Puzzle and Dragons Cheats Hack

Puzzle and Dragons Cheats

Puzzle and Dragons Cheats

In this Tutorial we will teach you how to hack Puzzle and Dragons on Android, iPhone, iPad etc without jailbreak no survey and without root. Our hack tool is 100% working and tested so you can spend time in downloading it with confidence. If you have any questions regarding working of the software then just post a comment below this post and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure that you complete all the below steps to download Puzzle and Dragons Cheats and Puzzle and Dragons Hack.


  • Add Unlimited Coins
  • Add Unlimited Money
  • 100% Safe
  • Platforms Supported: iOS, Android, PC & Mac

Step 1:-

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Step 2:-

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125 comments to Puzzle and Dragons Cheats Hack

  • BRUTE  says:

    What games do you like and who are your favorite characters?

  • therundown2k3  says:

    I am at the ice maze.What should i do?
    Please answer if you played the game and don’t tell me to google it because there doesn’t exist cheats and walktroughts for the mobile version!

  • Andres C  says:

    If possible how many points will it take?
    Which abilities should i work in order?
    My mage character who following “Destiny” profile of Dragon Age 2
    That scene where fires flash out was from Qun general i believe its fire resistance?? cause in game fire makesbarly little too no damage against qun!!!

  • dubmecrazy3  says:

    Is there any cheat or console command that would allow you to choose a random animal in skyrim (lets say a fox or a bear) and turn them into your follower or “pet”? Is there any cheat or console command that can be applied to a creature to make them invincible? If not, could anyone recomend some mods that might do these things? I would really like a fox follower or a wolf follower. thanks

  • therundown2k3  says:

    i have the national dex, and i have an AR with a cheat to get any pokemon. i need to know the best possible team i can get.

  • jag43216  says:

    I’ve read the book, and this is not a school assignment (I don’t cheat ;O) BUT. I need a real nice summary of this book so I can study it and REMEMBER it so I can make a good grade on my AR test. Many thanks!

  • Jairo  says:

    I installed the downloadable content for dragon age origins but i’m only at the part where my dwarf gets kicked out of Ozamar so I was wondering that if I wanted to play the game fair and legit should i destroy all the stuff i got and buy it later or what. Am i supposed to get it all.

  • mike s  says:

    Okay so I used a dragon soul cheat on skyrim,but its not working. how do you remove you cheats?

  • heavenly sword  says:

    Also a list of useful cheats would be great thanks.
    I forgot to mention it is a PC.

  • Andres C  says:

    I can’t find the file I need to copy and alter in order to open the cheat code console. Has anyone figured that out?

  • crzyinluv  says:

    Doesn’t it make the game less fun? I’m considering doing it for Dragon Age: Origins but even the reasonable thought of doing it makes the game that much less fun for me..
    How many of you guys do it? How did it affect the game for you?

  • krow147  says:

    On Facebook there’s this game called Social Empire and when you first start playing you get to pick a Dragon and I didn’t get to pick a Dragon, but the rest of my friends got to so help me please.

  • tjpimpin  says:

    Hi everyone, Do you know where to download puzzle and dragons cheat for magic stones and stamina so i could play with excitement? Or if you can give me the download link for the puzzle and dragons hack i would appreciate it, I wan to have unlimited stamina so i could play non-stop. I love puzzle & dragons game for iphone, ipad and my android. Please everyone, show me the link.

  • Phillip123  says:

    A person did this just to weaken my light & darkness dragon. Is it allowed?

  • cardskid22  says:

    I have age of empires expansion-The Rise of Rome trial v1.0
    Are the any cheats which can be used with it?
    If yes,which ones and how to use them?

  • Myles  says:

    I am happily married for over six years, but suddenly I find that I’m having the most lurid sex fantasies and dreams about the boy I went out with at high school, who I haven’t seen for over 20 years. Normally I would say that I wouldn’t dream of cheating on my husband, but that’s just it – I AM dreaming of it!!! Is this normal?

  • Thomas Lopez  says:

    I need to finish pokemon and please give a cheat about beating the pokemon league!

  • Chris R  says:

    Here’s my situation. I started my Dragonvale world on my Droid 4 supported by Android software, this is my primary device and I like using Dragonvale on it because I don’t have to connect to Wifi when I want to check on my dragons.

    I’ve recently seen cheats out there that allow you to get unlimited gems, coins, and treats. However, it only worked if you had a jailbroken apple product. I do have a jailbroken itouch.

    If I log out of my Dragonvale world on my phone connected through my Facebook and log into Dragonvale using my Facebook, will my world appear or will it be like starting fresh.

    Let me know if this can be done. Thank you!

  • Nathan B  says:

    When my cousin use future fusion, he always use Proto-Cyber Dragon. and any other monsters to fuse with to summon Chimeratech. is it legal to use Proto-Cyber Dragon as a fusion material monster for chimeratech when its not on the field?? cuz it wont activate its effect to be name as “Cyber Dragon” when its not on the field.

  • Seth  says:

    Once you beat the Pokemon League, that is.
    My record is 6:06.
    Does anyone know another strategy I could use to go faster?

    No cheats, no Missingno.

  • slipknot0129  says:

    I’ve looked at several mods before. I downloaded the “dog companions to foxes” mod, but that just made all the dog followers invisible. Is there any cheat or mod that would allow you to have a (preferably invincible) fox following you? If thats not possible, is there any way to get a wolf follower?

  • che-che  says:

    Please give detailed instructions. Is there a cheat to get it?

  • DuckieM10  says:

    I am using the latest visual boy Advanced on computer?

    So maybe you can give me cheats to turn into Super saiyan 2,3 and 4

    Also to unlock other characters and other cool stuff.

  • Patrick  says:

    i have ubuntu linix and i need to download a dragon fable cheat engine in a zip folder

  • Kaylla  says:

    I’m stuck at the battle of Redcliffe and i don’t want to take 6-12hours to beat it (which is what i had seen online as the estimated time), and i looked for cheats and downloadable items to get stuff like unlimited health or such. Does anybody know any?…Directions and/or links would be highly appreciated.

  • Adam  says:

    I know all his ultras/super/specials but i still am having a hard time. I am especially bad against ken. How do i get up off the ground without getting raped by dragon punches and stuff.

  • mavis24  says:

    I have used the runscript addxp X cheat to get more experience points. I have looked all over the internet and cannot find an attributes cheat.

  • Marlon P  says:

    There is a cheat for Dragon Age Origins that allows you to add approval to your party members.When i do this cheat,you have to type in “runscript zz_addapproval (player number) (how much).The only one that works in my third party member.But even if i switch my party around,it still only works for Morrigan.Any tips?

  • Marshal  says:

    I’ve seen many news stories in the past few years saying that troops have not been issued the best equipment. The best example I can recall is Dragon Skin body armor. Apparently it’s not safe for our troops, even though ballistic performance and the materials used are classified information.

  • Ed D  says:

    Please tell me as soon as possible. And if you know this, is there a cheat to unlock all the characters?

  • josh12rox  says:

    I have found that to obtain one of the Daedric weapons I need to do the Dragon Rising quest to unlock access to another quest. However I have made a character I would like to keep free of dragons as they can kill many side quest givers and be rather annoying in general. Will completing Dragon Rising cause dragons to start spawning? If not which quest does trigger random dragon encounters?

  • Erin  says:

    I know how to enter the black dragon cheats, but not the resources cheats. i know what the resource cheats ARE but not how to enter them. thx

  • Patrick  says:

    I have looked around many websites but only got fake ones, can someone provide me with a real working hack/cheat tool for dragon story game.

  • Andres C  says:

    Like the title says. There’s only one life and I can’t get through the whole course without being hit. Is it possible to skip or a cheat code so I can get to the next level?

  • Goe122  says:

    Can some one provide a list of all dragon age origins achievements there are 91+. im on a mission and there are achievements listed as secrets that i cant figure out on a site.

  • Ryan Z  says:

    I’ve looked everywhere i can & have found nothing. All i can find on the internet are cheats.

  • therundown2k3  says:

    where do i go to get the dragon some cheats websites talk about.

  • mal_functiongeo  says:

    I wanna get the black demon epic dragon by using cheat engine 6.2…
    Whenever I put first scan-It says no readable memory

    How to add the address?

    Please tell step by step from the beginning.

  • Erfan  says:

    I stole from them and now i need 20 each of dragons tongue and some other flowers.

    Anyone that says ‘buy skyrim’ will be reported.

  • nothin_nyce1  says:

    All the glitches and cheats I have heard of are for the Xbox and PC, are there any for the PS3?

  • Sergeant Pickle  says:

    He spent many of his days cheating to be number one on a Q & A. It would be wrong to ruin that hard work. I only reported his answers because I thought it would be funny.

  • rndmaktn  says:

    I am wondering what are the cheat codes for this new PC game “Divinity Dragon Commander”. I only want cheat codes for infinite gold, instant unit build and infinite health.

    Help me out if you know the cheat codes for this game.

  • toysruslover  says:

    I have tried to do the log cutting thing but that takes WAY too long any help from selling certain items at certain places i have dragon bones and would like to sell them cus i have no use for dragon armour and no use for alchemy so any help would be appreciated thanks!

  • RxP DarkBox  says:

    I just add dragon cheat.So they caught me and they send my a message that from now onwards i can’t acces my wild one’s acoount till my SUSPENSION.
    MY friends told me that the suspension is just name sake, in fact the suspension is for forever.
    So pls help me to acces my wild one’s account.

  • Dom L  says:

    I am trying to download a ROM for DQIX but none of them have those things that have cheats built in to it. I am trying to get one that has cheats built into it so i can cheat and beat the game easier as i have a ROM without cheats and no matter what i cant win one certain battle.

  • wwwavid360gamercom  says:

    Does anyone know of some Dragon Story cheats without jailbreak or no surveys? I can’t seem to find one on my phone, if you had a download link that would be great!

  • Matt  says:

    I am playing in the easiest mode but i still cant beat that bitch. I am getting fristrated now. I really wanted to finish the game. please can anyone help me, tell me some tricks to beat this boss? is there any cheat code to acquire more health? i couldnt find it. Please i would really appreciate if you tell me some tips and tricks or cheats.

  • nick s  says:

    Me and my friend were having battles on his wii and we wanted all of the characters but we don’t know the code for fasha and the code on cheat websites don’t work?!?!

  • everydayGuitarist  says:

    I now have the boots, platelegs, gloves, med helm, all i need now is the chain or platebody. i have the longsword and a cool shield but i just need a cheat to get parts of the dragon armour.
    Any hints to make the money or a cheat to get the plate body or chain body?

  • thinkthought  says:

    hi, i need to know how to breed a…
    moon dragon
    sun dragon
    and a rainbow dragon
    although the one i want breed most is the rainbow dragon. thank you for any help.

  • John  says:

    Just give me a few stategies and cheats, if you have any. I’ve already checked Game Winners, so don’t give me that web link.

  • Echo  says:

    does anyone know? if theres a cheat or special gifts and if there is special gifts where can you get them??? any help is awesome

  • Sergio  says:

    He, like everyone else had to get the golden egg, but unlike everyone else he used his wand to summon his Firebolt broom.

    Am I the only one who thinks this is cheating? The rules said that it should be just the wizard and his wand.

    Why didn’t Harry just summon his invisibility cloak while he was at it?

  • arronwrath  says:

    Give me the right place and not a pokemon you can only get from events or cheating.

  • happyha31  says:

    I want download any cheat or hacks for this game.. Please help me..

  • Jairo  says:

    On the cheats i found it says u have to beat this level but i cant get it
    on dragonball z budikai tenkishi 3

  • Caltel T  says:

    Is there any working Zenia Age of the Dragon King Hack ? Pls give me the download link for no jailbreak.

  • Milk84  says:

    Me and my friends are competing who is better in Puzzle and Dragons, and I need Puzzle and Dragons hack tool which will enable me to become the best! I need it now, so if you have something that could help me, please reply ASAP!

  • The Inc  says:

    Im at the point where I have 99% of the story completed in Zelda SS, but i wanna keep doing stuff like running around on the surface and skyloft… I wanna get some ideas to what I can do… Maybe sidequests/easter eggs/cheats?
    Heres a list of what I have done so far in the game:
    -Main story: 99%
    -Beatrix Human 100%
    -Got the hylian shield
    -Got the tycoon wallet
    -Got max upgrades for bow, beetle, bugnet, quiver
    -Got all medals(dont got all godess cubes tho)
    Any tips?

  • PolishPokeyPimp  says:

    I need to tell a story in front of my drama class. I want to pick a myth, preferrably about a creature of mythology (phoenix, dragon, minotaur, chimaera, etc.). But all I can find are biographies of the creatures, info about them, I can’t find any actual stories to tell in front of a class. Anyone know of a link to a good story like that?

  • Ramblin Spirit  says:

    i just bought these games and was wondering if there are any cheats?
    please no links. if u can just give instructions for cheats and tips hints etc.
    that would be sweet as this is the only website i can access.

  • xiM Clutch  says:

    where is the “in game cheats menu” on the kung fu panda xbox 360 game?
    and how do i get to it?

  • Keegan  says:

    I have put about 45 hours into the game but still have not beaten the main quest. I am stuck on the part where you are about to be beheaded and then a dragon attacks. I keep dying.
    On a side note, the most annoying thing is that I keep having to select the race of my character over and over and over…Has anyone actually made it past this part?

  • Jeff  says:

    I always wondered how people got so much money to buy expensive gears in a few hours and i just found out that the game itself have cheats on consoles too but how

  • Con Orpe  says:

    I am waiting to play Dragon Dogma in my PS3. I know Im kinda late to the game but a month ago I first heard of the game. Anyways I ordered the game online a week ago and it finally arrived :) but one of the “cheats” was the carrot trick. YOu get a bunch of carrots and then sleep three days and return to sell carrots for barrels of gold. However, in the new patch they fixed this glitch by restricting the amount of carrots you buy.

    My question is can I start Dragon Dogma without internet so that the new patch doesnt download. Then do the carrot trick to get millions of gold. And after i get say 100 million gold, can I plug the internet back into my PS3 download the patch and keep playing? But this time with 100 million gold?

    Has anyone done this before?

  • forahobby  says:

    My game keeps freezing and I can’t get all the characters. I am currently stuck in Job Corp and cannot get anywhere to fix it for quite some time. Is the any cheats that unlock all characters, or that unlock all of story mode so I can play it? Also looking for clothing cheats for my hero. If u could help, thanks!

  • Cole  says:

    can somebody please help me.. I really want to have a cheat for dragon story especially with coins..but all i found are dragon story cheats that you still need to answer surveys (which are not working for me) or enter passwords that are very hard to find..can somebody please help me..

  • Sergeant Pickle  says:

    I need a cheat for Dragon City. Do you know a good site where i can download it for free?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo  says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a legit Puzzles and Dragons cheat? I have an android phone and don’t wanna root. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • opurt  says:

    I need to find a game that you can get easy runescape levels and money.

    I have tried Ritzscape but this server has too much lag.

    I am not trying to cheat on Runescape but I am bored of it and want to play a similar game without lag and easy money/levels.

    NO ridiculous answers please.

  • Lachlan  says:

    i killed a dragon with cheat code tgm but now even after killing it the sound of the dragon is still there.i move from one place to anothet but the dragons roar or whatever is called is still there n i can’t here the npcs properly…pls help.

  • whites are not the only racists  says:

    I’m looking for the best Dungeons and Dragons gear I should get to start an entire group. I know I need the core rulebooks, but what Supplemental books should I get? What Dungeon Tiles? What Adventures? Also, I would like some advice on how to create really good campaigns.

  • wwwavid360gamercom  says:

    Before and during a D&D game I usually challenge my players in some way, with the prize being extra hit points or other bonuses for use during the session. I’ve asked them a riddle, given them a puzzle box to solve, had them eat cold sour kraut and had them hunt objects hidden outside.

    What should I challenge them to do next?

  • The Villain  says:

    I believe that there are two kinds of addictions that society thinks is socially acceptable and ones that don’t.
    Socially acceptable addictions are: Sports, fantasy football, work, Television, Socializing, Makeup, books, puzzles, board games and so on.
    Not socially acceptable addictions: Playing video games, hanging out with a gang, fast food, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.

    Do you think that this could be true? If the roles were reversed would they be different?

  • diggn4richez  says:

    My mom can be domineering at times, but I still love her and want to make her happy (and less of a nag). So, when I get my Christmas present I want to get her something that fits her interests. The only trouble is what do you get for a mom that likes dragons, cross-word puzzles and cooking?
    RSVP and thanks!

  • Ev dog  says:

    i already caught heatran but idk what to do next.
    im puzzled.

  • Hotshot t  says:

    Hello everyone. I am curious as to what programming language would be needed to make puzzle games such as Puzzles & Dragons and a rhythm game like Cytus.

    PAD – http://bit.ly/1bAT6TN

    Cytus – http://bit.ly/1bVmwlM

  • Jason  says:

    Hmm… It’s puzzling me. I’ve been woodcutting for 6 days and my level is 61. 300k xp. But theres still 12.7m to go? How long is it going to take if I carry on? And does anybody have an account that they don’t need that maybe is a bit better that mine? lol

    Thanks for all yah help, Anna.

  • Kaden  says:

    I am specifically looking for a way to download a torrent or another program WITHOUT a survey needed to be taken. if somebody could help me out, that would be terrific. Thanks!

  • Roflcopter  says:

    Everybody from there seems the same. They all literally have the same culture, might as well be one big nation. I find some difference in the language but I’m still puzzled on what’s the difference between them all (besides that they’re different countries)

    Not trying to be rude or anything. They all have the best food lol

  • tefa_96  says:

    Where the dragon should be black he is like a really bright white color. It almost looks like a incomplete character still in beta testing. It is happening to all of the dragons pretty much taking away their customizability. I noticed it starting to happen after I did the dragon puzzle. Is there anyone else experiencing this or anyone know of a patch for it, or know where I can report this bug to the game creators?

  • andresumoza  says:

    I am a HUGE fan of the Legend of Zelda series, but I’ve been wondering what other games would be awesome but in similar taste. (1 player, humanoids, puzzle-solving and logic, beating enemies)
    Make it as good as possible! Do NOT suggest: (Mario, Kid Icarus, Pokémon). Also please suggest games rated T and under. I know this is not related, but could someone also tell me what Elder Scrolls is like?

  • EzioAuditore1459  says:

    I just got the game and im playing a warrior. i know how to get Dragon Plate Armour. Im a Little Confused on how to get all the Juggernut armour. And i also dont know whats the best 2h weapon for a beserker. im also Templar as another specialization. so lemme know plz and thank you.

  • Gage  says:


    ***Feel free to include more***

    Bonus Q: What is the most recent game you bought?

  • Benihana  says:

    It is definitely not spyro the purple dragon. Its like it has knights, in a medieval setting. You play as a dragon that talks somehow. The game puzzle orientated I think.

  • Marlon P  says:

    I do not mean flash games. Please refrain from giving me suggestions such as pop-cap and it’s likes. I am looking for a simulation game that is closely related to Nationstates. Any browser game will do, so long as it is not an FPS or related to things like guns or drugs.

    I have enjoyed such games as Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable, Mech Quest, and it’s counterparts. I do not mind text games and appreciate anyone who answers decently.

    Cheers, Sweeties.

  • skychi99  says:

    This video is by a creationist talking about man and dinosaurs coexisting etc. And out of nowhere his evidence is dragons are described. He even quotes here be dragons. My question is with one of his pieces of evidence that one of the first fish out of the water is still being caught off the coast of Africa today. True or false? Sources please


  • Zack Faria  says:

    These are the dragons I have:
    Willow, Cactus,Poison, Plant,Earth,Water,Fire,Lava,Blazing,Storm,Cold,Evergreen,Air,Ash, And Crystal.

  • Matthew David  says:

    So I just barely picked up skyrim yesterday and I got to the part where you have to find the dragon stone. Is it in the temple? Everytime I get to a door with a lever, I get arrows shot at me. How do I get past that? And I am also in tge quest to find the golden claw.

  • thinkthought  says:

    What is the best free online roll playing games ?

    i used to play silkroad before but it is crap and full of boters
    anyone know 9 dragons ? is it good ?

  • Alex  says:

    I’m just about to complete the bridge puzzle in the gauntlet and I know that one of the Acheivments is to complete romance with Alistair and Zevran but I dont know how you tell how the other characters feel about you…. I know how to do it on the pc version but I have it for the xbox 360… is it just on the character pages??

  • altair  says:

    Like what sort of missions do you do? Is it like Skyrim with swords and dragons etc?

  • SKATEskum  says:

    I am a 13yr old girl but I am quite smart. Some games I like are hotel dusk, animal crossing, professor layton and the curious village etc. I like mystery, puzzle and simulator as well as Mario and them sort of games. I will choose a best answer! Thanks.
    New ones too.

  • Austin  says:

    I going down memory lane and I remember a game where it had cute colorful moster (I think they were dragons) game, what was on the Playstation system. If I remember it correctly it was kind of like Tetris cause you don’t really use them in the game. If you can tell me what game it was a list a few games that were like that I would be so thankful!

  • andresumoza  says:

    I’ve found the name but it does not fit in my Puzzle, 2 words, 10 letters, second letter is an I.
    Thank you Terry

  • airdogspace2  says:

    I have a pretty good stance. But I am a little puzzled about the footwork. If you have any tips please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

  • Disrae  says:

    Our family is strapped for cash so I’ve had to drastically reduce Internet time. What are some PC game titles available which don’t have to be played over the Internet? Role Playing, puzzle solving, no shoot-em-ups or car chasing. Thanks.

  • forahobby  says:

    When I was younger (I grew up in the 90s) I read this children’s book at a boy who puts a puzzle together with his father. It leads to him discovering how his mother died. She was a dragon slayer or something like that. Before he completed the puzzle he is somehow transported to a world of dragons and other mystical creatures. The book title has been racking my brain. I think dragon is somewhere in it.
    It’s not Iron Dragon’s Daugter because the protagonist was a boy. It was a children’s novel and was published at least before 1996. I know it was part of a summer book club that Scholastic did.

  • D3ZZY  says:

    I have played dragon age so many times and I despise the fade most because it takes forever. Does anyone know a faster way to get through it? Like a certain order to go in for the shape changer abilities? I also want to get my companions out.

  • John  says:

    Right now i am at the mage tower solving puzzles inside the nightmare.

    So far, I have not seen single merchant that sells light armor, so I’ve been equipping medium armor to my main character.

    I’ve decided to go with the dual wield class, and i current am using two best daggers i found so far.

    So when will i find decent set of armor for rouge? how about daggers?

  • Alina Elliott  says:

    So I am 19 and I always believed that gaming was a normal activity like watching a movie or watching television. Millions of people do it so why not games? I entered college since last December thinking that gaming was a normal activity and when I got there I noticed that a lot of the educated adults in that building seem to have a hatred of video games. Adult students as well as teachers all seem to hate video games with a firey passion. When I did one of my projects on a subject that I like I talked about why video game movies are bad. Then when I went into a group project I noticed one woman mutter under her breath “Oh my god I hate video games they are so addicting!” for some reason, video games seem to bring out the worst attitude in people. I always hate it when people think gaming is bad yet watching movies and tv is acceptable. The next college class that I took was a math class where a college professor said “if anyone plays video games, DELETE THEM! You are wasting your time! The last video games I played was Mario!” She then went on to criticize the idea why she thought that it was weird that people would make money from playing video games. She also came in the next day showing us a website where it was ok to watch Hollywood movies and later on during the year show us a video of GENTALMAN from Psy. She even did the whole Gangnam dance in class and thought that it was acceptable. Later on one parent came up to me and was concerned about how their kids are playing too much League of Legends and how he said back in his day they used to go outside. But my time playing games is somehow wasted and I need to delete them. For the next several months I have been paranoid and worried that I might have an addiction to video games or how I am “wasting my time” playing video games. I hate the idea how some people think that watching tv and movies are perfectly acceptable while gaming is not. I have done a ton of research on “game addiction” and I am still divided on if it is a real addiction or just over reaction by the parents or SOs. Women always seem to be the most concerned over video game addiction for whatever reason. I notice that there seems to be periods in history where people fear the newest form of media from books, movies, television, rock music, Dungeons and Dragons and finaly computer games. I would ask a lot online if I was addicted and wasting my time and a lot of people would tell me to ignore it and others would say yes that is a waste of time to be playing video games. I am not quite so sure what to do if I should keep gaming in moderation or if I should completely stop. I thought the idea of making money off of gaming was really cool like something that Pewdiepie, or Totalbiscuit, and others do. What do you think? How can I stop being paranoid about this? Please don’t come in here posting about how I really am. Because if you are why are you even positing in here?

  • Picean  says:

    These are the dragons I have:
    Willow, Cactus,Poison, Plant,Earth,Water,Fire,Lava,Blazing,Ash,Lightning,Air,Storm,Cold,and Evergreen.

  • PillowMan1234  says:

    Heyy there,
    My brother and I are playing Nancy Drew Haunting Of Castle Malloy and we need to know where the missing piece is for the dragon sliding puzzle on the front gate by the castle.

    It’d be great if you knew!!
    Thanks so much.

  • NC Baller  says:

    The book has a woman on the front cover in battle gear about to fight dragons. A brief synopsis is a boy and his father work together on a puzzle. Somehow he ends up fighting dragons, as did his mother before. He sees what she looks like once the puzzle is completed. I know it is not Iron Dragon’s Daughter. I think the book was published by scholastic and came out during the early 90s.

  • LN13  says:

    card and puzzle games for adults.

  • Myles  says:

    hi. im trying to do some christmas shopping for my boyfriend who is 26 years old. he loves scarface and the goodfellas. he also loves dragons and weapons. im looking for some ideas to make christmas gifts for him to put in the living room. maybe you have some ideas. hes loves fancy things. also if you know of any online shops where i can find fancy gifts for a guy that would be awesome.

  • Lachlan  says:

    I am looking for a game that is mmorpg that isn’t fighting, or shooting, or war, or silly stuff like dragons and elves. Is it too much to ask to have a game that requires more thought? Like extreme puzzles. There are many games on PS3 that I would like if it werent for all the gunfire.

    For instance…The first resident evil is fun to figure out what you need to take where with you, but the shooting zombies is not interesting or fun for me.

  • zigg3ns  says:

    There is a secret passage way that they that you have to go to Edward’s room and make all the triangles stand up. I understand that. Except I don’t know where in the world is Edwards room. Can anyone just give me a step by step process in going to Edward Penvelyn’s room and how to solve the triangle puzzle so i can open the frog game puzzle in the frog pond. Please and Thank you.

  • Scorch Delta-62  says:

    Zeldas dungeons ( not the number of dungeons, the design of dungeons), puzzles and the motion controls, With skyrims vast world. That could actually be a really interesting game.

  • jdfan  says:

    I was wondering, because obviously the graphic style and developer has changed on the Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, but I was wondering how the gameplay has changed. I’ve played the Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning and the Legend of Spyro: the Eternal Night, so I was wondering what the difference was.

  • Shay H  says:

    My son got his first bearded dragon yesterday ive read up as much i can but there is one thing that has puzzled me how many crickets should he eat in a day he is 7 weeks old…..there is alot of different answers which one is right.

  • Milk84  says:

    I was wondering if I could do a barrows run if I have 76 attack 77 streangth 76 defense and 43 prayer, I have Dragon chain and legs for armor. If u could please tell me what I would need so I could do a barrows run with my levels.

  • morbiusdog  says:

    I wanted to know if anyone knew how to type a picture of a dragon, like maybe even by using alt codes and stuff, and I DON’T mean like tell me how to post a gif. of a dragon. Just how to make a picture like with you’re keyboard, like this bunny for example.

    Anyone that can post a picture of a dragon kinda like that bunny, gets best answer.

  • alberto s  says:

    We are hosting our first costume Halloween party. I would like to know where to go to get good ideas for our party. I have some ideas; black fabric on the furniture, black roses and fake spider webs. Where would I find more ideas like this? Or do you have any good ideas? Is it okay to have pizza or should I try to find good Halloween recipes? Are there any good games? We are probably doing bobbing for apples and snap dragon. Are there any other good games? Thank you for any information you have to add.

  • Ed D  says:

    In Skyrim in doing the quest ‘Tending the flames’ and I’ve gotten King Olaf’s verse but I’m at the part with the ruby dragon claw to unlock the door but the rings wont turn! I’ve tried reloading the save and re-doing the dungeon several times but they wont move, is there anyway I can fix this or am I bummed?

  • Xavier Hawthorne  says:

    I like going around fighting enemies, upgrading your character as you go, solving puzzles here and there, and fighting an occasional boss. Are there any games like this? Thanks
    Oh, and if they have demos on the playstation network, that would be great!

  • Cupcakerum  says:

    There aren’t any stores in Omaha that sells really good puzzles. I am looking for puzzles with fantasy/dragon themes. We’re also looking for skulls and grim reapers and puzzles like that.

  • JOHN KAISER PHD  says:

    ive been dating my boyfriend for 1 and a half years and christmas is coming up and i have no clue what to get him! Hes really into pokemon, league of legends, puzzles and dragons. hes a gamer! so i just took him to disneyland for my birthday a month ago and for our 1 year and half anniversary i baked him pokeball cupcakes. hmmmm im all out of ideas. what do boys want? thanks :)
    im thinking of making him matching personalized pocket crew necks

  • Sergio  says:

    It was a game built in my friends laptop for windows 7 about magic. And before you ask it wasn’t harry potter! It had different things like spot the difference and make puzzles. I thought it was elemental – war of magic but im not sure because the layout is different and you need to register etc? Can someone help me?

  • Sophia C  says:

    Hello everyone. I am curious as to what programming language would be needed to make puzzle games such as Puzzles & Dragons and a rhythm game like Cytus.

    PAD – http://bit.ly/1bAT6TN

    Cytus – http://bit.ly/1bVmwlM

  • shahrukh  says:

    I need to find a virtual world that’s about owning a virtual Dinosaur or Dragon, or both. I’ve already tried Exibited, it’s pretty fun, so can someone help me out here?

  • Only Business  says:

    i’ve finished the story so i can do pretty much anything i want, i’ve already done the suite key is there anything left other than wandering sinnoh? also how do you get all those strong pokemon like that dragon one? i can’t trade cause i don’t have the proper things.

  • Thomas A  says:

    How much will I have to pay for a bearded dragon and a complete habitat? What will the total cost be?

  • Sonny  says:

    I have a baby bearded dragon and i am puzzled what to feed it what are some good variety of foods i can feed him?

  • josh12rox  says:

    hey im living in japan right now and i use japanese iphone. i downloaded a game called puzzle & dragon in my us itune account of course i have a japanese itune account too but because i downloaded puzzle & dragon in my us itune i cant buy gems in it which uses money it said something like this account didnt bought this game please download this game using this account but the game in japan is all japanese. So im planning on using US itune card to load my US account with some money but do you think that my us itune will work on my japanese itune and the money covered in the game is yen so do you think it will work help please?

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