Subway Surfers Cheats Hack

Subway Surfers Cheats

In this Tutorial we will teach you how to hack Subway Surfers on Android, iPhone, iPad etc without jailbreak no survey and without root. Our hack tool is 100% working and tested so you can spend time in downloading it with confidence. If you have any questions regarding working of the software then just post a comment below this post and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure that you complete all the below steps to download Subway Surfers Cheats and Subway Surfers Hack.


  • Add Unlimited Coins
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  • 100% Safe
  • Platforms Supported: iOS, Android, PC & Mac

Step 1:-

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162 comments to Subway Surfers Cheats Hack

  • Keegan  says:

    Well., I am a gamer everytime, where ever i go. I play on Pc, Xbox, and My phone. At night i play on my phone so i can get sleepy and i have a habit of cheating or hacking on games. I think everyone cheat sometimes too. I just need a list of offline android games. LIST IT HERE PLEASE. THANKS

  • Muzahid  says:

    I was just wondering if there are any cheat codes available for this app “Subway Surfers”?? It is really amazing game. Please share cheat codes if they really exists.

  • Le Pwner  says:

    Hello! I am trying to save up my money for ninja. Do you have any good methods on how to get lots of money. No hacks/cheats/glitchs. Just a good method. Thanks

  • RichT  says:

    I have just installed the latest version of Subway Surfers (v1.11.0) from iTunes. Can you tell me from where I can download the hack for this app? I want to unlock everything in the game.

  • Arminator  says:

    The treasury website offers 1oz gold coins for sale.
    Gold dealers tell me that the treasury sells only something called “proof” coins which are more expensive.
    Can anyone help with this confusion?
    Jim Crow. What the heel are you talking about?

  • Denali  says:

    I want to download new Subway Surfers Tokyo version .Is Subway Surfers Tokyo apk with unlimited money released ?

  • Con Orpe  says:

    Please,i really need one.Thank you!

  • stephen m  says:

    10 Mark Jewish Getto Coins (1943).
    I am giving them as gifts to people, they are not for keeping so it doesnt matter if the value decreases! they are aluminium metal -what is best for cleaning them please?

  • krow147  says:

    I want to know how many coins to keep in my wallet to make perfect change whenever i buy something.

  • encyclopath  says:

    Now, obviously in America, this isn’t a problem, but I have a coin dating back to 1791 in France, two years after the start of the French Revolution. The coin features the face and name of Louis XVI. That same year, Louis was imprisoned by Parisian mobs and was executed two years later. So what happened to these coins after his death? Louis XVI was not exactly on good terms with the French people at that point, so what became of these coins? Were new coins minted with different leaders’ faces immediately (obviously they were eventually), or were the same coins used for some time?

  • Alina Elliott  says:

    Assume the 100 coins consist randomly of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Each coin has an equal probability of being selected.
    Just as a side note, I got the idea for this question at toll booth. So I suppose this does have some type of real-world application.

  • ericmreitz  says:

    I’m curios, If someone is to send 25 coins, loose, unwrapped by U.S.P.S. What is the correct way to prepare for shipping?

  • Dom L  says:

    I’ve got a small collection of silver coins from various countries, all from the 20th century. I’ve no idea if they’re worth anything or not, but it would be good to find out.

    I tried searching on Google for coin prices, but I just got the same few sites over and over, which were pretty useless.

    Is there a catalogue or something out there with guideline prices for coins?

  • mike s  says:

    I inherited a few old coins and I think they might be worth something. How can I find out?
    How do I find a coin dealer?

  • ScRSC  says:

    Some of the coins are pretty awful, I’ve tried everything I can think of to clean the coins, but not good results… Please help.

  • Anny  says:

    I got some old coins, pretty much, about a hundred plus. Some of them are old, more than 100 years old. How do i keep them in good condition? I dont have coin folder. Is it okay if i just put them all in a glass jar? I thought of warping it with plastic wraps, those for food. Will it damage the coin if i wrap it? Help! Thanks! :)

  • Alina Elliott  says:

    I’m looking into starting to collect silver coins and I feel like I have a great “tool” to use. My girlfriend is a lead teller at our local bank and she is in charge of ordering the money and “coin” for the bank. My question is which is the best way for me to get silver coins. Is it from rolled coins from the reserve or circulated coins that come in from small business or customers? Also is there I certain coin that is more likely that would be silver (dimes, nickel, quarters etc)? Commemorative coins? Any help is appreciated.

  • Maggie  says:

    I have no cash and loads of coins, is there a way to exchange coins for cash, like on yoville?

  • Pacman  says:

    I know there is red and blue coins.
    What were the red coins used for? Anything specific?
    What were the blue coins used for? Anything specific?

  • llb443  says:

    Sometimes I can receive 50 coins when I visit my neighbor, but sometimes I can get 100. Why?
    @erick do u think that if I visit a neighbor with higher level, i can get more coins?

  • sick_mick_101  says:

    I recently discovered different types of coins in my house and I can obviously tell, from the look and wording on them, some are foreign coins. Many of the coins I have found, along with dollar bills ($), are mainly from the early 1900′s up until around the 1970′s.
    My question, is there a good calculator online you could recommend that has all the different coins from different country’s so I could find out the values for today? Thank you

  • turg143  says:

    Ive picked up all the”hidden coins” that you can find on the ground, but i can NOT WIN! at the stupid reels or the other game. i really want a poryon, but is there actually any way to win alot of money ie, 9999 poke dollars without having to directly but the coins?

  • Daniel  says:

    I have a bunch of old coins from India and I am looking for a way to clean them.
    Also I would loke to know how much they are worth.

  • Matthew David  says:

    I have found some Roman coins have similar qualities. But, I how much more money should I expect to pay for a coin a coin that has been through NGC authentication? I want the to get a authentic coin but the mark up seems on average 30% on a $500.00 coin. Is that reasonable? Thank you for your opinion I would appreciate any help.

  • steve  says:

    My husband has been saving his change for several years and yesterday we seperated the coins: 60 pounds of quarters, 55 pounds of pennies, 36 pounds of nickles and 25 pounds of dimes. Do banks have automatic rollers for coins? We don’t want to pay a fee to have them rolled.

  • Moore, Ron  says:

    Looking to see if anyone has found any new hacks the app Subway Surfer?

  • Brian  says:

    Fake coin is lighter than the other 7 coins. All the 8 coins look alike.

  • Peter  says:

    I have started collecting coins, and I want to know what is best for keeping them in good condition.

  • Jason  says:

    I have 9 Eisenhower Dollar coins and I don’t know if they are worth anything. I have been saving them for a while but I don’t really know what to do with them. They range from 1971 to 1978 and a few of them are marked 1776-1976.
    Thank you for any information.

  • brincks26  says:

    I have a collection of 1ps, 2ps, 10ps, 20ps, and 50ps plus a few pounds coins, but I’d like to turn all my coins into notes at the bank but I have never done it before and a tad unsure.

    Thanks in advance!

  • jordenkotor  says:

    I have coins stored in old bottles and a piggy bank but I don’t want to walk into the bank looking like a child. Large amounts of coins are not easy to handle or to carry around, just asking for a easier more convenient way to carry them to the bank.

  • Brody S  says:

    There is 12 coins which look the same but one of them weigh differently (heavier or lighter). How can you determine in only three weightings which coin is different and if it is heavier or lighter?

  • mavis24  says:

    These coins include a penny, nickel, dime, and quater
    this is one thing so you know how to do it. P,N,D so Penny Nickel Dime thanks so much each set can only contain three coins
    you can use each coin over and over

  • Beavis  says:

    Just looking for coins with silver in them. Don’t have to be .9999 fine or any sort of collectible. Just coins widely recognized to have silver in them.

    Do not want to pay large dealer markups or shipping charges either.

    So what’s the smartest way to accumulate some silver coins?

  • Coffee t  says:

    I’m just wondering what coins that have been released in the past 20 or 30 years starting from today should you be on the look out for? The whole USA quarter collection must be worth something several years from now?

  • Myles  says:

    Some coins and banknotes have unusual denominations. For example, there are coins of 4 doubles and 8 doubles in Guernesey, coins of 4 taris in Sicilia, 6 roubles, 15 kopecks, there are banknotes of 3 roubles. These values (4, 6, 8 and 15) are not common for coins and 3 is not common for a banknote. Do you know other coins and notes with odd denominations?

  • kass9191  says:

    I want to start collecting coins. I have recently purchased silver dollars and I just want to know what other coins have the same historical value without being as expensive. I typically pay $20 for the silver dollars in good condition and I want to know some other coins to invest in that are cheaper but that over time they will still increase in value just like the silver dollars. Any suggestions?
    Oh and what do the coins that you suggest typically cost?

  • The Villain  says:

    I’ve amassed $5-15 worth of loose coins from over a dozen countries. My traveling days are over, I’d like to exchange them. Does anyone know if the exchange place would only charge a flat exchange fee or one based on the total amount of all the currency, or would they charge a flat rate/percentage based fee for each country’s currency I exchange?

  • Beavis  says:

    So I’m interested in buying some Britannia silver coins from the 16th and 17th century, however I’m unsure how to identify through images whether the auctions are authentic. Are there tell tale signs which indicate that the coin is real or not?

  • Cupcakerum  says:

    Would the coins and stamps show both twins, or just the one who was monarch?

  • steve  says:

    I am only 18 years old and I have a huge collection of old coins and I was wondering how old you have to be to be able to sell to the store.

    Will they even buy all your coins off you ?


    I just heritated a coin collection,with some old coins dating between early 1700 and 1945,i have some bronze,copper,silver and other material coins.But all of this coins are pretty rusty,and I don’t know how to clean them,I’ve heard Coca Cola works pretty well,but i don’t know for which type of metal this works.
    I have no idea how to take care of this coins,any help would be extremely appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • soccermaster1  says:

    I need to exchange my box of coins for bills from a bank. I heard they wouldn’t charge a fee. What do I need to do? Thanks.

  • Denali  says:

    What present day coins (such as the dates 2010, 2011, 2012, and so on) will probably be worth somthing in the future? I just want to know so I can start saving and collecting them. Thanks for your help.

  • Xbox Gamer  says:

    first of all im not a noob its just i spent all my coins on coin launcher and spectate (didn’t get 1 coin!!!) and i need loads of coins fast because my friend is coming down tomorrow and were planning on doing All star with all characters but if i don’t have any coins i wont be able to continue if we die. please help!

  • kerrin marz  says:

    I got some old coins, pretty much, about a hundred plus. Some of them are old, more than 100 years old. How do i keep them in good condition? I dont have coin folder. Is it okay if i just put them all in a glass jar? I thought of warping it with string wrap. Will it damage the coin if i string wrap it? Help! Thanks! :)

  • DuckieM10  says:

    Is there a certain way to take excellent photographs of coins for listing them on eBay? I’ve heard that scanning them can produce an excellent image; however, I’d like to know how to magnify the image so that it is no longer coin-sized on the website.

    Can anybody tell me how to do so, and what model scanner to purchase that would be best for this task?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag  says:

    Some of the old coins I’ve found are so dirty and/or corroded (?) that I cannot read the entire date or mint letter. Will Tarn-X damage the coins or alter the value of them? Thanks!

  • Jairo  says:

    I’ve just started collecting coins (I am only 18) and I am considering buying rolls of coins from banks, picking out the good ones, and selling the rest back. I have heard that Kennedy halves are the best kind to buy. Are they? And if so, can anyone give an estimate of how many pre-1971′s they find in, lets say, every 5 rolls or so? I am just wondering if it is worth it. Any other tips? Thanks!

  • Gage  says:

    I have 100′s of old coins and was wondering what the best way is to sell them figuring I don’t know anything.Is it generally safe to drop them off at a reputable coin shop to be appraised? I don’t know muchabout coins and grading,

  • David  says:

    I believe the coins are made of bronze, silver, or gold.

  • tjpimpin  says:

    Looking for a way to make personalized coins at home. May be plain (stamped only) or fancy (colored enamel) style.

  • Agent 47  says:

    I want them too look shiny. Condition is not an issue because these are just loose dollar coins, worth approximately just the dollar, and by that logic I dont need to worry about value I have other coins in that category (valuable). So if there are any effective cleaning methods for these non precious metal coins. Mind you I dont want to destroy the coin but a little wear isn’t an issue.

  • Jeanelle the Retard  says:

    I have seen many types of coins being used.I want to collect some good coins as hobby,not investment. Where to collect them ,any suggestions.

  • Motordom  says:

    I just inherited a couple gold coins from The Hamilton mint – Sprit of America 1976 Bicenntenial. A few silver bars from The Franklin Mint 1970 & 1974 Christmas series, and some “wonders of mankind” silver coins by Encyclopaedia Britannica. I have looked online and cannot seem to find out any information – especially how much they are worth. Help?

  • RxP DarkBox  says:

    I need more cash but I keep on gaining coins!
    Can I somehow conver my coins to cash? And do I get more cash when I reach a certain amount of coins? And, how do you earn farm cash!?
    I’m very confused!

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again  says:

    I have 100′s of old coins and was wondering what the best way is to sell them figuring I don’t know anything.Is it generally safe to drop them off at a reputable coin shop to be appraised? I don’t know muchabout coins and grading.

  • heavenly sword  says:

    I’ve started coin collecting a year ago and am acquiring some valuable coins. Currently I am using 2×2 cardboard flips to store them but I want to invest in something a little better. Also I am thinking of the possibility of making a display out of them for in the room. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

  • Erfan  says:

    I see people with these beautiful uncirculated coins and I’d like to start collecting them? How do I go about this? The coins are in mint condition, straight from the roll…I ask for coin rolls from the bank and I always get rolls that ordinary people wrap. I’d like to get the coins that come directly from the Fed…Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • ademuth93  says:

    I have an iphone 4 and I saw one of my friends playing subway surfers with a really smooth frame rate.i like games like dead trigger,infinity blade,slender,dark meadow, and modern combat

  • JackReynolds  says:

    Well I am planning on changing my mobile, when I put my budget, i found it wont get me a good specs android mobile. Nokia Lumia 620 is in my budget.
    Pros? Cons? Apps Availability(Subway surfers, fruit ninja, angry birds, etc)?
    App Store?
    All these things seem anonymous to me, so could someone enlighten me and tell me a personal review?

  • balinderk2000  says:

    Hey i want to know how do i start my subway surfers on pc ! I have installed it from internet and when i start the game boy was continously spraying on the train ! And there is no option of start ! Help please

  • nathan  says:

    I used to gain alot of points playing subways surfers it got up to 838080 points after that its stopped gaining im starting to think someone might have hacked it what should I do should I reinstall the game? Cuz I came a long way winning

  • Dr Dorian  says:

    My brother wanted free coins on Subway surfers, so I signed him in to my Facebook. He doesn’t like that he has lost HIS high score and wants to be logged out. I know that you have to find account settings, but I don’t know where it is! Please help :)

  • TommyKay  says:

    I’ve started playing subway surfers for 3 month while my brother just started played a week ago but i can’t see him in my facebook friend list . Anyone can help ?

  • Travoiz  says:

    Theres a game in the app store on androids called subway surfer, has anyone managed to get passed the bridge?

  • encyclopath  says:

    I recently started playin subways surfer, but idk which character to save up for. Are there ascertain advantages Tht each of the characters have?

  • Kevin  says:

    I have the kyocera rise and games like temple run and subway surfers are extremely large and sometimes crash is there any way to stop the annoying lag

  • SteveO  says:

    When I go to the app store and try to get something like 4 pics 1 word or subway surfers, it says “This App Is Incompatible With This iPod Touch.” or “Update Required: This app requires iOS 5.” I have the 3rd generation iPod. Ik, Old.

  • Krazy Bob  says:

    i need to run subway surfers in my galaxy mini but game lag any solution to run the game fast , i have rooted my phone using gingerbread 2.3.4

  • Matthew S  says:

    I have apk file of subway surfers can I update it

  • jdfan  says:

    I was playing Subway Surfers on the iPhone and compared it to Android.

    It seems the same but in the iPhone the coins spin whereas on Android they don’t. I also played GT Racing: Motor Academy on both platforms. On iPhone you can customize and put your own music in whereas on Android you can’t.

    There are more Android users in the world as well which means shouldn’t Android users have better features than iPhone users?

    So basically why does the iPhone have better features than Android?

  • morbiusdog  says:

    I want to know because I had to delete subway surfers and I was at x6 and now I’m at x3 and I just want to know how I can get a high score quick?

  • United  says:

    I have a Jailbroken Ipod 4g and i was wondering what some fun apps are like games? I already have a few like Lazerz, Table top racing, subway surfers, bike race pro and can knockdown. What other fun apps are they, cost or not cost.

  • United  says:

    I try to log out of subways surfers but it dosen’t work

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet  says:

    Are there any other games like subway surfers and temple run , if yes please suggest some :) on android

  • mal_functiongeo  says:

    I play subway surfers game and i spend some of my time playing that but one day one question clicked in my mind that what these different characters in the Game do. Can any one tell what are special feature of these characters……

  • Rishabh Bajpai  says:

    Well.. im in a plan to buy xperia tipo. but it has only 800mhz processor.. can i play subway surfers and temple run .other such big games in it??

  • Anny  says:

    I bought a samsung ACE mobile. the ram given is 512mb and i am having 8 GB external memory. When I am trying to download subway surfer game. It is not accepting for me. How to directly upload the game to my mobile and play?

  • Dom L  says:

    Is it possible to unlock all the boards in Subway Surfers Tokyo Android? Please help

  • Mr SoLo DoLo  says:

    I need some games like this one: subway surfers, to run in right, ledt.

  • Hayden  says:

    I have a low score on subway surfers but I have over 15,658,325 on temple run! Have any tips cheats codes any thing to make my score really high on temple run?

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet  says:

    Subway surfers is the the bomb and the game is addicting because i played it on my aunt ipad.

  • Yoshi  says:

    i just installed subway surfers on my phone i-e canvas 2. i wanted to put the apk file ( for unlimited coins and keys) but the subway surfer folder shows ‘Empty’ .i tried doing the search with another file explorer but the folder is Empty. so apparently i cannot upload the apk file. please help..
    thank you :)

  • Benihana  says:

    So subway surfers has the new update in Rome and they have the Easter eggs and I was playing and at the very beginning when the character is spray painting there is a bunch like right under/next to the train so I w pas just wondering how to get them…

  • Courtney  says:

    Is there any hack or anything which will help to get unlimited coins and keys in subway Surfers (android) game..??

  • D3ZZY  says:

    I just got the Kindle Fire HD and i was wondering if there was any good games on the app store that would be fun. I have the normal games like temple run and temple run 2. I have subway surfers the sims dragonvale pet hotel and tap zoo. I’m still a young girl so any games that would be fun for me will do.

  • Zanto  says:

    Im looking for subway surfers on installous. i know ist there because my friend got it does any one know what its called or how i can find it.

  • rndmaktn  says:

    I played subway surfer in my galaxy y for nearly two hours per day but not continuosly.while i playing sometimes i found at some places it struck.after some days my whole phone become very slow and it show the message that ‘google play store has sopped’. Then i cant download any apps.then i reload the software by giving it to the customer it is working nice.

  • heavenly sword  says:

    I have and iPod with subway surfers and I was wondering If anyone had and cheats? Thanks!!!

  • callofduty5123412  says:

    My sister accidently hacked the score of subway surfer and when I opened the leader boards .. my name was in the 1st position
    My high score is 2000007213
    Everybody is saying that I hacked
    I tried so much to reset it … still the score stayed like a rock
    Please give me a way to reset it . To remove it

  • steve  says:

    I just wanted to know if all of the apps such as subway surfers, angry birds, temple run and all other apps you can use on the iphone 5 will be able to use on the samsung galaxy s4?

  • Goe122  says:

    Suggest me a good android mobile with front facing camera. it should be good to play games like temple run and subway surfers. cost restricted to 15k.

    suggest only top brands like Samsung , Sony ,HTC etc

  • RuMKilleR  says:

    just got new windows phone nokia 822 and I could find the fun run or subway surfers is there another way you can download it

  • stingerms  says:

    What is a game/games like temple run or subway surfers for the samsung admire? They dont work on this phone so i want a game like those. Thanks

  • Lasagna delivery guy  says:

    OK, so I have temple run and subway surfers and all stuff like that. I really want an addictive game which I can play kind of easily but does not require to much focus.
    I don’t really mind if it costs or not.

  • borabora5524  says:

    I’m a subway surfer fan and I want to download it on my blackberry bold touch how can I is there any way I can or a game simmilar to it I can download it on my blackberry ? Or what great games I can download it on blackberry for free ? Please help
    ThankYou x

  • Muzahid  says:

    One of my missions on subway surfers the app is to bump into four barriers and I don’t know how to do this, can anyone tell me?

  • D3ZZY  says:

    I play subway surfers and I was wondering what is the multiplier?

  • kass9191  says:

    In subway surfers I accidentally pressed the ad that came up after a mystery box it just says loading with a black and white striped bar it won’t go away i can’t play the game have come so far don’t want to re install unless is the only thing I can do, please help?

  • Alun J  says:

    I have a samsung galaxy s 4g phone (it’s the first one). I want to play games such as Subway Surfers and I personally emailed them because at the google play store, they said my device isn’t supported for that game.

    my fireware thingy is 2.2.1 and the makers of Subway Surfers said I need at least a 2.3.3 or something.

    Is there a way to upgrade your phone’s system thing without having to get a brand new phone?
    If so how can I?

  • Shay H  says:

    I bought the double coins on subway surfers on my I pod then I got an I phone and now it says I have to buy them again, how do I restore the purchase when there’s no sign of it saying restore purchase?

  • Agent 47  says:

    I have subway surfers and its on my kindle fire hd and i can’t update it to Miami how do i do it?

  • crzyinluv  says:

    I am a young coin collector and i am almost done with my first collection ( Jefferson Nickels).
    Im having trouble finding the rarer coins like the 1938′s and the war time coins. I am tempted to buy them on ebay but i don’t know if spending that kind of money would be worth it for a nickel collection. Any advice on where to acquire these coins and whether or not to spend money would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lasagna delivery guy  says:

    Where can I find a working subway surfers new orleans hack ? I need more books. plz help

  • DuckieM10  says:

    I updated my Sony Xperia E dual from Android Ice Cream Sandwich to Android Jelly Bean and the update was successful. However, whenever I run relatively intensive games like Subway Surfer or Minion Rush, it lags really badly and I am just not able to play. Both those games used to work perfectly on Ice Cream Sandwich but now they lag. Into the Dead just freezes at the loading screen. The only two games I can actually run properly now are Hill Climb Racing and Word Search. Is there any way to solve these problems?

  • Jenna  says:

    My lil bro loves to play subway surfers and I wanted to know if this tablet is compatible with it.

  • stephen m  says:

    I don`t want to download bluestacks because it is of very big size.Is there any way to play Subway surfer on pc without using bluestacks

  • Salam  says:

    So I want to get some good FREE apps for my iphone. I already have Pinterest, Wanelo, Instagram, Doodle Jump, Camwow, Snapchat, Subway Surfers, Wattpad, iHeart radio, and Spotify. Please help me I want some fun apps and cant find any! And if you know of an app that allows me to download music onto my phone for free, thanks!

  • Scorch Delta-62  says:

    I’m a 16 year old girl and I don’t know what apps to get on my ipod anymore
    I’ve had temple run, subway surfers, fall down, tower bloxx, facebook, tumblr, twitter, keek, instagram..
    So which other ones could I download that are free? Thanks

  • Taylor2k  says:

    Is there any way to root a Samsung Replenish or to just download Subway Surfers on a Samsung Replenish without using a laptop? Please Help!

  • kass9191  says:

    I play subway surfers a lot and other apps and id like to be able to record my gameplay? is it possible?

  • kamikami  says:

    Does it have games and almost all the stuff the Apple AppStore has? Does it have the popular ones like temple run or subway surfers?

  • Hotshot t  says:

    I have an iPhone 4S and am addicted to Subway Surfers. A week ago, the game was running smoothly, now it’s choppy and bugging. I’m missing power ups and coins. Is there something I need to do to fix it? I can’t delete the app because I don’t want to lose my data.

  • Sriram R  says:

    Anyone know any cheats for subways surfers on the iPhone plz :)

  • hank baseballs  says:

    I have had subway surfers for a while now but ever since the recent updates it can’t even start loading because it will always crash as soon as i open it. is anyone else having this issue? i have tried deleting the app and reinstalling multiple times but it still does the same thing. i’m not sure if this matters, but i am trying to play this game on an iPod touch 4g

  • Larry R  says:

    I have a iPod touch 2G 32gb and since it’s 2013 now, most games aren’t compatible with my hardware ios 4.2.1 such as temple run,subway surfer and my fav game 4 pic 1 word won’t work,so I was wondering what are all the games working for my iPod 2g

    Puzzle,rpg,action,arcade,strategy and more

  • simply complicated  says:

    Is there any way like i know how in subway surfers u can get old characters buy changing the date can u do that in injustice, im just missing batgirl, zod, and deathstroke

  • Jeffery Carlson  says:

    Hi friends i fash my galaxy mini S5570 from 2.3.6 to 4.2.2 jelly bean.Now I am on 4.2.2 jelly bean S5570.I want to play HD games like Subway surfers ,temple run .I installed successfully but when am opening i t will close with unfortunetly stopped what is this plz help is it safe to install chain fire 3d in 4.2.2 jelly bean?

  • Kristian  says:

    I recently bought the LG optimus p970 and upgraded to ICS 4.0.4 but some of the games like subway surfers and temple run 2 are laggy. I was wondering if i can change my GPU to something better.
    ( The stoc GPU is PowerVR SGX530 )

  • jdfan  says:

    I have a smartphone, Lava Iris 352e, which has only 512 MB of RAM. However, it runs on Android Jelybean 4.2. It is not able to support many of my favorite games like Temple Run 2 and Subway surfers. It lags like hell. SO, my question to you= Is there any way to increase ram in android in Lava Iris 352e? I have read many tutorials, so will it work on my smartphone?

  • nick s  says:

    I have some coins from Africa, Korea and Europe. Can I go to a bank such as Chase, US Bank, Bank of America and exchange them for US dollars?

  • Jamal  says:

    I downloaded Subway surfers from pc and first copied it to my phone through USB.
    It didn’t show any file about Subway Surfers.
    So, I used HTC Sync to install it and it didn’t work out.
    Then I saw that it can work when I install file manager but I couldn’t even install it(same problem as games)
    So, I used Mobogenie to install it but again didn’t show anything related to the game
    What should I do?
    Internal Memory(Phone)=>173MB
    SD Card Free Space=>750MB
    Game Space=>30MB
    @Tejas don’t sing songs….

  • Michael C  says:

    Is there a strategy to getting higher quality coins from the mint?

  • Matthew David  says:

    I want to get subway Surfers for my android Phone That is Samsung galaxy ace plus.I installed it from googe play but when I try to Play it My phone get freezes and Restarts.

  • Mark  says:

    I recently rooted my phone (MyPhone A848 duo) which was successful. And I have been playing Subway Surfers for a long time even before rooting. I noticed before that aside from the expected low performance, there is a low graphics quality. My friend with another MyPhone which is a lower class/model of my phone, he rooted it and his phone is now rendering graphics of Subway Surfers similar to the quality and performance as iPhones, and no, he didn’t use another device’s ROM. After I rooted my phone, everything was faster, the increase of performance was very noticeable. I even changed Dead Trigger’s settings in the XML file to let my phone render graphics that was intended for Tegra 3 devices. But when I tried Subway Surfers (other example of “automatic graphics change” game that I have was Hungry Shark), there was a noticeable boost in performance, but the graphics still look the same (no glowing coins, no detailed shadows on the environment, and on low resolution). I tried messing with its xml file but there was nothing there that I can change to change the graphics.

    So is there a way to edit something from the game’s files to change the graphics, or is there an app that can boost my phones graphics rendering without the scary risk of bricking it.

  • kamikami  says:

    I want to reset my nook but i want to keep my games that i bought from google play also i have subway surfer and i have gotton really far in it is there away to save my progress in the game so i can keep it but still reset my nook?

  • Harry  says:

    I want Subway Surfers MUMBAI INDIA hack or cheats for Android

  • Moore, Ron  says:

    I found this hack but I haven’t tried it yet, any ideas?

  • Andre  says:

    can anyone please tell me where i can get subway surfers 1.13.0 and 1.12.0 and 1.15.0. I have searched the whole internet but couldn’t find it. Please help and tell a reliable website.

  • Gage  says:

    Ive been wondering lately that a coin might not be exactly a 50/50 percent chance. The coins have designs on each side and wouldn’t that throw it off a tiny tiny TINY bit because of the extremely slight weight difference? Anyways I was just wondering. Thanks in advance for answering.

  • Matthew  says:

    I am planning to buy a 24 karat gold coin from bullion direct. This is the first time i am buying a gold coin. I am seeing both Austrian Philharmonic and Canadian Maple as 24 karat, but former is cheaper that later. Do anybody know the reason? Both are 1 oz and same weight & quality. Can i buy Austrian than Canadian?

  • crzyinluv  says:

    I have a old german coin which is made from 1900 its about 100 years old,its also a east african coin so how much would this sell for and where could I sell it at?


  • sakyue1993  says:

    I have phillipene coins and queen elizabeth coins made from the 1960s. Are they silver?

  • brincks26  says:

    A coin is tossed and a die is rolled. What the probability that the coin shows tails and the die shows odd number.

  • The Villain  says:

    The coin will be in a box about 15 times it’s size, and the coin is about the size of a dime. How much will it cost to send it to the Netherlands. Thanks!

  • lildevilgurl152004  says:

    You have five different coins in your pocket: a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and a half dollar.
    You pull out one coin at random.
    What are the odds in favor of the coin being worth less than ten cents?

  • Ev dog  says:

    I have a couple of Silver Eagles but which year on the coin would be worth most or are they all basically the same whether its a 1986 or 2011 coin? I read and hear lately that it is extremely wise to invest in precious metals these days, especially silver, as its value is expected to increase exponentially in the near future.

  • David  says:

    I have very old coin collection from all over the world. Most of the coins are from India and belonging to British empire. Some of the coins are more then 1000 year old. Please I would like to know how to know the original current value of the coin and sell accordingly.

  • arronwrath  says:

    I inherited a small old coin collection, and have no idea where to start to valuate them. Do I need to do a complete inventory with descriptions then take them to a coin dealer? Does he even need to see them, or are appraisels based on the age and denomination with the description of letters next to the year, etc.

    Any help from experienced coin collectors is welcome, thank you!

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior  says:

    I have 85 lbs of old coins not in any catalog or protection. My grandmother left them to me and I do not know how to value them even with the books I have bought about coin collecting. How can I find someone that is trustworthy to look and value these coins for me? The face value is about $800 of coins. I took them to a coin dealer here and he offered me a little over $2000.00 for all the coins but I hesitated because I am unsure if there may certain coins that might have significant value and he not tell me. I live in central VA. I welcome suggestions. Thank you!

  • che-che  says:

    How can I store a mint condition silver coin without the coin being tarnished? How can prevent a silver coin being tarnished? I want the condition of my silver coin to be conserved.
    Is it ok if the coins are exposed to light and heat?

  • John  says:

    Not bullion or special issue coins or coins older than say 1950… what is the worst designed monetary coin that you use to buy things?
    This is your opinion, obviously, but be general.

  • cardskid22  says:

    I’m trying to figure out where a particular coin is from. The coin has a menorah looking symbol in the middle surrounded by a bunch of middle eastern looking symbols. It also has the number 20 and 38 on the bottom – 20 on the left and 38 on the right. Does anyone know which country this coin is from? Thanks!!

  • kerrin marz  says:

    If a coin were tossed three times, the probability that the coin will land on heads at least one of those three times would be 7/8. True or false?

  • rndmaktn  says:

    Is it possible to build a coin operated arcade machine using an old pc and running rom emulators on it? I know that you can disable certain things or cut power with a coin operated timer but I want to actually build it so that that credits are registered on the game when coins are inserted. I suspect this is not possible but would like to experts out there to comment.

  • thexbox360player  says:

    The magician will hold the coin and another coin will appear somehow. And there will be two coins already.
    Thanks and sorry for the bother.

  • Michael C  says:

    A coin is placed 13.5 cm from the axis of a rotating turntable of variable speed. When the speed of the turntable is slowly increased, the coin remains fixed on the turntable until a rate of 30 rpm is reached, at which point the coin slides off. What is the coefficient of static friction between the coin and the turntable?

  • DuckieM10  says:

    I have several old coins from America, and I need to know their worth, how to sell them and make sure that I am not going to loose my shirt in the process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • tjpimpin  says:

    If you flip 10 coins and the first 4 all come up heads, what is he probability of the 5th coin coming up heads?

  • Mackenzie P  says:

    If you flip 10 coins and the first 4 all come up heads, what is the probability of the 5th coin coming up heads is?

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again  says:

    You have twelve coins, one of which is a counterfeit and weighs less than the legal coins. How can you use a simple balance three times to determine which coin is a counterfeit?

  • Victoria T  says:

    What is a coin that is really large, but not worth that much money?

    Looking for a gaint sized coin, however I can’t have it break the bank.

    Thanks alot!

  • encyclopath  says:

    I bought some rare coins, but can’t somewhat find a real coin dealer willing to pay the actual value of each coin. Is there a way to find someone around your, which doesn’t matter where you are and live. What section would I have to search in the phone book by chance? And how can I get someone interested?

  • zigg3ns  says:

    I found some old coins and they say on them “A commemorative medal collection” and “Clashes Ashes.” I think they were made in 1984 and it has a picture of merv hughes on one side and they are silver coins. Where could I go to find out how much (if anything) it would be worth? I also have other ones with different players on them. I am from Australia so please no links to overseas websites.

  • Mc L  says:

    I inherited a lot of coins (especially buffalo nickels and Indian head pennies, along with some others) from a relative. I would like to learn more about these coins and how I should display/protect them. They are literally in coffee cans right now. What is a good resources guide for new coin collectors?

  • nathan  says:

    Coin a new word to describe a common object or phenomenon. To accomplish this you will: write the word; identify it as a noun, verb, adjective or adverb; and use the word in three different sentences. You will be judged on your word’s usefulness and your creativity

  • Jason  says:

    A coin slides over a frictionless plane and across an xy coordinate system from the origin to a point with xy coordinates (1.8 m, 8.8 m) while a constant force acts on it. The force has magnitude 1.2 N and is directed at a counterclockwise angle of 123° from the positive direction of the x axis. How much work is done by the force on the coin during the displacement?

  • Anny  says:

    My lucky coin is an 1827 Swedish ½ Skilling and I want to make a necklace out of it. Since it’s older, I can’t afford to break it.

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again  says:

    I just got my new Surface. It was really cool until I took a look at the Microsoft app store. It has few good apps and a lot of horrible apps. It doesn’t have games like Subway Surfer and the Angry Birds are way overpriced. I wanted to try to somehow use Google Play or some other app store but it didn’t work. Is there anywhere I can get new apps?

  • jordenkotor  says:

    I am thinking to gift my father a grand quattro. But i just wanna ask that is subway surfers compatible with it?

  • Random  says:

    I’ve been playing subway surfer and one of the missions is to poke someone on Facebook. When I go to someone’s profile, there is no gear to click on. I don’t know if its because I can’t through mobile or the timeline doesn’t have it. Please help!

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