Now, I’m a bit hesitant to buy such phone because I think that it has the most limited number of apps and games available. Yet, I really want to buy an Android as soon as possible.

  • Only Business  says:

    Every time I try to buy something of the android market it goes to the google checkout. Is there a way to get it so it just gets charged to my bill?

  • Andre  says:

    I have a android 2.3 tablet and i want to use it as a touch screen for my windows 7 PC.I also want that my windows believe that it is a pentouch input in it. With touch interference like up and down action,etc.

  • Noe R  says:

    I have samsung galaxy y mobile (android)
    but I canot connection to my PC with that galaxy y mobile.
    How can connect to computer with my samsung GALAXY Y mobile?
    Which software use me for connection?

  • stingerms  says:

    Obviously, a Droid probably uses the Android OS, but I know that some phones aren’t actually Droids, but use the Android OS. So, what is the difference in what I am going to get with each product. Is either better than the other. I am specifically looking at an LG Optimus S, but didn’t know how this would differ from a Droid.

  • Melanie  says:

    Will i be able to update my android os to the latest version after rooting it?

  • Yoshi  says:

    The android os is 1.6.

  • Jonathan  says:

    I have an Android phone-Samsung Intercept. Is it possible to send one text message to multiple receipients? How?

  • David  says:

    I’ve seen people run the android os on their iphones, but they require an iphone 2 or 3g. Is there a way to install on it an iphone 4?
    not the iphone 2, but the original iphone. and i’ve seen 2.2 videos on engadget and other sites. but i was wondering if there was an earlier version that’s more stable.

  • United  says:

    I just got a android multimedia tablet and color ereader for Christmas and I do not have Android phone service do I need to pay for this thing to work and do I need to like activate it. I am a bit confused about it.

  • MAK & CHEESE  says:

    What are the differences between OS’s ? Why android is the one most of the people want instead of symbian, blackberry, windows ? Why android is the top seller ? What makes android better than the others ? Thanks :D

  • easton j  says:

    I have been looking at android phones and I’m thinking about getting one. Also if anyone has their phone on a virgin mobile plan please tell me if it is even worth it.

  • Chris R  says:

    Im swiching to vodafone and i want a new android smartphone that costs €150 or under, can you help?

  • Jairo  says:

    I have a few android apps I downloaded on utorrent on my laptop but I do not know how to put them into my android and get them to work. Any help would be great.

  • lildevilgurl152004  says:

    I wanna buy an Android powered phone and just wanted 2 know how Android worked… Would i need a hotspot to go online on my phone??

  • sethburger  says:

    Does the Android SDK contain anything to test your application on while developing an Android application (much like the iPhone does)?

    I don’t own a phone with Android (I actually have an iPhone…) but I would like to program some Android apps, without burning money on a phone. When it comes time to test my application on a live phone I have plenty of friends that would be willing to be guinea pigs.

  • Coffee t  says:

    My android apps always prompt me notification on useless ads on adult video, how can i detect which application is causing this so that i can remove the apps from my hp, i have a lot of apps in my hp, is there a way to do it ?

  • steve  says:

    I recently downloaded “MobileBoy” emulator for android however it does allow me to save my progress. Thus, I have to start over from the beginning of each game I play. Does anyone know any free versions that actually allow you save your progress?

  • Thomas Lopez  says:

    I’m looking for an Android app that will let me control my phone from my computer. For example, I want to run a computer program that manipulates data in running games (yes to cheat lol) on a game running on my Android phone. Sort of like a remote desktop program I guess? Free preferred but I will pay for one if need be. Thanks!

  • RuMKilleR  says:

    I bought an Android about 9 months ago and took it back because it was just too much trouble to use. I am not an incredibly tech-savvy person and I couldn’t even figure out how to turn the damn thing off or silence the ringer because it was so complicated. What is the iPhone like in comparison?

  • Myles  says:


    I heard that there is an app in the Android Market that can be downloaded to make your Droid and computer internet one.

    Is this true? How does it work? What is it called?


  • Sonny  says:

    I am just starting to developed android apps. I have installed the android SDK. I’m just confused on how to understand the reference documentation when it come to choosing the different classes when building an app. Can some explain to me how to use the documentation? Thanks

  • borabora5524  says:

    for example between android 1.7, 2.1 and 2.2.
    for a tablet
    logically, the higher numbers would mean better and improved versions, thanks
    but i want to know how you tell which version a tablet runs, not the difference between them, unless the differences are specific changes that allow you to tell teach system apart

  • XplicitzZ  says:

    So i just got an Android phone, mytouch 4g to be exact, and i think it would be helpful if my friends and i could start a group message instead of everyone asking me what the other person said. Thanks!

  • altair  says:

    Proprietary software to Android Market, which I will lead directly to the market is not available in My phone,How to get it?

  • altair  says:

    Hate taking pictures on Android phones you can’t see how you come out.

  • lets roll  says:

    I have an android tablet that didn’t come with the android market pre-installed. I tried to look for it to download but I couldn’t find it. So any help would be good.

  • sick_mick_101  says:

    I use a GalaxySII android phone and put all my appointments on my phone’s calendar. I updated my first generation iPad to IOS5 last week. This morning, I noticed that all my android phone calendar items are now on my iPad calendar. I do not think I did any ‘sync’ set ups between my phone and iPad (maybe I did something inadvertently). Does anyone know how this sync happened? I don’t mind it, just wondering how it works. Thanks for your help!

  • Cpt Excelsior  says:

    I have the htc wildfire s running android 2.3.3, Changing a wallpaper will take effect for all 7 home screen. But I want 7 different wallpaper for the 7 different home screen- can you do that if so how?

  • Muzahid  says:

    My wife and I both have Galaxy Fascinate phones (about 3 years old, running Android 2.x) and are upgrading HTC Evo phones, running Android 4.x, which should be here in a couple of days. How do I transfer at least the contacts (and maybe other data) from the old phone to the new one?

    Thanks in advance.
    FYI: not all of our contacts are synced with google. some are just saved to the phone.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag  says:

    I’m making an android phone game and I want my screen resolution to fit the smallest screen resolution there has been that an android phone had. Then if there’s another android phone with a larger resolution, I’ll just re-size it in a scalar manner and just fill the empty parts with black. So then, what is the smallest screen resolution there has been that android phones had?

  • Only Business  says:

    Need books on developing android applications. Using java and sqlite for the database side.

  • simply complicated  says:

    Alot of tablets have google android market with 4.1 Jelly bean android. Are they both the same, and if not can I upgrade. I want to buy a decent tablet for afordable price

  • jdfan  says:

    i want to download android apps to my pc from android market for my android device. any possibility? i don’t want to download using my android device.

  • Dr Dorian  says:

    How to download android apps from google play on pc for mobile? I want to transfer them later to phone. Is there a way to do this?

  • RuMKilleR  says:

    On android or iphone they have an app that changes your voice while you prank call somsones phone. What is that app called and the app that changes your number

  • Phillip123  says:

    Hate taking pictures on Android phones you can’t see how you come out.

  • Victoria T  says:

    What are good paid games on android market?Games that are not simple and have an alright picture graphic quality.
    Most of the android games are real bad does anyone know any good ones?

  • mr flibble  says:

    What are the diffent between honeycomb and gingerbread? Cause I want to buy android tablet and there is 2 version android honeycomb and gingerbread..

    ^ is there anything Like apple jailbreak and download application for free on android.

  • Hannah  says:

    I always use my android to go online. I kept charging it when it is already low. A few hours like that, the battery decreased. It decreased also when I played games. Is there any way to solve this besides reducing the brightness or whatever it is. (Y)
    Thanks for the answer. I can’t rate it. I am still level 1 lol. Sorry for the uncompleted details. Do you know another way to save battery when I use the data network mode or wifi?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet  says:

    For example:If my Android phone supports only MPEG ,MP4, 3gp ?

    So will it be able to run videos of Flv, Wmv, MP3 format it I Install Third party apps to run them?

    I suppose this should be the case.I am planning to buy Android mobile but i can’t buy the most expensive ones which can play all the video formats without any third party apps?

  • Lachlan  says:

    My android phone‘s RAM only 500mb , n its not enough for me. I need app tht can help me to make my phone not ‘storage full‘ anymore, tx.

  • isk8at818  says:

    What are the complete advantages and features of android os behind symbian os?? Please answer me because i am planning to buy an android mobile ranging 7 to 10k Indian rupees.THANK YOU

  • Samuro  says:

    I downloaded music to my android tablet pc and i hook my mp3 up to it through USB. How do i send music from the tablet over to the mp3 player. Step by step or explanatory is fine.

  • kamikami  says:

    My huawei m860 android won’t let me set up my google app. It says there is a proplem connecting to the server. What do i do?

  • Peter  says:

    I have an Android tablet and it defaults my setup to mobile whenever I log into yahoo messeger. How do I switch between mobile messenger and non-mobile message modes? Is it possible?

  • Con Orpe  says:

    I have a really old android, its about four years old and its on android version 1.5 and it doesmt have Google Play. So I don’t have a large selection of apps and a lot of them force close themselves when I open them. What’s a website that has a lot of the Google Play apps on it for free and won’t give my phone viruses? I have the Moterola Clique XT by T-Mobile.

  • blarg blarg  says:

    Most Android applications are written in Java, but I will use something else… I have no trouble of making the EXE file but can someone please tell me how to convert it to a file Android can read?

  • forahobby  says:

    Im looking to run the Android OS on my laptop sadly no one has taken the time to add the drivers I need to run it .I am semi-new to editing source code so simplicity would be nice.

  • Kevin  says:

    Android offers you more for your money, there are more varieties than iOS. People like variety. With an iPhone you cannot remove the battery unless you are a Mechanic.

  • norrin_shadowwolf  says:

    Hunger Games reminded me of a similar movie which i saw in 80s. It had a a medevial time setting. The contestants are supposed to survive this game. They start from a jungle where ninjas attack them from trees, then i remember a cliff with arrows being shot and then a town full of mad peasants. the hero of the film had a good martial art kick just like jean claude van damme.

  • Cliffy N  says:

    Q.Can a Android Tab fulfill the needs of a person looking for dual core pc? If not then why?

  • veemodz  says:

    What are some good Japanese films? I just finished watching Love Exposure( and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve seen. I WANT MORE!

  • encyclopath  says:

    Hey guys this is for the game Ninja Royale. I invited a couple friends to play the game and it shows that one has accepted and i have one invite accepted. I should be able to claim my Crimson camaraderie but it is not showing up anywhere. I was wondering how do i claim this item.

  • XplicitzZ  says:

    A family member has a really slow android tablet and they have asked me if I can help. I’ve blocked all unnecessary apps and was wondering if there is a web browser that performs faster than the stock browser on a slow device, since they mainly use it for web browsing.

  • Bryant B  says:

    Are these the best Asian action movies (Gangster etc)? Can you please recommend more?

    -Bullet in the head
    -Sha Po Liang
    -Infernal affairs

    A better tommorrow (Korean and chinese)

    -I saw the Devil
    -Man From Nowhere
    -Bittersweet life
    -Dirty Carnival
    -Marrying the Mafia
    -My wife is a ganster
    -City of violence
    -Gangster High

    -Battle Royale
    -Seven Samurai

  • Andre  says:

    I’m confused how to use this super duper. i am just in the celestial reasoning area. I looked through google but no instructions. please enlightenment. thank you.

  • Squall Leonhart  says:

    Please leave a Website URL of where I can find a list of Xbox games that work on the Xbox 360.Better yet copy and paste the whole list =).

    Thank you,


  • Taylor2k  says:

    I have weapons for another clan how can I join it?

  • Gage  says:

    Well, I have the game. Well in it, there’s this part where there’s a battle royale for these crystals. Towards the end your Naruto and your trying to find them…well at the moment I have 57 out or the 60 I need. And also, Iruka who helps you disappeared…and I’m so frustrated. I need like tips on where the might be.

  • MAK & CHEESE  says:

    i got a yinlips, g16 it has android 2.3.4 on it.
    currently having issues with google apps,
    so any free downloadable apps.
    need app free sites.if possible

  • maskills24  says:

    I am playing Ninja Royale on my phone and I have won two great things in battle and then the helpful Sara girl comes on and tells me where they are but I can’t figure out exactly where it is. Please help?

  • Matthew  says:

    I like action movies.

  • everydayGuitarist  says:

    Just tell me plz

  • Austin  says:

    Cant find it

  • nathan  says:

    I have seen Ghost Hunt, XxxHolic. And i want to see something similar to them.Something without nudity and i don’t want any yuri or yaoi. Also if there is romance+horror or romance+horror+supernatural or romance+horror+ psychological. i want something that is worth watching. i’m very choosy when it comes to anime so can you help me?? i’ll give 5 or 10 points to the best answer.

  • skillz  says:

    I want to buy a psvita out of birthday money, I know there’s not a lot of games but I’m more woried about screen burn, how can I prevent this, any tips, is it common?

  • happyha31  says:

    Besides the Bourne series, man on fire and black hawk down what are some good action/war movies?

  • MAK & CHEESE  says:

    I’m confused how to use this super duper. i am just in the celestial reasoning area. I looked through google but no instructions. please enlightenment. thank you.

  • lucasg615  says:

    I recently downloaded Ninja Royale on my phone and love it so far. But now that I’m getting into high level territory, I’m noticing clans that weren’t available at the beginning. Rabbit, Bear, and Scorpion are what I’ve seen so far. I only had the option for Tiger, Shark, and Crow when I started. Could someone explain how or where I can get these additional clans from? I really like the Rabbit clan.
    I should also mention that I’ve downloaded Ninja Royale for the Droid, so I don’t know if my version is as updated as the iPod version at this time.

  • MAK & CHEESE  says:

    Im looking into getting a ps vita but the psp had a very very limited amount of good games for it dose the ps vita have this problem also is there a new monster hunter game on it?

  • Austin  says:

    I got Uncharted Golden Abyss with it, was fun but it only took a few days to beat. Any other good games?

  • Denali  says:

    It’s small compared to most Blu-Ray movie collections. Only a fraction of the size of my DVD collection, and no where near the size of my collection of movies on my hard drive. But I think it’s a good list of movies. I’ve got…

    Act of Valor
    Casino Royale
    The Departed
    Die Hard
    The Faculty
    The Fifth Element
    The Hurt Locker
    Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring
    Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers
    Lord of The Rings: Return of The Kings
    Quantum of Solace
    Reservoir Dogs
    Space Jam
    Star Trek
    Star Wars: The Original Trilogy
    Super 8
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    The Town
    X-Men: First Class

    I got a Blu-Ray player a few months ago and I’ve slowly begun making the transition to Blu-Ray films.

  • Ramblin Spirit  says:

    I’m a new player at ninja royale, and after 3 days a newcomer event,when I want to go to the mission, there’s a sign “download the fight before xmas data” and always failed with this words :”an error has occured,please retry downloading” why that happen?

  • Pacman  says:

    I have little big planet 1 And 2
    Suggest Me Any other good offline multiplayer games.

  • _marky_mark_  says:

    I’ve been playing ninja royale for android for a few months now and i’m trying to get 20 friends to complete the challenge but when i try to send a request i get a message saying “request could not be sent because of your friend caps” what does that mean? i currently have 12 friends an i’m a level 25.

  • Xbox360king  says:

    like higurashi, elfen lied, and hellsing, and or any vampire anime im scene all the vampire animes just say

  • Pacman  says:

    what is a really good anime with a story that has alot of twists as well as violence? Preferably similiar to Death Note, Higurashi, or Elfen Lied.

  • Terrence  says:

    I just got one and so far I have instagram angry birds temple run and logo quiz ! What are some more free fun games or apps ?

  • crzyinluv  says:

    I like RPGs. I have not played that many. I love Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia on Dreamcast. I was debating purchasing either a Pikachu 3DS XL or a Playstation Vita, and only to play RPGs. I know that the DS and 3DS have infinitely more RPGs than the Vita, but is Persona 4 Golden such a good game with enough lasting appeal to warrant the purchase of the Vita? I mean, I guess the Vita has better graphics than 3DS and other fun non-RPG title. I’m torn. 3DS or Vita?

  • lets roll  says:

    I spend nothing but sometimes i find frustrating getting beaten by lower level players. If you spend money, how much? And on what. Thanks in advance

  • Goe122  says:

    If your answer has anything to do with something shown on Cartoon Network I will lose all respect for you.

  • Random  says:

    I really loved this series but I event been able to find another series like it. So does any body know another series like it.

  • Chris R  says:

    Anyone know the cheat/download? How can i get it???

  • Cliffy N  says:

    The battle of all time, the battle that unites us all. Pirates vs. Ninjas. Each team has their pros and cons. Like Ninjas can Fly, But Pirates have much trickery. Who do you think would win in the battle royale?

  • johnkaiser 22  says:

    So I got a Cruz tablet. I wanna to know where I can get Ninja Royal if I can but it on a Cruz tablet? I also wanna to ask how to add device on google play?

  • everythingisgonnabefine  says:

    I want to buy a prepaid android phone and I am going to buy the Kyocera Hydro which has the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but I have seen other phones that have Android Gingerbread.

    What is the difference between both Androids.

  • arronwrath  says:

    What are the major differences ? Can the android os run itunes and you tube ? Does the android os offer any “microsoft word” type applications ? Thanks and 10 points to the best answer.

  • Franklin Bluth  says:

    I have an HTC phone running Android, and my girlfriend has an iPhone. We would like to be able to play a word game (similar to Scrabble, or Wordfeud which is on android) that we both can get.

    Basically its a multiplayer cross platform game..I am having trouble finding any.
    Also, any other good multiplayer games you know of i would appreciate.


  • Jermaine J  says:

    An anime that’s has either Romance,action & comedy.

  • ConfusionnaJob  says:
    im not sure if it works reply if it does or does not

  • krow147  says:

    ive had a vita since june 2012 and got dynasty warriors next cause i like the dw series, then i started getting bored of that game and mainly use my vita for youtube, after that i got playstation allstars battle royale for ps3 and got a free vita version so i play that on the vita more then ps3, now i want a new game cause im getting bored of all this. i want a good 1 player game cause i havent played 1 in a long time(please dont say uncharted), and a good online multiplayer game(and dont say little big planet)

  • Kevin  says:

    i need 10 people to go here its safe mcafee,adblock and avg all trust it. i just need the download link to appear after 10 people are refered, anyone want to help?

  • Kristian  says:

    I need a android application that records current running processes and exports them to a text file. The data I need includes application start and end time. Also, times accessing the cpu, ram, and any file access or manipulation. Does anyone know of a Android application doing this?

  • Michael K  says:

    I would like to find and hang out with real ninjas when I visit Tokyo in a few months. Where could I do such a thing? Would hanging out with a ninja be safe? What do ninjas eat and drink? What would be a good gift to bring a ninja to ensure a successful meeting?

  • Cpt Excelsior  says:

    What is the goriest anime show/movie ever? I mean which has the most blood, violence and other stuff like that? If you know, then please tell!

  • Dr Dorian  says:

    How do I hide gear in Ninja Royale?

  • llb443  says:

    I am looking for any anime/manga movies i could watch as i am looking for inspiration with my drawings :)
    Thankx for reading :) xx

  • Andrew S  says:

    Hey I rarely watch them if any, but I’ve watched a few before like Shinobi, Crows Zero, Crows Zero 2, Death Not. I also watched Battle Royale but I didn’t understand the hype that came along with it.

    Can you tell me some good movies to watch?

  • Peter  says:

    It’s been like days since the last one ended! ;(

  • johnkaiser 22  says:

    My phone is Android 2.1 but it lags when i play games such as Angry Birds wwwhich is 1.6 for example. I have a Hauwei Ascend.

  • Chester  says:

    While the game is fun when you first start. Eventually you begin to see how unfair the game is (especially for new players). I just experienced my first event at level 68 (the current one going on right now). While I struggled to get the first two item sets complete, the 3rd set is now impossible to complete. Just seconds from getting items, it gets swiped off by ninjas that are up to 200 levels higher than me. Ive pretty much ran out of traps to protect the items, because I get like 5 of them gunning for any single item that I manage to get. How is this fair? Its ridiculous.

  • MentallyCryppled  says:

    In Philip K Dicks novel, Do androids dream of electric sheep, deckard is married and has an affair and actually feels empathy with a female android, however, in the movie the view is not told deckards relationship and the view presumes he’s single, however there is something to be said about his relations between the movie and the book.

  • Coffee t  says:

    I am looking at rooting my android phone (captivate) so I can do wifi hotspots without having to tether it. Is it worth it?

  • Alun J  says:

    It doesn’t seem physically possible. Last time I checked, Androids are robots which are incapable of giving birth, in that they aren’t living things. And for those who get them confused, Androids are robots that look human, Cyborgs are a fusion between humans and robots.

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