Smurfs Village Cheats Hack

Smurfs Village Cheats

In this Tutorial we will teach you how to hack Smurfs Village on Android, iPhone, iPad etc without jailbreak no survey and without root. Our hack tool is 100% working and tested so you can spend time in downloading it with confidence. If you have any questions regarding working of the software then just post a comment below this post and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure that you complete all the below steps to download Smurfs Village Cheats and Smurfs Village Hack.


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  • Platforms Supported: iOS, Android, PC & Mac

Step 1:-

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  • David  says:

    I have a problem with my iPad, the game smurfs village will open when I click on it, but close and return to the home screen within 3 seconds. I read turning off my iPad may help, but I’m worried it will wipe Everything, including game data. So, if I turn my iPad off, then on again, will it keep ALL of my game data, photos, music etc?

  • Superman  says:

    My smurfs village game loads forever. It can’t load and I need to check something and the picture for the app is a Smurf dressed up as a cowboy and the background is a map. Please help!

  • RxP DarkBox  says:

    I was loading my Smurf Village iPod game and my screen froze. Now my ipod won’t let me do anything. It wont even turn off!!!!! Is there anyway I can fix it without reseting my ipod?

  • SKATEskum  says:

    I have an iPod touch. And it’s the one without the camera.
    When ever I go to play a game eg. Smurf village, it doesn’t work. When I go into the game and press “play”, it goes back to my iPods home page. Why does it do that and how can I play it without that happening?

  • heavenly sword  says:

    Games like zombie farm wear you have to wait for crops to grow and stuff like that i find those fun because i can play it in the morning go to school come back home harvest crops and not have to play all day to actully play. :) other examples smurfs village, tapped out. games like that.

  • nyyankees1123  says:

    I like things like Restaraunt story and smurf village, things that go by real hours or time.

  • Jesse  says:

    Lists please!
    I also don’t want just games like sim city where u build a town, it’s not like clash of the clans or smurf village!
    Also don’t want Simpsons tapped out

  • Taylor G  says:

    idk how to collect the package that is jokeys mission in smurf village

  • Phillip123  says:

    My sister’s already started a village, and I don’t want to reset her just for me to start playing! I want know if I can make another profile/village in the game.

  • MexicanDude  says:

    I really need help on smurf Village and I new cheat codes

  • Harry  says:

    I have smurf village on iPhone and I bought some for 4.99 and it was a rip off. I’m almost out and want more – without spending alot. Please help! P.s I tried changing the date and time but they updated it so you can’t any more. Thanks

  • Dr Hank  says:

    I want to jailbreak my iPod, but I have smurfs village, so if i jailbreak my iPod will I lose my village data?

  • Disrae  says:

    The Smurf village was originally all male. They didn’t have to face down the fascist gynocracy. Unfortunately, the conniving, evil wizard Gargamel created Smurfette in attempt to facilitate disorder among the exclusively male community.
    That’s because Papa Smurf cast some type of magic on here. She was originally supposed to be a mole.

  • kiltakblog  says:

    I had the game smurf village on my android phone, I played on it for ages and got really far, then one day the game wouldn’t load, every time I tried to open the game it just foreclosed. I looked up what to do online and it said to uninstall the game and reinstall it and all my information would still be on the game, I did this and it took me back to level one! I was very unhappy as I had been playing the game for ages, is there anyway I can recover my old game PLEASE HELP!

  • josh12rox  says:

    I updated the smurfs village yesterday to version :1.2.9 and papa smurf is asking me to gather some wood for handy smurf. I dont know what to do, i dont have anything that you can collect wood froom and i already used the rafts but nothing happened. What do I have to do? (P.S. I am level 25 and i am doing the mountain quest to be able to go to the mountain). Thanks!

  • Krazy Bob  says:

    My smurfs village was downloaded onto my iPod via my friend’s apple ID and I want to transfer it to my apple ID (on the same device) would deleting it and reinstalling te game bring up my old village of it’s linked to game centre. It has always been linked to gc

  • josh12rox  says:

    I don’t know how or why but my smurfs village has reset itself to level 1 I was on level 26 before and I’d like to know if there was a way to get it back

  • Shay H  says:

    I need some good (preferably free) apps for my ipOd touch that do t require Internet. I love smurfs village but I have it on my iPad and I can’t get it on my iPod now so I need some new apps… Please help! By the way…. I am rating your answer! 10 points if I think yours is the best!

  • Milk84  says:

    Ok so i am playing Smurfs village and i am running out of smurf berries and really need some. i look everywhere and they all have to do with cydia. i don’t have it and don’t want it but can anyone please tell me cheat to getting more smurf berries. Without cydia will be helpful. thanks.

  • sick_mick_101  says:

    Basically I keep getting the message saying there’s a message in a bottle washed up in my Smurf Village, but when I go to it I can’t find it?? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t see it but the notifications are starting to bug me cause as soon as I close them, they open again!! Can anyone help??

  • Marshal  says:

    I can’t find any way to take the Smurf Village application off my ipod touch. Does anyone know? I don’t have it connected to Facebook, it’s just on my ipod.

  • Noe R  says:

    I’ve never watched the Smurfs but I read that every smurf is good at something and they contribute it to their community and in exchange they get their living essentials such as a house and food, is that possible?

  • thinkthought  says:

    My friend has an android phone and he wants to play Smurf Village, but can’t because it’s only available for the iPhone. Anyone know?

  • thexbox360player  says:

    My brother and I can seem to become friends in our smurfs village game via motrola electrify

  • jdfan  says:

    I have smurfs village game on my android phone. My friend also hace smurf village but h is using iphone. Can i add him as my nieghbour?

  • sethburger  says:

    I want to install the new firmware for my iPod touch 4g (the newest one). Usually when you restore an iPod, you loose all the data (for example games in progress. Example: Smurfs Village). How would I be able to save my games so that when I restore my iPod, I don’t loose my work? By the way, if you havea solution, please make it free.

    Thank you
    Is there an app for back ups?

  • borabora5524  says:

    I’m playing smurfs village on my android and papa smurf is like stuck in saying that I smurph will return in over 2000 minutes. I think he’s frozen but I’ve shut my phone off and turned it back on but he’s still stuck like that and he says I need like 700 smurfberries to bring him back… how do I fixx it

  • Maggie  says:

    I just upgraded smurfs village and when I wanted to get the reward from reporter smurf it said I had to tweet in order to get the rewards… can someone please explain why I must tweet now?

  • Alina Elliott  says:

    My Smurf Village app got accidently unistalled, I didnt get to back it up because I didn’t have any WiFi where I lived. If I reinstall it from my cloud whenever I get Wifi will my village be the same or will I have to restart?

  • turg143  says:

    I like smurfs village, paradise island, and fish tycoon a lot. Do you know of any games like the ones previously listed?

  • Andres C  says:

    I wanna know if I can play Smurfs village on the droid Razr M because i just ordered one :)

  • Jeffery Carlson  says:

    I wanna restart my smurfs village just because im paranoid, i know all my money will be gone, but i have 350 smurf berries which i paid for with real money and im just wondering if they will be there if i restart, thanks

  • The Villain  says:

    I am playing smurfs village on my ipod touch and I can not seem to figure out papa smurfs second riddle. I am on level 24. The riddle says:This is a room that has no floor, no walls, no windows, and also no door. What is it? (Place the item mentioned in the riddle). Now I can’t seem to figure out what the riddle means.

  • rndmaktn  says:

    My Smurf Village app got accidently unistalled, I didnt get to back it up because I didn’t have any WiFi where I lived. If I reinstall it from my cloud whenever I get Wifi will my village be the same or will I have to restart?

  • Oilers  says:

    I play the Smurfs Village app on my iPod touch. My app used to work very well, but now it is very slow. When i click something, it takes a few minutes to catch up. It’s very frustrating! Please help me!!

  • Eric  says:

    Im at level 34 of the smurfs village game on my iPhone and im trying to complete the quest to build the hot air balloon and papa smurf said to “collect 10 wood” but i dont know where from? And unfortunately theres no helping hint as to what he means like there is for tracker smurf

  • Big Banger  says:

    I updated my iphone 4 last night and woke up and my whole Smurfs Village is erased and it started me back at level 1 when i was at level 22. Um i know that sounds reallllly stupid ahah but I seriously need to know how I could get it back cause it took me foreveerrr to get that far and uh Im pretty pissed. Also how can I prevent this from happeneing again? Thank you:)

  • hank baseballs  says:

    Q.Can a Android Tab fulfill the needs of a person looking for dual core pc? If not then why?

  • Travoiz  says:

    A family member has a really slow android tablet and they have asked me if I can help. I’ve blocked all unnecessary apps and was wondering if there is a web browser that performs faster than the stock browser on a slow device, since they mainly use it for web browsing.

  • Jermaine J  says:

    Each time I try to download Smurfs village, the download attempt fails. Do any of you know how to download this app on a Samsung Ace GT-S5830i? Please help.

  • Lucas H  says:

    i cant access my old app store account so i made a new one and now i want to upgrade my smurfs village but it keeps asking me to enter my pass for my old account , how can i upgrade it with my new account

  • jdubdoubleu7704  says:

    My friend and I were watching smurfs. I told him there was a smurf village at Great America in Santa Clara Ca before paramount bought it. He told me I was high and if I can prove He give me some trees. Does any one on here remember so I can prove him wrong.

  • Samuro  says:

    When I open the smurfs village app on my iPhone, it loads then crashes.
    I don’t want to remove then download it again, because then I’ll loose all my progress.
    Help please?
    I tried re booting it twice. Didn’t help any.

  • TommyKay  says:

    I have been playing this game for few months and but a lot of time I get out of gold. Does anybody here knows the cheat codes or a hack to get unlimited gold in Smurfs’ Village Android game?

  • Jesse  says:

    I’m running low on smurfs and I need more how do I get them

  • Sergio  says:

    I have an iphone4 and have smurf village level 10. I got an ipad 2 and thought i would be on level 10 on smurf village but im on level 5 how do i get to my level 10 without play? I already had smurfberries everything i dont want to play all over

  • unbleevable39  says:

    There’s an app about top 100 iphone apps that your supposed to be able to get zombie farm, tap zoo, and smurfs village but i can find them. Can anyone help?

  • Heath  says:

    its been years since i last bought a techy gadget.
    and now i feel so left out. (i dont know why people are nuts with instergram and tweeter)
    im a very wreckless person. i threw things when i angry and sad. unfortunately cellphone is always on my side so theyre the ones being thrown first.
    my only cellphone now is the cellphone my ex gave me. (nokia x1 it survived all impacts i made)
    now since i want something to be updated im planning to buy a phone but i dont know which one to buy because i dont want to buy expensive ones (once i get angry ill only destroy it. i dont want to waste money)
    i want a decent phone that looks classy and i wont feel left out.
    im considering to buy iphone 4 or 4s or samsung galaxy s3
    but still expensive.
    i came across this s3 clone with really good specs and camera quality is also good.

    1GB RAM
    3D GAMES

    should i buy this or not?

  • Alun J  says:

    I have this smurf game on my iPod touch and it says to visit friends villages and give them gifts and I have a freind who has thi game and I want us to visit eachothers villages and sshit. But idk how. I can’t find the option!

  • LN13  says:

    What does “sandbox” mean in smurfs village game on iPad

  • llb443  says:

    I just recently bought an android tablet andwwnted to know if i could transfer my pr progress on my smurf village from my ipod to my android tablet without starting all the way over?

  • Chris R  says:

    So i have been trying to update the smurfs village on my ipad every time i try to i get a message saying :
    Unable to download application .’smurfs village’ could not be downloaded at this time.

    The problem is it wont update and i cant play anymore :(
    What should i do ?

  • Brian  says:

    I was kissing my girlfriend when i noticed that she was on her i-phone playing Smurf Village behind my head. She insisted that it was not for long and that i should not be angry. I pointed out that she would be furious if the same had been done to her. She said that it was worse for a boy to do it as it would show he was bored with her. I disagreed, does anyone else disagree? and does anyone else do this/have experienced this?

  • toysruslover  says:

    Papa smurf says food make me strong, but give me water and I won’t live long. What am I suppose to build?
    Thanks Lucy, but I figured out the answer was fire, go figure.

  • Salam  says:

    I have an HTC phone running Android, and my girlfriend has an iPhone. We would like to be able to play a word game (similar to Scrabble, or Wordfeud which is on android) that we both can get.

    Basically its a multiplayer cross platform game..I am having trouble finding any.
    Also, any other good multiplayer games you know of i would appreciate.


  • The Villain  says:

    I play Smurfs Village on my iPod touch. I’m on level 25. When I was on level 1, I bought Papa Smurf’s hut. On day, when I was on level 24, I went on and Papa Smurf’s Hut was gone! I went to the store on the app, but the hut wasn’t in the store to buy again. I don’t know what to do! Please help!

  • xiM Clutch  says:

    Other than smurf village?

  • Benihana  says:

    What are the major differences ? Can the android os run itunes and you tube ? Does the android os offer any “microsoft word” type applications ? Thanks and 10 points to the best answer.

  • hank baseballs  says:

    I want to buy a prepaid android phone and I am going to buy the Kyocera Hydro which has the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but I have seen other phones that have Android Gingerbread.

    What is the difference between both Androids.

  • BRUTE  says:

    I need a android application that records current running processes and exports them to a text file. The data I need includes application start and end time. Also, times accessing the cpu, ram, and any file access or manipulation. Does anyone know of a Android application doing this?

  • rashest_hippo  says:

    My phone is Android 2.1 but it lags when i play games such as Angry Birds wwwhich is 1.6 for example. I have a Hauwei Ascend.

  • MentallyCryppled  says:

    I am turning my fish tank into a Smurf village and I was wondering if there are any smurf themed accessories I could buy (I am 13 so I cant afford expensive and I can make things).

  • Boo Cookie  says:

    I wanted to upgrade my smurfs’ village but i’m afraid if i lose the data and i dont want to restart the game back to level 1.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag  says:

    It doesn’t seem physically possible. Last time I checked, Androids are robots which are incapable of giving birth, in that they aren’t living things. And for those who get them confused, Androids are robots that look human, Cyborgs are a fusion between humans and robots.

  • sick_mick_101  says:

    In Philip K Dicks novel, Do androids dream of electric sheep, deckard is married and has an affair and actually feels empathy with a female android, however, in the movie the view is not told deckards relationship and the view presumes he’s single, however there is something to be said about his relations between the movie and the book.

  • baldy eire  says:

    I am looking at rooting my android phone (captivate) so I can do wifi hotspots without having to tether it. Is it worth it?

  • slipknot0129  says:

    I’m playing smurfs village.
    Tracker smurf wants me to add two “bells” to the village, but i don’t know what it is.
    Does anyone know?

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