Stone of Life Cheats Hack

Stone of Life Cheats

Stone of Life Cheats

In this Tutorial we will teach you how to hack Stone of Life on Android, iPhone, iPad etc without jailbreak no survey and without root. Our hack tool is 100% working and tested so you can spend time in downloading it with confidence. If you have any questions regarding working of the software then just post a comment below this post and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure that you complete all the below steps to download Stone of Life Cheats and Stone of Life Hack.


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  • Platforms Supported: iOS, Android, PC & Mac

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  • JackReynolds  says:

    For example:If my Android phone supports only MPEG ,MP4, 3gp ?

    So will it be able to run videos of Flv, Wmv, MP3 format it I Install Third party apps to run them?

    I suppose this should be the case.I am planning to buy Android mobile but i can’t buy the most expensive ones which can play all the video formats without any third party apps?

  • Joey 01  says:

    I have a android 2.3 tablet and i want to use it as a touch screen for my windows 7 PC.I also want that my windows believe that it is a pentouch input in it. With touch interference like up and down action,etc.

  • Jose B  says:

    I bought an Android about 9 months ago and took it back because it was just too much trouble to use. I am not an incredibly tech-savvy person and I couldn’t even figure out how to turn the damn thing off or silence the ringer because it was so complicated. What is the iPhone like in comparison?

  • ScRSC  says:

    When I go to the Android apps site and try to download an app it tells me I don’t have any smart phones linked to my E-mail address…. How can I get apps for my phone with out having to use internet on my phone?

  • baldy eire  says:

    Will i be able to update my android os to the latest version after rooting it?

  • Chris R  says:

    How to download android apps from google play on pc for mobile? I want to transfer them later to phone. Is there a way to do this?

  • Squall Leonhart  says:

    Every time I try to buy something of the android market it goes to the google checkout. Is there a way to get it so it just gets charged to my bill?

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    I’m looking for an Android app that will let me control my phone from my computer. For example, I want to run a computer program that manipulates data in running games (yes to cheat lol) on a game running on my Android phone. Sort of like a remote desktop program I guess? Free preferred but I will pay for one if need be. Thanks!

  • everydayGuitarist  says:

    Hi, I have a samsung galaxy ace on android 2.3 and wondered if you were able to change what holding the home button down does. I would like to have it so it opens voice search, thanks
    My phone is not rooted

  • Noe R  says:

    Proprietary software to Android Market, which I will lead directly to the market is not available in My phone,How to get it?

  • Ryan Z  says:

    I have samsung galaxy y mobile (android)
    but I canot connection to my PC with that galaxy y mobile.
    How can connect to computer with my samsung GALAXY Y mobile?
    Which software use me for connection?

  • ademuth93  says:

    I’m planning to buy an Android phone but my budget limits me to phones with 240×320 resolutions. Now, I’m a bit hesitant to buy such phone because I think that it has the most limited number of apps and games available. Yet, I really want to buy an Android as soon as possible.

  • soccermaster1  says:

    Without modding or hacking

  • Balla  says:

    I am just starting to developed android apps. I have installed the android SDK. I’m just confused on how to understand the reference documentation when it come to choosing the different classes when building an app. Can some explain to me how to use the documentation? Thanks

  • Paul M  says:

    Obviously, a Droid probably uses the Android OS, but I know that some phones aren’t actually Droids, but use the Android OS. So, what is the difference in what I am going to get with each product. Is either better than the other. I am specifically looking at an LG Optimus S, but didn’t know how this would differ from a Droid.

  • nyyankees1123  says:

    I use a GalaxySII android phone and put all my appointments on my phone’s calendar. I updated my first generation iPad to IOS5 last week. This morning, I noticed that all my android phone calendar items are now on my iPad calendar. I do not think I did any ‘sync’ set ups between my phone and iPad (maybe I did something inadvertently). Does anyone know how this sync happened? I don’t mind it, just wondering how it works. Thanks for your help!

  • easton j  says:

    Im swiching to vodafone and i want a new android smartphone that costs €150 or under, can you help?

  • ConfusionnaJob  says:

    Does the Android SDK contain anything to test your application on while developing an Android application (much like the iPhone does)?

    I don’t own a phone with Android (I actually have an iPhone…) but I would like to program some Android apps, without burning money on a phone. When it comes time to test my application on a live phone I have plenty of friends that would be willing to be guinea pigs.

  • Lasagna delivery guy  says:

    What are the diffent between honeycomb and gingerbread? Cause I want to buy android tablet and there is 2 version android honeycomb and gingerbread..

    ^ is there anything Like apple jailbreak and download application for free on android.

  • Derek  says:

    I have the htc wildfire s running android 2.3.3, Changing a wallpaper will take effect for all 7 home screen. But I want 7 different wallpaper for the 7 different home screen- can you do that if so how?

  • have faith  says:


    I heard that there is an app in the Android Market that can be downloaded to make your Droid and computer internet one.

    Is this true? How does it work? What is it called?


  • forahobby  says:

    My wife and I both have Galaxy Fascinate phones (about 3 years old, running Android 2.x) and are upgrading HTC Evo phones, running Android 4.x, which should be here in a couple of days. How do I transfer at least the contacts (and maybe other data) from the old phone to the new one?

    Thanks in advance.
    FYI: not all of our contacts are synced with google. some are just saved to the phone.

  • Victoria T  says:

    I’m making an android phone game and I want my screen resolution to fit the smallest screen resolution there has been that an android phone had. Then if there’s another android phone with a larger resolution, I’ll just re-size it in a scalar manner and just fill the empty parts with black. So then, what is the smallest screen resolution there has been that android phones had?

  • Flash Funk  says:

    What are good paid games on android market?Games that are not simple and have an alright picture graphic quality.
    Most of the android games are real bad does anyone know any good ones?

  • baldy eire  says:

    I have an android tablet that didn’t come with the android market pre-installed. I tried to look for it to download but I couldn’t find it. So any help would be good.

  • Jeff  says:

    Alot of tablets have google android market with 4.1 Jelly bean android. Are they both the same, and if not can I upgrade. I want to buy a decent tablet for afordable price

  • Big Banger  says:

    I have been looking at android phones and I’m thinking about getting one. Also if anyone has their phone on a virgin mobile plan please tell me if it is even worth it.

  • Mathew  says:

    On android or iphone they have an app that changes your voice while you prank call somsones phone. What is that app called and the app that changes your number

  • ScRSC  says:

    Hate taking pictures on Android phones you can’t see how you come out.

  • Dom L  says:

    Android offers you more for your money, there are more varieties than iOS. People like variety. With an iPhone you cannot remove the battery unless you are a Mechanic.

  • alberto s  says:

    I have a really old android, its about four years old and its on android version 1.5 and it doesmt have Google Play. So I don’t have a large selection of apps and a lot of them force close themselves when I open them. What’s a website that has a lot of the Google Play apps on it for free and won’t give my phone viruses? I have the Moterola Clique XT by T-Mobile.

  • Taylor2k  says:

    So i just got an Android phone, mytouch 4g to be exact, and i think it would be helpful if my friends and i could start a group message instead of everyone asking me what the other person said. Thanks!

  • Kobe  says:

    The android os is 1.6.

  • Mike  says:

    Need books on developing android applications. Using java and sqlite for the database side.

  • floydian8717  says:

    I am planning on buying this really awesome phone. But it is not an android phone. I want to know if I can download the android market into it maybe via a microsd card. Is this possible, if so how?

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet  says:

    I’ve seen people run the android os on their iphones, but they require an iphone 2 or 3g. Is there a way to install on it an iphone 4?
    not the iphone 2, but the original iphone. and i’ve seen 2.2 videos on engadget and other sites. but i was wondering if there was an earlier version that’s more stable.

  • jdfan  says:

    I have an Android tablet and it defaults my setup to mobile whenever I log into yahoo messeger. How do I switch between mobile messenger and non-mobile message modes? Is it possible?

  • Kevin  says:

    I downloaded music to my android tablet pc and i hook my mp3 up to it through USB. How do i send music from the tablet over to the mp3 player. Step by step or explanatory is fine.

  • Xavier Hawthorne  says:

    I recently downloaded “MobileBoy” emulator for android however it does allow me to save my progress. Thus, I have to start over from the beginning of each game I play. Does anyone know any free versions that actually allow you save your progress?

  • ericmreitz  says:

    I have a few android apps I downloaded on utorrent on my laptop but I do not know how to put them into my android and get them to work. Any help would be great.

  • soccermaster1  says:

    What are the complete advantages and features of android os behind symbian os?? Please answer me because i am planning to buy an android mobile ranging 7 to 10k Indian rupees.THANK YOU

  • Joe M  says:

    I have an Android phone-Samsung Intercept. Is it possible to send one text message to multiple receipients? How?

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again  says:

    I just got a android multimedia tablet and color ereader for Christmas and I do not have Android phone service do I need to pay for this thing to work and do I need to like activate it. I am a bit confused about it.

  • wwwavid360gamercom  says:

    My android phone‘s RAM only 500mb , n its not enough for me. I need app tht can help me to make my phone not ‘storage full‘ anymore, tx.

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    for example between android 1.7, 2.1 and 2.2.
    for a tablet
    logically, the higher numbers would mean better and improved versions, thanks
    but i want to know how you tell which version a tablet runs, not the difference between them, unless the differences are specific changes that allow you to tell teach system apart

  • Jon P  says:

    My android apps always prompt me notification on useless ads on adult video, how can i detect which application is causing this so that i can remove the apps from my hp, i have a lot of apps in my hp, is there a way to do it ?

  • everythingisgonnabefine  says:

    i want to download android apps to my pc from android market for my android device. any possibility? i don’t want to download using my android device.

  • RuMKilleR  says:

    Im looking to run the Android OS on my laptop sadly no one has taken the time to add the drivers I need to run it .I am semi-new to editing source code so simplicity would be nice.

  • Big Banger  says:

    My huawei m860 android won’t let me set up my google app. It says there is a proplem connecting to the server. What do i do?

  • XplicitzZ  says:

    I always use my android to go online. I kept charging it when it is already low. A few hours like that, the battery decreased. It decreased also when I played games. Is there any way to solve this besides reducing the brightness or whatever it is. (Y)
    Thanks for the answer. I can’t rate it. I am still level 1 lol. Sorry for the uncompleted details. Do you know another way to save battery when I use the data network mode or wifi?

  • Thomas Lopez  says:

    Hate taking pictures on Android phones you can’t see how you come out.

  • xLittle21Yaox  says:

    I wanna buy an Android powered phone and just wanted 2 know how Android worked… Would i need a hotspot to go online on my phone??

  • Boo Cookie  says:

    Most Android applications are written in Java, but I will use something else… I have no trouble of making the EXE file but can someone please tell me how to convert it to a file Android can read?

  • JimT  says:

    Just bought a second hand stone fireplace that is a dull stone colour. I want to paint it white, what type of paint should I use? I am only using it with one of those electric fan type fires, and not gas or coal.

  • Roar me R  says:

    Chimney above roof has cracks in the mortar between the stone and is allowing water to leak into the house. There is way to much linear footage of cracks to attempt to seal. I did spray liquid poly with a garden sprayer in an attempt to fill the cracks, did not seal. I would just like to remove the stone then use some other type of mortar/vinly siding to cover the exposed block.

  • Adam  says:

    I see people saying “stone” on here all the time in terms of weight but I have no idea what it means. How much is a stone and where does this odd measure come from? Why not just pounds or kilograms like normal people?
    What is the origin of it though? What country are people from when they are using this measure?
    Cloves? Lol there are more of these?

  • encyclopath  says:

    I recently passed (I think) a kidney stone. Now I have a follow up appointment with the urologist and I am scared to death! I hate going to the doctor. What should I expect during my visit?

  • John  says:

    I need to know how to make faux stone completely from the mold to paint, to the concrete mix. Does anyone know any website or know anything to help me out?

  • Jason  says:

    I have a lot of driveway and paths to cover with a loose stone surface. Someone said pea shingle is a cheap alternative, but does it roll around on slight slopes and are stone chippings better? Any advice much appreciated.

  • arronwrath  says:

    According to bulbapedia (pokemon encyclopedia), you can get a fire stone from school boy Jack on route 36, but I can’t figure out how. Does anyone know how to get the stone from him?

  • isk8at818  says:

    The stone table had three different languages on it and served as the basis to help translate Egyptian hieroglyphics into English.

  • joevsyou  says:

    1) A child whirls a stone with a weight of 14 N in a horizontal circle 2.0 m above the ground by means of a string 1.25 m long. The string breaks and the stone flies off horizontally, striking the ground 11 m away.
    a) What was the centripal acceleration of the stone while it was in circular motion?

    b) What was the breaking tension of the string?

  • louisewoods1984  says:

    I have a stone fireplace, approx 5 years old and its looking a bit darker in colour. It needs a really good scrub but I am unsure what to use. I have used washing up liquid, bleach, Kitchen cleaner etc but nothing seems to work.

  • mr flibble  says:

    Q.Can a Android Tab fulfill the needs of a person looking for dual core pc? If not then why?

  • Sophia C  says:

    What are the differences between OS’s ? Why android is the one most of the people want instead of symbian, blackberry, windows ? Why android is the top seller ? What makes android better than the others ? Thanks :D

  • Seth  says:

    Hello. My friend got me a pizza stone and it didn’t come with any instructions. I haven’t had many good results compared to how people rave about them. What am I doing wrong? How do you get your best results with the stone? PS: how best to clean it?
    Do I have to pre-heat it?

  • Armas  says:

    I need a stone that can sharpen a knife. I live in Hawaii so some things might be hard to acquire. It must be able to sharpen well.
    I can’t be able to order anything. Just things i can acquire in the state of Hawaii on the Big Island.

  • Dr Hank  says:

    I just got a aqua culture aquarium stone bubble from walmart. I plugged it in with my air pump and theres only a little line of bubbles coming out. I have the as much air comeing out of the air pump as posible. And some people say to soak it? what does that do?

  • Mc L  says:

    A family member has a really slow android tablet and they have asked me if I can help. I’ve blocked all unnecessary apps and was wondering if there is a web browser that performs faster than the stock browser on a slow device, since they mainly use it for web browsing.

  • Con Orpe  says:

    I’ve already purchased Rosetta Stone German levels 1, 2 & 3 and am going to get a move on it relatively soon. I’m curious about how long it will take me to speak it fluently.

    I’m also planning to purchase Rosetta Stone Russian levels 1 & 2 and want to know how long it’ll take to master whatever content it gives me.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Sergio  says:

    I really want to learn Arabic using Rosetta Stone and was wondering if anyone else has used Rosetta Stone and liked it? English is my first and only language besides some ASL and I know Arabic is not going to be the easiest language but its the one I am most interested in. I was just hopping on some of your experiences with Rosetta Stone or learning Arabic.

  • United  says:

    How long after the Cold Stone audition will they let you know that you’re hired? How much is the starting pay there if you have no experience?

  • Matthew S  says:

    I want crushed landscaping white stone. In Home Depot it is $4 for 1/2 cubic feet. Is that a good price or can I get a better price from somewhere else?
    Yes, I mean 1/2 cubic yard, sorry.

  • Terrence  says:

    We’re moving and this is a colored cement stepping stone. Obviously, we can’t rip it out of the ground but would love to make a copy of it to take to our new home. And we don’t want to ruin the existing stone.

  • Brian  says:

    stone or trek patio?

  • Cliffy N  says:

    I have a new rock/stone kitchen counter that received oil/grease stains from hubby setting the spatula on the counter. (grrrr) I tried soap and water but the stains are still there. Any suggestions ??

  • Keaton  says:

    My 3 year old chihuahua has a bladder stone and was given a Urinary SO diet dry dog food. He is very picky and won’t eat the food even if its wet. I’ve been making him his own dog food since the big recall, and whatever I do he wont eat it (mixing it with other foods).

    Is there anything I can make that can help with his bladder stone?

  • musicistabest  says:

    Hi, I am thinking of building a stone wall (field stone) with 5 to 6 feet high (block some road noise and better looking too). I wonder if it is possible to build a high wall like that and steady enough to last for long time. Many thanks in advance !

  • Jeffery Carlson  says:

    I have a diamond sharpening stone and I need to know what grit it is. its pretty old and has no markings regarding grit on it. The brand is “EZ lap Diamond Stone” and its pretty smooth. I need a 4000 grit stone and dont want to buy one if I dont have to. The hardware stores in my area dont have any 4000 grit stones for me to look at so I dont have anything to compare too.

  • ConfusionnaJob  says:

    i want to lose a stone. i want to lose it fast and efficiently. what exercises and how much of it per day should i do?

  • supernerd567  says:

    We are putting in a stone (flagstone) for our kitchen counter top and island. We need a durable, heat, water resistant material as a finish topping to the stone.

  • Con Orpe  says:

    My wife says we shouldn’t use soap on a baking stone to clean it. But I don’t feel like it gets truly clean if you don’t use soap. How can you really get the bacteria and food particles off the stone, if you don’ use soap? It just feels unsanitary to me.

  • Hotshot t  says:

    You know how they apply stone to a kitchen wall behind the stove? Well I want the entire kitchen to be that way, like an old uptown resturant.
    Where to start? We’d be doing it ourselves, also what floor tile then if stone on the wall?
    Any Ideas would be helpful or direct sites to examples.
    Will choose a best answer!
    Yes, stone like the exterior of a stone home. Not like flat travertine (spelling) or anything like that, but more like a fireplace stone…
    It would only be on the walls, and yes, Cleaning was also a question of mine…
    How to?

  • ademuth93  says:

    My shopfront is dark grey stone, granit probably and something has been graffitied onto it. I thought it was chalk but it,s not, it has an almost paper-like quality and no matter how much I scrub it, I wont’t come off. Any ideas as it has got to go.

  • Mr SoLo DoLo  says:

    I want to start making stone necklaces and bracelets. Nothing fancy, just maybe some wire wrapped tumbled stones or quartz points or just necklaces with tumbled stones with a hole in them. What do I need? I got copper wire, some pliers, and a lot of stones. Where can I get an affordable drill?

    Thanks :)
    Love Light and Peace :)

  • The Dark Knight  says:

    I have found several articles on the internet about roofing and how if you have a wall with stone veneer there are metal flashing products that fit in the mortar lines, lay vertically along the stone, and then pass under the roof shingles. What is done when large, irregularly shaped, real stones are used in a stone wall (think slipformed riprap or similar) that is higher than the roofline? How do you keep water from leaking between the wall and the roof?

  • mrankinmatt  says:

    We are having stone work done, and the mason says he needs to wait till march here in NJ to place the stone exterior. It is marble rectangles.

  • Jairo  says:

    Hi, I’m doing an assignment on the Stone Ages and I’d like to know the answers to some of my questions.

    What caused the temperatures to change during the Stones Ages? Is this linked to the Ice Ages?

    Thanks !

  • Andres C  says:

    I am designing my wedding ring. I have 1-9mm stone, 11-2mm stones and 2 additional stones slightly smaller than 9mm(I do not have their exact size yet). I would like to put the 2mm stones around the 9mm stone then place the other 2 stones, one on each side. I need to know how many 2mm stones will fit around the 9mm stone and if I’ll have any left over to place elsewhere. Thanks!

  • Mc L  says:

    I have tried German Rosetta Stone out and I found it to be great. However, I want to learn Russian. How would Rosetta Stone teach me a new alphabet?. Would it be effective? Advice from anyone who has used Rosetta Stone to learn a language with a different letter system would be greatly appreciated.

  • kamikami  says:

    I have 6mm kidney stone that they tried to get rid of with lithotripsy but couldn’t . The doctor says he wants to try again and if that is not successful, then surgery. What will happen if I don’t follow up? I heard you can live with stones.

  • cardskid22  says:

    For example, a person weighs 11 stones. I saw a question using this measurement type and I wasn’t sure what a stone weighed.

  • Jeff  says:

    I have a driveway out of crushed stone. it has some ruts and also the hump in the middle of the driveway and the low spots where the cars run.

    Do I just knock off the hump and restone the driveway?

    I was told to use #57 stone about 3 inches thick.

    Thanks for your help.

  • BRUTE  says:

    According to the bible its a religious requirement to stone disobedient children. Why are the mayor and the city council (whom I consider to be the ‘elders’) refusing to do their religious duty to help me stone some disobedient children? They are insulting my religious beliefs. Can I sue them?

  • D3ZZY  says:

    A falling stone takes 0.28s to travel past a window 2.2m tall. From what height above the top of the window did the stone fall?

  • Terrence  says:

    I won the bug catching contest recently, in hopes of getting the shiny stone. Instead, I got the sunny stone. On the walkthrough, it says that your prize depends on the pokemon. What pokemon do I catch to get the shiny stone?

  • Sergeant Pickle  says:

    I don’t like manufactured stone and would like to use flat stones I have found for outside flooring in a garden- to put furniture on. What would I use to lay the stone/ how would I go about doing this?

  • lildevilgurl152004  says:

    Specifically, if a stone is blocking the ureter. How long should you allow a stone to try to pass on it’s own? At what point can serious damage occur?

  • sam N  says:

    My mom wanted me to find Rosetta Stone for her on eBay. The cheapest thing I could find was homeschool. Is there any difference between this and the regular, person version? Would we need a licence?

  • friendly 4  says:

    I want to get Rosetta Stone French version and I need help in choosing the right one for me.

  • jordenkotor  says:

    I’m planning on building a stone retaining wall to provide a level area for a plant bed. I’ve read that it is good to have gravel under the stone wall and also behind it to aid in drainage.
    The thing I’m not sure about is what type or size of gravel to use.
    Can anyone help?

  • Melanie  says:

    Want the stone to be stable and flat enough to set table and chairs on it. Do I need to put a “base” of some sort under the stone?

  • Jason  says:

    I have been watching the adverts for the Rosetta Stone language courses. I have tried tapes before, but not got on with them. Are the Rosetta Stone tapes any good, or any better than other types of tapes?

  • white man  says:

    I have purchased a large whet stone for sharpening some blunt chisels, but I’m not sure what to do. Do I need to use an oil, what angle should I hold the chisle at?

  • alberto s  says:

    What is the difference between kidney stone and gallstone? What is the difference in treatment? What are the options for treatment other than surgery? Can we drink water to flush out gallstones?

  • Nick  says:

    How to find out how much marble, granite, natural stone and water is in the hotels of vegas? How much electricity and resources are being used in the hotels too.

  • Phillip123  says:

    Their right up the with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles as far as influence and popularity goes. Their first album The Stone Roses always tops best british album opinion polls so whats the problem breaking America and the rest of the world ?
    Eh ? Im in the UK.

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior  says:

    I have an HTC phone running Android, and my girlfriend has an iPhone. We would like to be able to play a word game (similar to Scrabble, or Wordfeud which is on android) that we both can get.

    Basically its a multiplayer cross platform game..I am having trouble finding any.
    Also, any other good multiplayer games you know of i would appreciate.


  • Cpt Excelsior  says:

    The stone was exposed to the elements for a long time, but is still strong and useful…but has moss and dirt and other deposits on it.

  • skychi99  says:

    Just need to know if they are the same stone or if they are different.. If so, what is the difference?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Agent 47  says:

    I want to buy a prepaid android phone and I am going to buy the Kyocera Hydro which has the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but I have seen other phones that have Android Gingerbread.

    What is the difference between both Androids.

  • Ryan Z  says:

    What are the major differences ? Can the android os run itunes and you tube ? Does the android os offer any “microsoft word” type applications ? Thanks and 10 points to the best answer.

  • Beavis  says:

    I am trying to determine whether or not to use stone or brick k to build a garden. It would be for a raised garden that is 42′ long x 12′ wide x 2′ high. It is butted up against a hill. The people who owned the house before us built one that is 10′ x 8′. They used brick and did not use cement and now it is coming apart. Some of the bricks are slanting etc. my question is if I do use stone (or brick for. That matter) should I use cement in between the stones or bricks or if I use stone should I use pea stones and sand in between?

  • Johnky J  says:

    I am replacing the bricking under my bay window. The brick support is sagging and I need a new support. The house has the brick, stucco, and timbers. I want to change the brick under my bay window to stone, but I don’t know what would go along with the English tudor tradition. The stone would start at ground level and be approximately 15 feet long and 4 feet high. Also, does anyone have an idea of cost?

  • Sriram R  says:

    I need a android application that records current running processes and exports them to a text file. The data I need includes application start and end time. Also, times accessing the cpu, ram, and any file access or manipulation. Does anyone know of a Android application doing this?

  • Keegan  says:

    My phone is Android 2.1 but it lags when i play games such as Angry Birds wwwhich is 1.6 for example. I have a Hauwei Ascend.

  • Marlon P  says:

    I would like to take part in android development. how and what should i know if i want to take part?

  • Jason  says:

    does anyone know any cheats for the Game of War Fire Age? my son needs them, so he says.

  • Jamal  says:

    In Philip K Dicks novel, Do androids dream of electric sheep, deckard is married and has an affair and actually feels empathy with a female android, however, in the movie the view is not told deckards relationship and the view presumes he’s single, however there is something to be said about his relations between the movie and the book.

  • Ramblin Spirit  says:

    I am looking at rooting my android phone (captivate) so I can do wifi hotspots without having to tether it. Is it worth it?

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran  says:

    It doesn’t seem physically possible. Last time I checked, Androids are robots which are incapable of giving birth, in that they aren’t living things. And for those who get them confused, Androids are robots that look human, Cyborgs are a fusion between humans and robots.

  • rashest_hippo  says:

    I have been diagnosed with kidney stones about a few months ago. I had two of them removed from my urethra along with many more still sitting inside my kidneys.
    My question is how long will my other kidney stones that are sitting inside my kidneys come out?

  • Mc L  says:

    Hi i would like to buy stones for the garden to cover it. How much do they cost? my garden is about 6 meters by 6 meters. How much would it cost and how much stones will i have to buy in bulk? thanks antz

  • whites are not the only racists  says:

    The first stone caused my period to stop. Now It’s been a month and they are all gone But my period is a week late. I took two pregnancy tests and both came out negative. They did a pregnancy test a month ago for a ct scan and it was negative. I only had sex once since then and used protection. Is it possible that this is caused by the kidney stones? Or is the pregnancy tests wrong? I know a kidney stone puts a lot of stress on a body so can that cause my period to be late?

  • Joe T  says:

    It is a medium gray color and the stones are cut in very even straight lines. The stones are various sizes ranging from 2 1/2 inches x 4 inches, to 20 inches x 5 inches. The stones are not smooth like brick. It was built about 40 years ago.
    I have learned that sandstone does not lend itself to paint well.
    Rick: I rubbed a stone on it like you said to do and a very fine powder came off. Does that mean it is sandstone?
    Thanks for your answer.

  • Jack Bauer  says:

    What are the types of stones used to make idols?
    How the stones are converted to idols?

  • henryshensbcglobalnet  says:

    What stones bring good luck- like crystal, emerald, jade- and things of that nature?

    Specifically what fortune do they bring?

  • Johnky J  says:

    The stones are part of my front garden and over the past year a small area of stones where the sun does not shine have turned green and mouldy looking. There is no plant life surrounding it at all.

  • Mark M  says:

    Rolling Stones’ music is like heroin, its definitely heroin induced. Led Zeppelin’s music is also heroin and crack induced for the most part. I can’t explain it, but The Beatles were too “poppy” for me with their girlish songs. They didn’t rock hard enough with their love songs, something Rolling Stones & Led Zeppelin did. I feel The Beatles were much more about their appearance than their actual music. Listening to Rolling Stones & Led Zeppelin resonates an energy in you, but The Beatles don’t.

  • Ed D  says:

    Is it nine, or ten? Is the Gold considered a stone as well? Could he had possibly have more that are not stated in the Bible and if so what where they?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag  says:

    My dog has just had a very large bladder stone removed. What causes them and what are they made of as they appear to be ‘real’ stones?

  • Denali  says:

    My mother had some decorative stones a friend gave her for a gift last year and they crumbled to bits of nothing this coming spring. THe material these stones obviouly could not stand the cold weather we get here in the Midwest. I want to give my mother some new decorative stones for the garden but I want to make sure they don’t dissenegrate like the previous stones. The stones will stay outside all year, every year. We have very cold winters here and very hot summers so the decorative stones need to withstand both weather conditions and stay in one piece. What kind of rock do I need to look for that will be sturdy like this? Where are good places to shop for such stones?

    Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.
    By the way, I live in Nebraska for those who want to know what part of the midwest I am located.

  • andresumoza  says:

    The rolling stones have a recurring theme in there music(drugs,sex,war and the blues)but how come they dont sing about friendship and the power of your imagination?

  • Harry  says:

    I have had stone a stone removed from my salivery gland removed last year, but they have come back. I have been on antibiotics and 2 came out themselves but I think there is still more. Is surgery the only answer?

  • Praveen  says:

    How many stones excatly are there in the stonehenge? Eighty somehting?
    Yeh. I also need the ones including the dissapered ones

  • heavenly sword  says:

    I watched a video of the Rolling Stones recording “Sympathy for the Devil” at Olympic Studios on YouTube.
    The recording session seemed very clinical and each component of the song was broken down into little bits. It seems the Beatles did a lot of ensemble recording, though I know they did isolate tracks and overdub and such but you could hear the “product” as they were recording less with the Stones. Both got good results I think just different techniques.

  • Jonathan  says:

    Two identical stones are dropped from a tall building, one followed by the other. Assume air resistance is negligible. While both stones are falling will the distance between them remain the same?

  • Jeracoo L  says:

    Or do bladder stones even exist? Please NO pictures!

  • kamikami  says:

    Rolling Stones’ music is like heroin, its definitely heroin induced. Led Zeppelin’s music is also heroin and crack induced for the most part. I can’t explain it, but The Beatles were too “poppy” for me with their girlish songs. They didn’t rock hard enough with their love songs, something Rolling Stones & Led Zeppelin did. I feel The Beatles were much more about their appearance than their actual music. Listening to Rolling Stones & Led Zeppelin resonates an energy in you, but The Beatles don’t.

  • kiltakblog  says:

    For Christmas I want to buy my friend hot stones, since she is a message therapist and she knows the technique. But she can’t buy the stones yet. Any message therapists that can suggests a set of stones?

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