Virtual Families 2 Cheats Hack

Virtual Families 2 Cheats

In this Tutorial we will teach you how to hack Virtual Families 2 on Android, iPhone, iPad etc without jailbreak no survey and without root. Our hack tool is 100% working and tested so you can spend time in downloading it with confidence. If you have any questions regarding working of the software then just post a comment below this post and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure that you complete all the below steps to download Virtual Families 2 Cheats and Virtual Families 2 Hack.


  • Add Unlimited Coins
  • Add Unlimited Money
  • 100% Safe
  • Platforms Supported: iOS, Android, PC & Mac

Step 1:-

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Step 2:-

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76 comments to Virtual Families 2 Cheats Hack

  • Dr Dorian  says:

    How I confirmed the existence of cheating in this game? When someone logs in this game a second window is displayed with ads about the game. Behold, on June 18, 2008 I came across the following advertisement:

    Stop Cheating

    What is the purpose of a program displays a warning anti-cheat (ACS – Anti-Cheating System)? This only served to confirm suspicions that there were players using cheats. On this day many players did not appear, a fact that has become a laughing stock. The real cowards are gone for a few days.

    As with several other games and programs, this game has also been varied cheats that add great “advantages” to the player. The most used is the pool aimer that allows visualization of the trajectory of the ball. The challenge of the game (main objective) that was to pocket balls was no longer an obstacle. There are also cases of self-score and block hoping to win the game with the withdrawal of the opponent.

    Examples of pool aimer in action:

    When I started playing the cheating cases were very rare. I was the only one to warn about the use of cheats in this game. Only in 2011 came the release of cheating on the internet. Many of those who lament the decline of the game contributed to the creation of this decline. What I have noticed is that the cheaters themselves began to be bothered by the uncontrolled dissemination of cheating. After all, not long ago, few were anointed by the “power” to enter a match with 99.99% chance to pot a ball. Currently there are cheating more effective not to mention the self-score that generates a tremendous jealousy among the cheaters who have spent months to accumulate points while others obtained on days 2, 3, 4 times the same number of points.


    1 – Adopt the strategy: “If you can not beat them, join them”. In this case you will be part of a group that does not bother to stand out playing well, after all everyone is leveled by cheating (pool aimer). What will differentiate the amount of points is obtained by self-score and the number of nicknames over 12.000 points, so called “legends”. So they associate the amount of points to a supposed superiority in the game. In fact, the pool is not a game like chess. In a pool game a novice can beat a more experienced player or a cheater, although the chances are small. For example, with a good opening an honest player can give a cheater a perfect 8 ball break.

    Areas with high concentration of cheating are:

    - Sit & Go : where the loss of points with a defeat is less depending on final placement. A place frequented by those who use cheats to accumulate the desired virtual dots;
    - Matches in 3 or 5 frames: if a game the chances of an honest player to win a cheater are small, 3 or 5 games the chances are virtually nil;
    - Snooker: the level of difficulty is higher and if the other player knows in advance the ball’s trajectory the chances of someone honest winning are also virtually nil.

    Many also circumvent the allowed limit of 5 accounts. It is noticed that some players legends create new accounts in order to enjoy the essence of the game with beginners. Despite new nicknames they do not quit cheating. Therein lies the difficulty of learning to lose. A very common problem that explains why all games have modifications that facilitate or ensure victory (hacks, cheats).

    2 – You also have another option: admit that online games can often become obsessions that characterize a heroinware.

    Finally, there is a positive side to this story. The large number of cheaters made me quit the game and I could get more time with my family life and my professional development. The fun and leisure are not synonymous of the waste of time.

    With this message I hope to be helping those who enjoy pool games.

  • Joe T  says:

    I enjoy games that allow for detailed character Creation, role playing type games and I guess above all games that are very mod-able, hack-able. I have modded/hacked the heck out of Diablo 1 & II, Icewind dale II Civilization II & Sea Dogs. Unfortunately my pc is unable to handle a lot of the newer games. Can anyone suggest a game or 2 that if I can get a copy of I might enjoy based on the above info? My PC specifications (very edited) are as follows:

    System Information report written at: 02/12/10 14:48:16

    OS NameMicrosoft Windows XP Home Edition
    Version5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
    OS ManufacturerMicrosoft Corporation
    System NameGABRIAL
    System ManufacturerIBM
    System Model8189E4U
    System TypeX86-based PC
    Processorx86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~2793 Mhz
    BIOS Version/DateIBM 2AKT37AUS, 3/12/2004
    SMBIOS Version2.31
    Windows DirectoryC:WINDOWS
    System DirectoryC:WINDOWSsystem32
    Boot DeviceDeviceHarddiskVolume1
    LocaleUnited States
    Hardware Abstraction LayerVersion = “5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)”
    User NameGABRIALDGrimreaper
    Time ZoneEastern Standard Time
    Total Physical Memory1,024.00 MB
    Available Physical Memory542.17 MB
    Total Virtual Memory2.00 GB
    Available Virtual Memory1.94 GB
    Page File Space2.39 GB
    Page FileC:pagefile.sys

    [Hardware Resources]
    IRQ 17SoundMAX Integrated Digital AudioOK

    [Sound Device]

    NameSoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio


    NameIntel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller

  • Jermaine J  says:

    I have some questions about virtual families on the Ipod touch.

    1) Can you have grandchildren?
    2) How do you make the parents die faster?
    3) How do you get lot’s of money?
    4) Are there any cheats for the Ipod version?


  • kass9191  says:

    I am obsessed with life simulation games, where you can make EVERYTHING and ANYTHING how u want it, but i’m an eleven year old boy and I’m not allowed sims 3 or anything is there something almost EXACTLY like sims 3 but appropriate for a kid my age…I have played…


    All Animal Crossings

    Plz tell me game details! THANX!!!

  • callofduty5123412  says:

    I got a new computer and i dont want to get viruses on iy so…
    *No Cheat Engine
    *No Downloading Things

  • diggn4richez  says:

    Hi my people on Virtual families are super sick and I wanted to know where to get the vitamins. Thanks so much!

  • Christopher J  says:

    I have 3G 8GB iPod touch and the full version of virtual families. I have used the cheat where you fast forward the time on your iPod and it gets you alot of money. Now, in the place where there’s candy, books, movies and clothes, all I have are clothes. How do I reset my store or fix it so I can get stuff without reseting the whole game?

  • Le Pwner  says:

    on my virtual families game, my characters are all feeling depressed. the house and yard are spotless, the trash is taken out , and i dont overpraise them but i do praise them for good acts. i dont know what to do :( pleaseeeeee help

  • XplicitzZ  says:

    I’m playing virtual families 2 and my kitchen is full of ants. I know you’re suppose to use the cinnamon ingredient that’s in the kitchen but it’s not there. How do I get it??

  • Michael C  says:

    I played Virtual Families on my iPod Touch for 5hours to find out that it doesn’t save! How do I save?

  • Mistry  says:

    I need help in virtual families there is an over fire!

    How long does it take for a baby to grow?

  • Matthew S  says:

    (Please don’t tell me how to put out an oven fire in real life; I can do that.) In the game, Virtual Families, how does one put out an oven fire?

  • Matthew  says:

    On virtual families my son always is not felling fresh what do I do??

  • Sriram R  says:

    Does anyone know websites I can get the full version free of Virtual Families that is not Playfin or Free Ride games? Or any way I can get it without messing up my pc?

  • Keaton  says:

    Does anyone know how to unclog the toilet in virtual families and the shower?
    Virtual families is a game for the apple iPad , iPod iPhone etc

  • Mr SoLo DoLo  says:

    I can’t figure out how to put out an oven fire in Virtual Families 2! In the original game there is a shed containing a fire extinguisher, but that doesn’t exist in the 2nd version, and you can’t buy anything for it at the store. Help!

  • timq3dimensionscom  says:

    Where could i play virtual families or a game similar to that online for free and without any downloads?
    i played that game when i downloaded it but it was only for an hour and i don’t have money to buy it or anything.

  • Jairo  says:

    so ive started a game called virtual families, and the man ive married on it is sick, so we cant try for a baby, which i want to. but i have no money on the game, so i cant pay for a doctors appointment. what should i do?

  • Echo  says:

    I am playing Virtual Families and the kids have gone to college are they going to come back.

  • ScRSC  says:

    Okay i put the other adult on the other one but it wont work!!! (by the way the game is virtual families). Is there something do to do with how long they’ve been married?

  • Keaton  says:

    In virtual families 2 how does the money work. Does the money get passed down from generation to generation or does the money go away.
    What about the second third and fourth generations

  • Scott Bull  says:

    I know how to unclogg it in virtual family but what about virtual family 2? The rooms are not labled

  • Arminator  says:

    I have a virtual families and a married couple. The girl is 27 and the guy is 28. I’ve been trying and trying but he always embraces her. Yes, they both are on the same page and DO want kids but ugh it’s annoying.
    Please help?
    Oh and how do I make the girl put perfume on?

  • Sir fliesalot  says:

    I need to kill one person on virtual families without killing the other people. I need to start a new generation before the kids go to collage please help!

  • Lachlan  says:

    I’ve tried giving an energy drink to a kid and nothing happened btw what does a peep mean in virtual families?

  • Andrew S  says:

    If I buy Virtual Families full version for itouch will I lose my collectibles/family/etc?

    i mean, do I need to start the game over or does it just upgrade itself when I download the full version?

  • Seth  says:

    Virtual Families = I dont know how to describe this game!! But you basically adopt a person, try to mate them and start a family by making children. I wanna play the Virtual Families game but I have to download it first which i cant. T_T help me!

  • ouch  says:

    I mean is there a place where I can pick out a mate and have children. Also have pets. That is any sites besides sims and virtual families

  • Krazy Bob  says:

    I boutght everything in the virtual families store varied items and nothing else comes out also the clothes have remained the same for a couple of days now. Does anyone know if this is some kind of glitch or something? Or is there any way to fix it.?
    —Thanks for your help.

  • Hotshot t  says:

    When will my newborn start growing up on virtual families 2?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet  says:

    I am playing Virtual Families and my sink is leaking and my families to to wash up. How do I fix the sink, tub, etc.? I tried dragging a person to the little basket in the laundry-room but it doesn’t work. Thanks for your help!

  • Death Knight  says:

    I have an iPod touch and I recently got the lite version of Virtual Families. One person is weak and the other is extremely weak. And the store doesn’t have random items or house improvements. How can I fix their weakness?

  • colingrillo  says:

    i love virtual families but where can i buy the game (not online) or play it online?

  • The Inc  says:

    Just now on Virtual Families for my iTouch, my oldest child (a boy) went to college. Is there some way he could come home? Thanks!

  • Thomas Lopez  says:

    I have just started to play virtual families. When i came back to play it the next day my progress was in red. I need help!

  • ouch  says:

    On the game virtual families, I want to open the shed but I have no idea how. Help please!

  • Adam  says:

    On virtual families Does the new generation get all of the parents money or part of it or none of it?

    - thanks!!

  • Xbox360king  says:

    on virtual families on my ipod when i click the store the only thing i have is food,upgrades,and some medicines the varied items not there and the home improvement items are not there do i get them?

  • isk8at818  says:

    OMG!! i jut got this game virtual families and I’m addicted to it! I just wanted to know if there was a way to have twin or triplets without the baby booster medication? thnx!

  • Gundown64  says:

    I know he could on virtual families, but this is the lite version.

  • Matthew  says:

    Can you have more than one player/account on the full version of virtual families on iPod? Me and my sister want to play it but we only have the one iPod and we want different families. If not can you have the full version and the lite version on the same iPod? Thanks xx

  • Smashing Pumpkins  says:

    I really want to play Virtual Families but I don’t want to download it. I have used up so much space on my computer and I don’t want to add to it. I can’t find the game online anywhere. Do you know of a site that I can play for free without the hassle of a download?

  • Moore, Ron  says:

    So I just got a new computer. Is it possible to transfer your current Virtual Families to my new one? Without it having to start over. Can it save the current game?
    And how?

  • maskills24  says:

    I dont know hoe or where you can find collectibles in virtual families. a little help would be nice. PLEASE

  • nasty1  says:

    I’ve noticed that there aren’t any black people on the game virtual families but I’m not sure. Is it possible to get one?

  • evil chevy  says:

    On virtual families for ipod touch my people are always unhappy how can i make them happy?????

  • Jenna  says:

    So i downloaded Virtual Families on my Ipod Touch. It opens and i play it for a little while but when I open the store the screen goes black and it exits out of the game. I really need to buy food but it keeps on crashing what should I do?

  • Kaylla  says:

    I have the Virtual Families Lite for my iPod touch and I downloaded Virtual Families. I can’t figure out how to fix things though. The things I don’t know how to fix are:
    1. The stove (fires)
    2. The sink
    3. The shower
    4. Anything else that’s breakable in this game
    I hae the shed unlocked but it won’t let me fix anything. Help please!

  • happyha31  says:

    I have never left my virtual families overnight off of pause beore and have over 2000 food. Is that enough?

  • Austin  says:

    Can i close out virtual families and still get money if they are working on their career when my computer is off or im doing something else? please help im so confused!

  • Hayden  says:

    I have had twins on virtual families many times but they are always the same gender and are always identical. Can you have twins that are a boy and a girl? Can you have fraternal twins?

  • Big Banger  says:

    I have virtual families on my iPod. The woman is 53 and the man is 54. Is there anyway to continue this game? I really don’t want to start all over!!

  • airdogspace2  says:

    My computer was recently set up with windows 7 and I downloaded virtual families and abobe flash player, but it wont play. What else do I have to put on to get it to play?

  • Kaden  says:

    I have been playing Virtual Families for a while and im not sure what age they can stop having kids/adopting kids. Thanks for answers! :-)

  • Brody S  says:

    I want to play Virtual Families for free, but thats NOT a trail. I don’t mind if i have to download it, or just play it on the internet.

    Please help!

  • arronwrath  says:

    in virtual families i have a 16 year old kid and i have no idea how to make him get a job, without waiting until his parents die.

  • kiltakblog  says:

    Hi, I was playing virtual families when I came across this outfit that I liked. I bought it and I liked it until I realized it was way overpriced that I had one dollar left. I tried to sell it and I don’t know how. I have been told you just put it on the shelf but how do I take it off her, like how do I convert to her other clothes. Is this possible? Thanks so much!

  • musicistabest  says:

    I want triplets on virtual families can you please tell me how to.

  • Mistry  says:

    I like play Virtual Families so mach.I don’t like download because I don’t want to pay money by Credit or buy this game and spent time download this game too. Free trail just play only 1 hour need alot of time download too… Hope you all help me ok…If soneone can find the best web site for me to play I’ll thank you million time

  • The Dark Knight  says:

    My shower on virtual families is clogged and I have tried dragging one of my little people o it but it doesn’t work. I also put one of the little people on the welcome doormat and they got confused. please tell me what I have to do to fix the shower.

  • Eric  says:

    I’m playing virtual families and my kid just drew all over the wall, how do i wash it off?

  • Nick  says:

    it used to work before…but my brother did something to the laptop by accident, and now whenever i try to play virtual families, the screen gets white, and i have to exit. i know this seems like a ridiculous question, but i get so agrrivated……i just want to fix it so i can play the game. i know im not the only one…

  • Brody S  says:

    So I have virtual families 2 and Im at my 3rd generation and I’ve looked up all of the money cheats for getting money and I only end up getting like 300 bucks!!! I can’t buy a room renovation with that!!! I’ve changed the date and all that and Im on an ipod so I don’t know if I can use cheat engine. Anybody no what I have to do to make loads of money???

  • Shay H  says:

    i have the virtual families 2 app and its getting annoying how i have to wait forever just for one stupid year to pass. i used to change the time to some random date in the future and it worked for a while but not anymore. ive tried at least thirty times already and nothing happens. is there another thing i can do to make years come by?

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    On virtual families i have a problem. There energy,happiness and fed is nearly full but there health is’nt. Can you help me and tell me a way off raising there health. And also any tips or cheats for it?

  • Ramblin Spirit  says:

    I have been looking all over for the virtual families game in stores and i cant find it ggggrrr!!!!!!!
    if you could give sum suggestions of stores in escondido, california that have it that would be awesome thank you

  • Vultre9  says:

    I need to buy something fast in virtual families but i am like 200 short. How do you get fast money?? and any other hints or cheats for this game will be helpful :) (FULL VERSION)

  • vanvark83  says:

    I have Virtual Families and Dream House Days on my Android phone and I really like these types of games, are there any like this?

  • Hayden  says:

    I can’t get more money on Virtual Families 2 (dream house) so I want free rooms, and it says on the game… how ?

  • borabora5524  says:

    I download virtual families 2 and I have yet to renovate the 2nd bathroom, small central room and large central room. I just renovated the small bedroom by the 2nd bathroom and I have made it a play room for the kids but after they finish playing with the toys I set there they try to walk away and where it says what they are doing like taking a shower like when it disappears and they get stuck. It also happens in the hallway leading to the rooms and the stairs before the hallway. There are 2 wrappers stuck there and I can’t pick them up because of the same problem. How do I fix this?

  • sam N  says:

    Everyone keeps saying go to and websites like that but those websites never work. I have also tried going to general and changing my date and time back,but that doesn’t work either.Can anyone give me some actual help,BTW,I have a android device so im going to need something that works on an android device.

  • kiltakblog  says:

    In virtual families 2 everyone always say wishing for closets or some closet space. And i have been look in furniture and stuff and theres nothing in there someone please help!!!

  • JackReynolds  says:

    I want to play a virtual family game like Sims where i can have a baby and all of that.
    Oh and it has to be free and no download.

  • Roflcopter  says:

    I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything!!! I’m looking for an online website that lets you create and play a virtual family.

  • musicistabest  says:

    So, my friend got member ship for this game called VFK (Virtual Family Kingdom). And she doesnt know how to get rid of it. Can you please help?

  • Ramblin Spirit  says:

    I really like playing the Virtual Family and Virtual villagers computer game. I have done the free 60 minute download on Yahoo. But I don’t have credit cards so I can’t get the game myself. I know there are sites where I can play it, but I don’t know if they carry viruses are not.

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