Walking Dead Cheats Hack

Walking Dead Cheats

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  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet  says:

    For some reason, I can never ever download hacks and I totally do not understand how so many people have the hack online! It’s crazy…

    How do I download the hack? I’ve been on youtube and google and none of them work due to surveys, so then I try bypassing the surveys and still nothing works. Gahhh…. frustration.

    These are the links to the hacks so if someone knows how to download the file from those sites then I would totally be forever in your debt.


    Those are all the links and each one request for a survey to be completed. Honestly, I want to bypass the survey but although I’ve looked at over 14 youtube videos without the results I had hoped I am quite sure it’s impossible ):

    So please please help me. (: believe it or not, but this is actually very important, haha.

  • alberto s  says:

    It is about terrorists who raid a school, and then take a class hostage in the classroom.

    “Did you study for the exam?” It was the only question anyone asked during the first two periods of school. During English class, Jake scribbled down whatever he could on the palm of his hand; he was one of the kids who never studied, and never got high marks. Then there were the ones who could do an exam with their eyes closed. Walter and Gerald, the smart ones.
    “Oi, Gerald! Stop hacking the computers,” Dan said as a chorus of laughter erupted around him.
    “Don’t be mean,” Samantha laughed.
    On the other side of the room, Jacob secretly revealed his video camera beneath the table.
    “Check this out,” he said sneakily. Peter broke his grip from Eddy’s black fist and turned his attention to the shiny camera.
    “Is it new?” he asked.
    “Yeah, I got it yesterday.” Eddy cracked his knuckles.
    “When are we going to film?” he asked in a deep tone, a tone that seemed threatening to some.
    “I don’t know, tonight?” Jacob suggested.
    “Nah, I’ve got baseball training,” Eddy told him. “Tomorrow?” Jacob looked to Peter.
    “I’m free,” Peter answered.
    Sitting at the front of the class, on the other end of the row from Walter and Gerald, were the Asian girls. Joy, the youngest in the class, was reading a Manga as usual.
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    “You’re Asian, too,” Joy responded, finally closing up her book.
    “At least I don’t read Manga twenty-four-seven.”
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    “Do your work,” Lilly said. “Tiffany, you’re class captain.”
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    Standing at the teacher’s desk, listening to instructions was Huan – the new kid.
    “I bet you fifty dollars she won’t make any friends,” Jason said to Nathan.
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    “No, I’ve failed for sure,” Jake replied.
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  • vanvark83  says:

    okay so, a few months ago my older sister hacked my facebook account and changed all my passwords so i had to make a new account and yesterday my older sister stephanie walked out on her husband jack for a younger guy, ricky, who is in and out of jail and stole over 500,000$ from him and called the police on him saying he stabbed stephanie and right after that phone call was made stephanie got into rickys truck and drove off before the police showed up, JACK DID NOT LAY A HAND ON STEPHANIE EVER, this just shows how much of a bitch she is, and is now threatening to kidnap they’re younger daughter. legally jack has full temporary custody over savannah (younger daughter) and aj (younger son) and stephanie is telling savannah to play outside as much as she can so when stephanie gets the opportunity she will drive by and take savannah. well stephanie has had 2 abortions the past year with 2 different guys cheating on jack and has now apparently been planning out leaving jack for over a year now. So jack asked me to get on stephanies facebook to find out if i could figure out like when she and ricky are planning to take savannah. stephanie is a huge drugie, she doesnt have a job, or own anything to her name. She told me and our mom that she would rather have A.J. dead then be his mom. And that if Aj wasnt locked up by the time he was 16 she would have him locked up. Well, Stephanie caught onto the fact i hacked her facebook and is threatening to call the police on me saying its a form of cyber bullying and i can be arrested for 3 years. I however am a 16 year old girl and i’m not talking to anyone on her facebook. im simply reading past messages and stuff trying to find out information about her taking savannah. So, i was wondering if hacking her facebook for this reason is illegal or not??

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP. its really needed!

  • Jason  says:

    im a novice a hacking a console and need a little assistance on this.
    im a novice on hacking a console, i need as much assistance as you can provide, all the details and equipment also thanks!

    so what your telling me is that since you learned the hard way, and already know how to do certain things, everyone else needs to learn the way you did? if you know of an easier way to do thngs wouldnt it be nice to let less experianced people know of an easier way? how mature you are. thanks for the info though
    also i have mac os

  • zaclo  says:

    Ok so i just prestigued (second prestige) and im level 3 right, well when i knife people they dont die?

    i walked up to one, he had his back turned, just standing there, i knifed him he didnt die, a couple seconds later he turned around and killed me?

    why the hell is this happening, its doing my head in, coz the guns are crap, so knifing is the only gud bit and i cant do it!!???

    stupid thing, is this summit to do with been a low level? or is it just some stupid coincidense thats happened like 7 times i think??

    thanks x

  • Alina Elliott  says:

    Well, to make a long story short, and I have posted questions on here before about this issue — my newlywed wife of 5 months at the time walked out and has not returned in almost 2 additional months. I have done the “give her time and not beg ordeal” and I have certainly made it a point to let her know how I feel about her and what I am willing to do to help the marriage” and it just doesn’t “seem” that she wants to hear any of it really. I know time apart can heal the heart, and i guess in the big scheme of things, it hasn’t been that long.

    I refuse to file for divorce. I am not the one who up and left her with a million and one responsibilities. I would love to see if we can work it out, even though she has said that she thinks it is too late for that. There is no need for me to lie — I have not abused her, we did not scream at each other etc. So, it is odd for me to believe that she wouldn’t want to work it out — unless she’s having an affair, which she has denied over and over again.

    Anyway, my real questions are:

    1. Is it fair to wait longer?
    2. Is it still a good idea to not contact her?
    3. She still has things in the apartment. Do i put them in a box and
    throw them outside for her to pick up? Or do I wait on it?
    4. She won’t tell me if she has or is going to file for divorce? I have
    asked though, and i can never get a definite answer.

    Are there any other ideas that you may have for me to try? I’d like her to see that it is worth it to try again ya know? Unless she cheated on me, I would take her back. But I am running out of ideas.
    To answer some of your questions: I have suggested counseling, yes! I have requested a face to face meeting, but she won’t. She has claimed that she can’t stand to see me upset! I get lot of mixed signals. i have also been told by her that she doesn’t mean to hurt me. it’s very weird!

  • supernerd567  says:

    I think my boyfriends myspace has been hacked..

    first of all.. whoever did it took me off his friends list.. then i just talked to him so he added me again.. but when i go to leave him a comment it says.. “comment has been posted” when I didn’t even post one yet.. and when I go to send him a message, it says.. “must be matt’s friend to send him a message”

    whats up with that? I AM one of his friends..

    I was begining to think that HE was doing all of this (I have NO idea why)..1 of my girlfriend even made a fake myspace for her and i to try and figure out what is/was going on.. she messaged him from it pretending to me all intereasted in him.. and he replied back asking her out for drinks and such.. and how he dumped his last gf (me.. even said my name) cause he caught me cheating on him and how i hired some dude to follow him around everywhere.. wtf?!??!?!.. well i called him like 10x lastnight and he finally called back and said.. “I haven’t been on the comp in days.. im in
    24 minutes ago – 3 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    21 minutes ago

    Tampa cause my grandmother passed away” (we live in Ft. Lauderdale.. Tampa is hours away) (he does have a laptop though… takes it almost everywhere)

    he swears its not him doing it.. so i got realllly suspcious and went into his hotmail account.. and i noticed in his saved mailbox that he had emails from chicks claiming they were pregnant with his baby.. one being a 16 year old and he is 24! (it was a year ago, but still!).. also 1 email from a girl going on and on bout how he is acting different.. and lying bout everything.. and that she loves him and that he told her he loved her (also a year ago too).. there were also emails in there from adult hookup sites, and emails that he sent to craigslist girls wanting to hookup as recent as 2 days ago!!!!

    I don’t know what to believe.. I am at a loss.. I will never have real proof if it was really him or not.. he has added me back as a friend.. he said he is going to go to sleep now cause he is exhausted, but we’ll talk bout it
    19 minutes ago

    later, when he logs back on after waking up”.. i tried to call him just now.. no answer… lastnight on the phone he said.. “I swear to u on my dead grandmothers grave that I didn’t do any of it”.. so that makes me think that he didn’t do it.. cause if he did, why would he say such a thing???! but i aint 100% sure.. : (.. i been crying nonstop.. im soo confused. he is 24. im 22. we aren’t kids.

    how do i put an end to it? how do i find out for sure 1 way or the other??!
    16 minutes ago

    its not spam really.. aint even emails.. before they took me off his friends list.. i had sent him some messages.. i checked on em and he had read them, but didn’t reply back..

    also.. my friend who made the fake profile.. matt (my bf) (or whoever hacked into his page.. if thats true) gave the girl his cell number cause the last time they were talking on myspace IM, he had to go to work he said and that if she still wanted to chat with him, then to call him..

    so whoever really hacked into the page.. knows his cell number.. so that also gets me thinking that it is him as well… (He does live with 2 roomates.. 1 i never met, and the other is a gay older dude who has known him for 4 years.. matt told me on the phone lastnight that his roomate (allen) and him had a HUGE fight before he left for tampa, so it coulda been him.. but just now when talkin to him on myspace IM (matt) he claims that it wasen’t allen cause allen told matt just now that he hasen’t even been home.. AGH!
    8 minutes ago

    oh and just before when we were talking.. he noitced my new pix (kinda reaviling.. i took them yesterday to try and cheer myself up).. he is all.. “oh.. nice new pix of yours.. glad to know u wanna show ur body off to the world.. i don’t approve of them.. plz take them off”

    what the flying hell??!?!?!?!.. i really do believe it was him.. when he was chattin with my friend on the myspace IM.. he typed the SAME way as my bf does.. (my bf doesn’t spell to well.. or use correct grammar too well.. so i could tell)

    i ask if he truly wants me/loves me/etc etc.. he always says yes.. he told me.. “we are fine.. i love u.. u are my girl” on the phone lastnight.. then he is all “i’ll talk to u wednesday when i get back into town”.. well he just logged onto myspace IM a lil’ bit ago.. and is all “hey its matt.. i got home early from Tampa”..

    I have called him like 15 or so times since friday.. ok,maybe he couldn’t get on the comp while in Tampa .. but why not answer his phone at all?!

  • Jenna  says:

    The date was December 2007, I was 12 years old. I was made fun of my hole life, as I had a very bad speech impediment and I was overweight. People called me (f4g) because I grew up around girls and I used “girly” words such as “blouse” instead of sweater, t-shirt, etc.

    I began to play a MMORPG (massive multiplaying online roleplaying game) and I learned how to cheat a the game so that my characters would gain unfair advantages over other characters. I started to become popular and soon enough all the “popular” kids had me cheating on the game for them so they too could gain unfair advantages over other players.

    They trusted me with their accounts, and when I went to update my cheating tool it installed a keylogger onto my computer. All 7 of our accounts (including mine) were hacked.

    The next day at recess six of those kids found me and gang beaten me very badly. They smashed my head against the frozen cement, and stabbed my several times. They stomped on my head and finally ran away when the bell rung.

    I was bleeding in the snow for about 10 minutes before a teacher came and found me. I was rushed to the hospital and suffered from cardiac arrest. I was dead for exactly 13 seconds. I came back to life and was in that hospital recovering for several months. This is when my life took a drastic change.

    I started reacting to scents due to the high amounts of chemicals I was exposed to while in the hospital. I would get an “asthma” attack whenever exposed to even the slightest smells such as perfume, cologne, even air freshener, makeup, or scented shampoo.

    For 5 years of my life I was housebound, wondering if I was a 12 year old boy having a nightmare, or a living nightmare having a pleasant dream.

    I am 17 years old and lost, I have no motivation to do anything and I often have violent mood swings. I hate other people my age, and I am often very physically aggressive to other kids who remind me of my attackers.

    Today they run free, living their lives and enjoying their childhood while they destroyed mine. The legal system was too soft towards them.

    And that is how I died 5 years ago

    Lucky to have survived? Or tormented daily?

  • Jeff  says:

    it is an old sega game, does anyone know any cheats to up player stats or anything like that, I would appriciate if it was posted on here also as I can’t link to game sites from this pc. Thanks

  • Le Pwner  says:

    Last night I dreamt a fairly long dream, so sorry.

    The dream starts off with my friend (whom I don’t recognized) and I running through a hallway. The hallway is like a morgue or something where they hold dead bodies like in “Romeo and Juliet.” We reach the end, it’s like a bathroom with only stalls and suddenly hear footsteps so we both try to hide in the stalls. He makes it, but I don’t and when the person reached me, I was playing dead, it turns out to be a guy we call, Vigotes. Vigotes annoys the f*ck out of me. I then was in school, late to class, I had to get to my 4th period so I started walking to class and realized we were in the Library so I start running there. I arrive and turns out everyone was done. I am suddenly in a regular classroom alone with my friend, Ariana. Ariana was my crush almost three years and she has rejected me when I asked her out, but I digress. She asks me if I want to (Pokemon) battle. I tell her that I forgot my gameboy and so I borrow my friend’s, Michael. I start playing, but every few steps the character teleports to a new area, so I tell Ariana that we can’t battle because of Michael hacking and cheating on his game. She then walks over to the markers to write something and realizes that the markers don’t work and she is sad. I am conscious that I stopped liking her in the dream, but I hug her and get a warm feeling.

    That’s where it ends. I appreciate any answers you give me, thank you.

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet  says:

    if you know any please put on the line who knows I might pick yours as the best

  • jdubdoubleu7704  says:

    Well today i saw penguins walking on walls so i decided to find out how you do that glitch. But when i did it i asked penguin if they could see me on the wall and they said no… How do you walk on the wall with other penguins seeing you.

  • Mark M  says:

    I’ve started coin collecting a year ago and am acquiring some valuable coins. Currently I am using 2×2 cardboard flips to store them but I want to invest in something a little better. Also I am thinking of the possibility of making a display out of them for in the room. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

  • Jermaine J  says:

    I’ve been with my BF for the past 4 years, we have to boys together, 3 and 2, and we just bought a house 9 months ago. Everything was perfect until he deployed and this was the first time either one of us deployed with a family. It was absolutely HORRIBLE for me.

    Anyways, on his 2 weeks leave from his deployment, he spent 4 days at home, 2 days with his friends in NY and a week in Spain with some other female. He told me that the military gave him a layover in Spain but I later found his receipts for the plane ticket and the hotel.

    I was recently able to communicate with the female and get her side of the story, which was I had died in a car accident and he was raising our kids alone. He’d promised her plenty of times that he was going back to Spain for her but never did.

    When I found the receipts, I had hacked into his email account and found even more VERY disturbing things. My boyfriend of 4 years had been on the Craig’s List Casual Encounters site looking for trannies. He’s denied it and I believe it wasn’t him… It was his alter ego, Derek. Lol! How would someone know all his information and where he was when he was looking and how didn’t he notice that he had replies about his “inquiries” in his email.

    Since I’ve revealed that I know all about his little secrets, he’s told me that he doesn’t love me anymore and that he wants me to move out. Now, when I’m on my “I’m your ex-girlfriend, f*ck you, do your own sh*t” mood, he has the nerve to tell me to be “civil” After my brother sat down with us and “mediated” some of the situation, he doesn’t want me out of our home but it’s been over a month since we’ve had sex, not even if I initiate it. I told him I’d wear a strap on if it made him feel sexier and I think that’s what added the last 2 weeks. Lol!

    I, honestly, cannot take him being an a$$hole to me anymore but I don’t want to leave just yet… I want to go out in a very memorable fashion. Revenge has always been sweet to me. I never find any bad in it. I’m looking for anything and everything that would bring Damek Pantin to his knees and never forget that he messed with the wrong female.

    Any advice would be fantastic! He’s a Soldier in the US Army if you didn’t already get that. I’m pretty sure you can look him up on Facebook and request him as a friend and say a thing or 2 about it on his wall.. He usually takes a few days to check his FB so all his friends would see it before he would. Thaaaat would be absolutely amazing to me. Your help and advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

  • PolishPokeyPimp  says:

    I have seen many types of coins being used.I want to collect some good coins as hobby,not investment. Where to collect them ,any suggestions.

  • Zanto  says:

    10 Mark Jewish Getto Coins (1943).
    I am giving them as gifts to people, they are not for keeping so it doesnt matter if the value decreases! they are aluminium metal -what is best for cleaning them please?

  • Mike  says:

    Not being a cry baby but I can’t play due to all the wall hackers/aim bots running. I stopped playing a few months ago when it started to get bad ( the cheats) and I picked it up yesterday to give it another shot. It is 1000 times worse now. 1 out of 5 games are clean, I have guys throwing tamahawks and gernaids up and they magically find their targets from across the map. Lots of lag switching, drop shot jump lag and shots you would not believe. Guys just popping off shots out of no.where and finishing the game 30-1 or 2..
    I enjoy the game other than the cheating. How can I be a contender without lowering myself to their level? It is impossible to finish top 3 with some of these guys due to the cheating. I know a lot of players skill levels are much higher than mine but i also know there are a lot of players better than me because they are running programs to make them uber players.
    If I report them does someone actually look at it? Do they need to be reported xyz number of times prior to investigation?
    Had one guy today go 35-0 in tdm… no one could kill him.. your bullets would go right through him while he walked up and stabbed ya in the face. I have also noticed when I go to stab some players they blink and move behind me and I am dead.
    Any ideas other than just deal with it? Mw2 is junk now because of the cheaters, you can’t play a game unless your cheating… I don’t know how nor do I really care to know how.. I just want to have the same chance as they do at getting the kill
    @ legend – if your living in some fantasia land thinking people are not boting your nuts.. I have been playing console games since atari, so I am not making this up. I understand universal lag, but not switching..that should not be allowed. The drop shot I am talking about is the slow robot motion jump drop and hop across the ground on their stomach and roll out is that into a jump followed again by the laggy drop hop. They are 100% switching no doubt. The reason they are sitting targeted areas across the map is a wall hack, I understand what your saying that its not locked onto me but the problem is they know exactly where other players are at all times.

  • kevindiking67verizonnet  says:

    I am only 18 years old and I have a huge collection of old coins and I was wondering how old you have to be to be able to sell to the store.

    Will they even buy all your coins off you ?

  • Larry R  says:

    I have no cash and loads of coins, is there a way to exchange coins for cash, like on yoville?

  • Larry R  says:

    Fake coin is lighter than the other 7 coins. All the 8 coins look alike.

  • Xbox Gamer  says:

    I’m curios, If someone is to send 25 coins, loose, unwrapped by U.S.P.S. What is the correct way to prepare for shipping?

  • RichT  says:

    I’ve got a small collection of silver coins from various countries, all from the 20th century. I’ve no idea if they’re worth anything or not, but it would be good to find out.

    I tried searching on Google for coin prices, but I just got the same few sites over and over, which were pretty useless.

    Is there a catalogue or something out there with guideline prices for coins?

  • nick s  says:

    I got some old coins, pretty much, about a hundred plus. Some of them are old, more than 100 years old. How do i keep them in good condition? I dont have coin folder. Is it okay if i just put them all in a glass jar? I thought of warping it with plastic wraps, those for food. Will it damage the coin if i wrap it? Help! Thanks! :)

  • whites are not the only racists  says:

    The treasury website offers 1oz gold coins for sale.
    Gold dealers tell me that the treasury sells only something called “proof” coins which are more expensive.
    Can anyone help with this confusion?
    Jim Crow. What the heel are you talking about?

  • Patrick  says:

    I just heritated a coin collection,with some old coins dating between early 1700 and 1945,i have some bronze,copper,silver and other material coins.But all of this coins are pretty rusty,and I don’t know how to clean them,I’ve heard Coca Cola works pretty well,but i don’t know for which type of metal this works.
    I have no idea how to take care of this coins,any help would be extremely appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • nick s  says:

    Ive picked up all the”hidden coins” that you can find on the ground, but i can NOT WIN! at the stupid reels or the other game. i really want a poryon, but is there actually any way to win alot of money ie, 9999 poke dollars without having to directly but the coins?

  • BRUTE  says:

    I recently discovered different types of coins in my house and I can obviously tell, from the look and wording on them, some are foreign coins. Many of the coins I have found, along with dollar bills ($), are mainly from the early 1900’s up until around the 1970’s.
    My question, is there a good calculator online you could recommend that has all the different coins from different country’s so I could find out the values for today? Thank you

  • altair  says:

    I’ve just started collecting coins (I am only 18) and I am considering buying rolls of coins from banks, picking out the good ones, and selling the rest back. I have heard that Kennedy halves are the best kind to buy. Are they? And if so, can anyone give an estimate of how many pre-1971’s they find in, lets say, every 5 rolls or so? I am just wondering if it is worth it. Any other tips? Thanks!

  • brincks26  says:

    Looking for a way to make personalized coins at home. May be plain (stamped only) or fancy (colored enamel) style.

  • The Beatles  says:

    I want them too look shiny. Condition is not an issue because these are just loose dollar coins, worth approximately just the dollar, and by that logic I dont need to worry about value I have other coins in that category (valuable). So if there are any effective cleaning methods for these non precious metal coins. Mind you I dont want to destroy the coin but a little wear isn’t an issue.

  • Dom L  says:

    I have 9 Eisenhower Dollar coins and I don’t know if they are worth anything. I have been saving them for a while but I don’t really know what to do with them. They range from 1971 to 1978 and a few of them are marked 1776-1976.
    Thank you for any information.

  • Con Orpe  says:

    I have a bunch of old coins from India and I am looking for a way to clean them.
    Also I would loke to know how much they are worth.

  • Xbox360king  says:

    I got some old coins, pretty much, about a hundred plus. Some of them are old, more than 100 years old. How do i keep them in good condition? I dont have coin folder. Is it okay if i just put them all in a glass jar? I thought of warping it with string wrap. Will it damage the coin if i string wrap it? Help! Thanks! :)

  • Con Orpe  says:

    Some coins and banknotes have unusual denominations. For example, there are coins of 4 doubles and 8 doubles in Guernesey, coins of 4 taris in Sicilia, 6 roubles, 15 kopecks, there are banknotes of 3 roubles. These values (4, 6, 8 and 15) are not common for coins and 3 is not common for a banknote. Do you know other coins and notes with odd denominations?

  • Sahil  says:

    So I’m interested in buying some Britannia silver coins from the 16th and 17th century, however I’m unsure how to identify through images whether the auctions are authentic. Are there tell tale signs which indicate that the coin is real or not?

  • Mistry  says:

    What present day coins (such as the dates 2010, 2011, 2012, and so on) will probably be worth somthing in the future? I just want to know so I can start saving and collecting them. Thanks for your help.

  • isk8at818  says:

    I see people with these beautiful uncirculated coins and I’d like to start collecting them? How do I go about this? The coins are in mint condition, straight from the roll…I ask for coin rolls from the bank and I always get rolls that ordinary people wrap. I’d like to get the coins that come directly from the Fed…Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • stephen m  says:

    Now, obviously in America, this isn’t a problem, but I have a coin dating back to 1791 in France, two years after the start of the French Revolution. The coin features the face and name of Louis XVI. That same year, Louis was imprisoned by Parisian mobs and was executed two years later. So what happened to these coins after his death? Louis XVI was not exactly on good terms with the French people at that point, so what became of these coins? Were new coins minted with different leaders’ faces immediately (obviously they were eventually), or were the same coins used for some time?

  • Harry  says:

    I need more cash but I keep on gaining coins!
    Can I somehow conver my coins to cash? And do I get more cash when I reach a certain amount of coins? And, how do you earn farm cash!?
    I’m very confused!

  • Marlon P  says:

    My husband has been saving his change for several years and yesterday we seperated the coins: 60 pounds of quarters, 55 pounds of pennies, 36 pounds of nickles and 25 pounds of dimes. Do banks have automatic rollers for coins? We don’t want to pay a fee to have them rolled.

  • Keaton  says:

    I have 100’s of old coins and was wondering what the best way is to sell them figuring I don’t know anything.Is it generally safe to drop them off at a reputable coin shop to be appraised? I don’t know muchabout coins and grading,

  • Kaden  says:

    There is 12 coins which look the same but one of them weigh differently (heavier or lighter). How can you determine in only three weightings which coin is different and if it is heavier or lighter?

  • Michael C  says:

    I have started collecting coins, and I want to know what is best for keeping them in good condition.

  • Mistry  says:

    Sometimes I can receive 50 coins when I visit my neighbor, but sometimes I can get 100. Why?
    @erick do u think that if I visit a neighbor with higher level, i can get more coins?

  • xiM Clutch  says:

    These coins include a penny, nickel, dime, and quater
    this is one thing so you know how to do it. P,N,D so Penny Nickel Dime thanks so much each set can only contain three coins
    you can use each coin over and over

  • Chester  says:

    Assume the 100 coins consist randomly of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Each coin has an equal probability of being selected.
    Just as a side note, I got the idea for this question at toll booth. So I suppose this does have some type of real-world application.

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused  says:

    I inherited a few old coins and I think they might be worth something. How can I find out?
    How do I find a coin dealer?

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    I know there is red and blue coins.
    What were the red coins used for? Anything specific?
    What were the blue coins used for? Anything specific?

  • nyyankees1123  says:

    Some of the old coins I’ve found are so dirty and/or corroded (?) that I cannot read the entire date or mint letter. Will Tarn-X damage the coins or alter the value of them? Thanks!


    I want to know how many coins to keep in my wallet to make perfect change whenever i buy something.

  • Milk84  says:

    Would the coins and stamps show both twins, or just the one who was monarch?

  • Bryan J  says:

    Is there a strategy to getting higher quality coins from the mint?

  • Samuro  says:

    I have a collection of 1ps, 2ps, 10ps, 20ps, and 50ps plus a few pounds coins, but I’d like to turn all my coins into notes at the bank but I have never done it before and a tad unsure.

    Thanks in advance!

  • norrin_shadowwolf  says:

    I have coins stored in old bottles and a piggy bank but I don’t want to walk into the bank looking like a child. Large amounts of coins are not easy to handle or to carry around, just asking for a easier more convenient way to carry them to the bank.

  • Arminator  says:

    I have found some Roman coins have similar qualities. But, I how much more money should I expect to pay for a coin a coin that has been through NGC authentication? I want the to get a authentic coin but the mark up seems on average 30% on a $500.00 coin. Is that reasonable? Thank you for your opinion I would appreciate any help.

  • Big Banger  says:

    I need to exchange my box of coins for bills from a bank. I heard they wouldn’t charge a fee. What do I need to do? Thanks.

  • Random  says:

    I’ve amassed $5-15 worth of loose coins from over a dozen countries. My traveling days are over, I’d like to exchange them. Does anyone know if the exchange place would only charge a flat exchange fee or one based on the total amount of all the currency, or would they charge a flat rate/percentage based fee for each country’s currency I exchange?

  • fattiemanny  says:

    I have 100’s of old coins and was wondering what the best way is to sell them figuring I don’t know anything.Is it generally safe to drop them off at a reputable coin shop to be appraised? I don’t know muchabout coins and grading.

  • Ryan Z  says:

    I just inherited a couple gold coins from The Hamilton mint – Sprit of America 1976 Bicenntenial. A few silver bars from The Franklin Mint 1970 & 1974 Christmas series, and some “wonders of mankind” silver coins by Encyclopaedia Britannica. I have looked online and cannot seem to find out any information – especially how much they are worth. Help?

  • Orbit  says:

    I’m just wondering what coins that have been released in the past 20 or 30 years starting from today should you be on the look out for? The whole USA quarter collection must be worth something several years from now?

  • skillz  says:

    Just looking for coins with silver in them. Don’t have to be .9999 fine or any sort of collectible. Just coins widely recognized to have silver in them.

    Do not want to pay large dealer markups or shipping charges either.

    So what’s the smartest way to accumulate some silver coins?

  • Ray D  says:

    I want to start collecting coins. I have recently purchased silver dollars and I just want to know what other coins have the same historical value without being as expensive. I typically pay $20 for the silver dollars in good condition and I want to know some other coins to invest in that are cheaper but that over time they will still increase in value just like the silver dollars. Any suggestions?
    Oh and what do the coins that you suggest typically cost?

  • BRUTE  says:

    I believe the coins are made of bronze, silver, or gold.

  • hank baseballs  says:

    I’m looking into starting to collect silver coins and I feel like I have a great “tool” to use. My girlfriend is a lead teller at our local bank and she is in charge of ordering the money and “coin” for the bank. My question is which is the best way for me to get silver coins. Is it from rolled coins from the reserve or circulated coins that come in from small business or customers? Also is there I certain coin that is more likely that would be silver (dimes, nickel, quarters etc)? Commemorative coins? Any help is appreciated.

  • Goe122  says:

    Is there a certain way to take excellent photographs of coins for listing them on eBay? I’ve heard that scanning them can produce an excellent image; however, I’d like to know how to magnify the image so that it is no longer coin-sized on the website.

    Can anybody tell me how to do so, and what model scanner to purchase that would be best for this task?

  • nyyankees1123  says:

    Some of the coins are pretty awful, I’ve tried everything I can think of to clean the coins, but not good results… Please help.

  • Dr Dorian  says:

    my ccount has been suspended by facebook for some kind of idiotic reason i am not aware of. it’s frustrating, but what’s even more frustrating is when others can view your profile and you can’t. i am fed up and want to get rid of this account by any means that is legal or illegal [ software / hacking tool whatever ]

    PS: at the time of login i am being asked to identify pictures of people i have never seen before. moreover it is impossible to identify if pictures are pulled out at random from albums of people who are in your list of friends !

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet  says:

    My computer has an anti-virus system on it already, but somehow a hacking tool has gotten in my system and it is wreaking havoc. A friend suggested using Ewiedo but we can’t find the right place to get the trial version. I would appreciate any help.

  • Yoshi  says:

    I have just switched from Windows Vista to Linux Mint and was just wondering if there was any Pokemon ROM hacking tools for my OS. I am in the middle of a hack I was working on and need to finish it so I can release and alpha. Can you help me?

  • mal_functiongeo  says:

    If you have a hack tool for castle clash tell me so I can give you my login ID and you can hack for me

  • morbiusdog  says:

    I saw how people got these hacking tools for the iron man 3 game which unlocks all the armors for you while giving you a desirable amount of io8 and stark credits. However none of these seem to work for me. I use a samsung galaxy s4 and iphone 4 with ios 6 to play the game. (yes i play it on both) The game is version 1.22. So does anyone have a hacking tool that could help? And it would help if i can get one whcih requires no surveys. Thanks

  • Only Business  says:

    I need a mediafire link of the hack tool of monster world.I tried in many sites but they to deal with surveys before downloading and evn affter completing the survey,i couldnt find any downloads.So plz help,,,,

    Thnx in advance

  • mavis24  says:

    Hi, Can you guys help me finding some websites where i can download the hacking tools for free. And also suggest some sites where the knowledge of hacking is discussed

  • Brody S  says:

    from Wennerstrom in the movie from David Fincher “The Girl with the dragon tatto” ? The scene where she is Irenne Nesser with the blond wig. I know she is very smart and has hacking tools but what is what she did? And what make it impossible to apply in for real life? Is it the exaggerated hacking abilities? Thank you. And no I won’t rob a bank, just curiosity.

  • shahedC  says:

    I downloaded WoW from a torrent website which was optimized for running on a private server. There was a ‘hack tool’ included. I tried running it, but it says that the data is corrupted. So, are there any other hack tools for WoW on private servers (I play on Magic WoW)? Maybe something that could speed up the game or get more exp?

  • Oilers  says:

    Im specifically talking about pokemon rom hacking tools. I can use them I know where to get them. I want to know how to make my own.

  • NC Baller  says:

    Is there a chefville hacking tool where i don’t have to complete a (non ending) survey and don’t have to get a password by completing another survey?

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused  says:

    I think there’s some sort of hacking tool or application that allows me to comment on a channel that blocked me. But i can’t find any.

  • Con Orpe  says:

    I have tried nearly every single (safe) way of obtaining such a tool and I have actually got it on my computer but when you start hack it says I need to update it but to update it I need to complete a survey. so does anyone know where I can get the latest hack tool without completing any survey what so ever. I’d really appreciate it!

  • toast  says:

    i heard that there r hacking tools that can break the lock of pendrives to make their space very huge.my friend broke the lock of a sony vaio 8GB to make it 130GB.if there r any such tools can u paste a link to me that gives downloads of such tools.

  • Travoiz  says:

    For those little iPad apps that don’t matter to the world I want to hack one called clash of clans. I hate surveys mostly because they charge you allot and are fake. My game centre nickname is merlin95 I just want allot of gems on this game that’s it. Does anyone know of a good free easy hack tool OR if someone has it already and could do it for me that would be great? You have my game centre name.

  • callofduty5123412  says:

    I have looked around many websites but only got fake ones, can someone provide me with a real working hack/cheat tool for dragon story game.

  • Wooooody  says:

    First off i know you cant customize them in the game normally. I would like to find out if there is a hack tool that you can use to change the way they look, and how to do it. I know its possible cause i seen a few videos on youtube.

  • jdubdoubleu7704  says:

    what is the hack tool for hacking fire red,leaf green etc to make it look like pokemon diamond or tell me were i can download a rom which is hacked and i can play

  • Rassling Fundamentals  says:

    a hack tool or cheat perhaps to get FREE FB Credits?
    do you know the steps in using Cheat Engine? and will the Cheat Engine work for laptops with flash not version 9?

  • sethburger  says:

    I am currently testing a web site that has a secure area (SSL URL) and I need to test its vulnerability to hackers.

    The SSL pages have the ‘lock’ icon at the bottom of the screen, but I need to carry out further security checks.

    I understand that popular hacking tools are available for download, but do not know where to find them.

    Can anyone help?
    This is my web site. I just want to make sure that it is as secure as possible before it goes live. I’m on a very tight budget & cannot afford a professional firm right now.

  • Duke  says:

    Where can i find a League of Legends hack tool that works on LOL PH and free without doing survey…tnx in advance

  • D3ZZY  says:

    Post all of your ddos, hack tools and sql injectors that you enjoy using here!

  • Noe R  says:

    I want to be able to hack facebook accounts to get revenge on some people at school but i dont want to hack them by trying to guess their password. I was wondering if there are any websites that have a hacking tool that i can download for free.

  • Chris R  says:

    Ok so on Battlefield 3, I was banned for apparently using “hack-tools” but since they added a new anti hack system where any program that interacts with battlefield 3 will get you banned,

    So I was planning to buy another copy of Battlefield 3 Ordinary not premium or anything. But my account is a premium account so I don’t know if buying a normal bf3 serial number (new) will reactivate my *PREMIUM ACCOUNT*.

  • Mackenzie P  says:

    what would be a good collection of computer hacking tools. i have a portscaner and a password cracker,oh and it has to be for linux. also is there any built in tools for linux mint 14 that i can use for hacking.

  • John G  says:

    Kingdoms Fighter Hack Cheat Tool is the newest game hack on Mirnex. This hack will generate free gold ingots copper coins and AP to your Kingdoms Fighter Facebook game.

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  • Marshal  says:

    Okay so since the Lips to archive roms to the hack is made for pc I would like to know how I can do this on my mac so that I don’t need to use my old pc for rom hacks, if you could give me info on how to use the hacking tools as well that would be great, ty :)

  • Flash Funk  says:

    I play Deer hunter reloaded everyday and i am stuck recently.
    I don’t have enough gold, bucks and energy , and i need some good
    Deer hunter reloaded cheat or hack tool to get allot this items. If anybody
    know where can i download this kind of hack tools please post site url
    in your answer.

  • MexicanDude  says:

    I want to learn more about hacking. So I decided to download some hacking tools(for educational purposes). So then once I downloaded the file, my virus program caught the parite b virus from my program and deleted it. what should i do?

  • JOHN KAISER PHD  says:

    Or is there a hack tool that I can use to get more bucks and coins? I’ve seen a hack tool going around and I downloaded it, but it didnt work.

  • colingrillo  says:

    Please, do you know where I ould find the ultimate hack tool for sims social, the one that gives you as much simeleons and simcash as you want, and gettingit the real one without virus and also without needing to complete any survey?? Please!

  • mal_functiongeo  says:

    Would it be illegal to make a hacking tool, for example a bruteforce password cracker or a pishing toolset? if not, would it be illegal to share it?

  • Dark_LovexXx  says:

    Ok, so a hotmail contact has said she has a hack tool which is able to send pictures of me (which i know she has) to my contacts. I have deleted all my contacts, mail, changed all settings to be as private as possible etc, but am unable to close my account (thanks microsoft). So, how can i completely block all outgoing mail from my hotmail.co.uk address? And i dont mean just from my home pc. Thanks in advance!

  • Keegan  says:

    I have recently just started up on Maple. I downloaded it. Downloaded a patch, re-installed it 4 times. It still says error, hack tool detected. What is this?

  • Jeff  says:

    Can someone give me a dragon city hack tool download for free (If I need to I will pay) but I would love it if someone could upload one to MediaFire for me! Pleas reply thanks!

  • Adam  says:

    Does anyone know where to get the real hack tool for madden nfl superstars?
    I’m looking for this particular one below:
    I’ve been to the site to get it, but I turned out to be one of those stupid spam surveys..help?

  • steve  says:

    I need Big win baseball iphone hack which doesn’t require Jailbreak.
    I need a lot of coins and bucks. If anybody know where i can
    find this kind of Big win baseball iphone hack tools please give me
    download link here.

  • RxP DarkBox  says:

    recently i am addicted for Ghost of mistwood .Is there any hack tool please tell.
    Survey link also acceptable.But i want 100% working tool.

  • unbleevable39  says:

    My brother thinks it’s funny that he found out my passwords to many of of my things and so he changed them. I know this sounds weird and ironic but I need to hack into my own accounts. Does anyone know where I could get a free and not a virus hack tool or something that allows me to track each keystroke typed into my computer so I can figure out what he changed my passwords to if he hopefully ever gets back onto my accounts. Thanks.

  • Franklin Bluth  says:

    It’s what the question says. I get service on the second floor of my house, but not on the first or in the basement. I’ve tried Google, but I get a load of hacking tools and stuff, and that’s not what I want. Thanks in advance.
    Wireless internet signal, that is. Sorry for any confusion that caused.

  • Oilers  says:

    Is the megapolis hack tool 2013 a virus? My anti-virus keeps flagging it as a trojan horse… I realize by the nature of what it does this could be a false positive… But I was wondering if anyone is really using it and did they open a door on their computer? I have downloaded it but am afraid to install it in case it really is a virus. Please only respond if you actually have downloaded it and installed it… Thanks!

  • lucasg615  says:

    I wish to know about the hacking tools. how to enter into a website without permission? what are the soft warss to be used for this purpose?

  • Lasagna delivery guy  says:

    I am a young coin collector and i am almost done with my first collection ( Jefferson Nickels).
    Im having trouble finding the rarer coins like the 1938’s and the war time coins. I am tempted to buy them on ebay but i don’t know if spending that kind of money would be worth it for a nickel collection. Any advice on where to acquire these coins and whether or not to spend money would be greatly appreciated.

  • zigg3ns  says:

    Does anyone know of any website that doesn’t require you to complete a survey to download a hack tool for a video game? I have tried so many different websites and they all have surveys, including websites that advertise a 100% survey free system. I’ve just about givin up and thought I would ask. Thank you for a response.

  • Moore, Ron  says:

    What are the basic Hacking Tools (explain what is their uses) and where to download for free?

  • henryshensbcglobalnet  says:

    My Advance text hacking tool doesn’t seem to be working,is there any other hacking tool i can use instead?I heard that Elite Map can be used to edit text in pokemon ruby version,etc..Is it true?

  • easton j  says:

    What is a good password hacking tool that I can use to hack say……………….. emails or maybe club Penguin accounts or something like that. Can you also give me instructions on how to use it?

  • Hayden  says:

    i want a good game hacking tool to hack bloons tower defence 3. it doesnt work with cheat engine and artmoney. help please!!!!

  • Echo  says:

    Are there any pokemon hacking tools for linux?If yes,please tell me where I can download them.No scam,please.

  • Wooooody  says:

    every link i get or the Miscrits of Volcano Island Hack Tool V1.02,it just is a link to another website with a link to another website tha asks me to do a survey to download the Miscrits of Volcano Island Hack Tool V1.02.i just want the download without a link

  • Cliffy N  says:

    I need a hack tool by which i can gain unlimited mojos and golds and crystals.

    In many videos in youtube many people said that the hack tool works but i can’t complete the survey so that I can download that

  • nmlpc  says:

    Can you give me Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack Tool?
    where’s the link? can you gift me the link?

  • Scorch Delta-62  says:

    I have been playing Clash of Clans for almost a year now, and I could really use Clash of Clans Hack Tool now! It doesn’t have to be anything special, I just want Gems adder, Shield adder, and if XP Level Cheat would be good too! I am really looking forward to your answers and I hope someone will help me with this! Thanky you all in advance!

  • davemc74656  says:

    i scanned and healed threats on my pc, but the notice “hacking tools detected” still comes up when i launch online games. i even formatted the whole drive and reinstalled windows, but it still comes up.

  • nathan  says:

    hey everyone, i have been searching for a site where i can download asphalt 8 hack tool but in every site it says i have to complete a form something about ‘SURVEY’. Can anyone tell me a site where i can download it? thanks in advance. Points for the best answer

  • Chris R  says:

    What is the basic hacking tool and where can I download it. I also want to know where can I learn basic hacking coz, next week Im going to present it in my class in Computer. Thnx in advance.

  • Roar me R  says:

    I wish to get working Battle Camp hack tool…
    I need it for my ipad
    My device is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone could help

  • Gamer959  says:

    I want Samurai Siege hack tool…
    I want to hack my iPhone5
    My phone is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone was able to help

  • Marshal  says:

    I wish to get working Battle Camp hack tool…
    I need it for my ipad
    My device is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone could help

  • mavis24  says:

    I might pre-order pokemon platinum if it comes out with something good. But its comeing out in the usa March 22, 2009. So my question is how do i get movie regigigas for the U.S.A?
    P.s. i don’t want to use pokesavs or any hacking tools or nothing that will mess/corrupt my game.
    How do i get the pre-order ticket

  • Andres C  says:

    I’m looking for a good firewall that protects from someone booting a password hacking tool from a CD, External hard drive, thumb drive etc…
    Preferably free, and easy to use.
    Specific protection from the Cain and Abel software is needed, I have already password protected the BIOS, and I could use any other methods of protection.

  • Picean  says:

    hi i am a fan of criminal case game on facebook.i want the download link for the criminal case hack tool.i have searched many sites but asks surveys.i have downloaded some in mediafire and 4shared.com but these files asks password when extracted. hence i want a site to download this tool without any kind of surveys or passwords.
    if you have the tool please sent me via e-mail
    my e-mail address”saptagiri.mypati@yahoo.com”
    thanks in advance.

  • Elijah luv  says:


  • Ramblin Spirit  says:

    He caught me using this hacking tool on a game called Tibia, I apologized and begged for him to forgive me, and he let me off the hook and said not to do it again or I will be banned, he caught me doing it again, and banned me till deletion, but I have an option to click complain and reason with him, what can I say to convince him ?

  • The Villain  says:

    I was wondering if there is a hacking tool or program that can allow my laptop to connect to 2 separate wifi internet connections simultaneously. I have AT&T wifi at my house. The speed is okay but when I d/l torrents and watch HD tv the tv is sketchy sometimes, forcing me to limit download speeds to under 1MB/second for my laptop torrents. My question comes from my neighbor having an unprotected network that I used to use for wifi before I got my own. Is there any way to use hers and mine at the same time to the same computer to increase my overall D/L bandwidth? I.E. I get an average of 1.5 MB/s on torrent downloads from my router and when connected to neighbors wifi about 1.1 MB/s….so when I connect my neighbor’s and my wifi to my computer simultaneously, will I have 2.6 MB/s DL speeds? All assuming connecting both is possible…if you know of a tool or program that can allow this please share! Thanks!

  • ademuth93  says:

    clash of clans is a game for mobile platform. i am using android. i came across many hack tools online. none worked and most of them had to be unlocked by completing surveys. that’s very annoying and frustrating. i really need a hack tool that works and generate gems for me. i’ll provide my mail address. please send me the hack tool to my mail: im.mbuilders@gmail.com. thanks!

  • Mistry  says:

    I have some coins from Africa, Korea and Europe. Can I go to a bank such as Chase, US Bank, Bank of America and exchange them for US dollars?

  • jag43216  says:

    I don’t want to fill out their surveys, just want to get to the hack tool…
    Spirit Stones, mobile game for android and iphones

  • Dom L  says:

    I wish to get working Battle Camp hack tool…
    I need it for my ipad
    My device is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone could help

  • Roar me R  says:

    I think the energy thing was a bad idea for the game. I want a hack tool that is esay to install and that I won’t need to complete surveys. Thank you!

  • Mr SoLo DoLo  says:

    I wish to get working Battle Camp hack tool…
    I need it for my ipad
    My device is not jailbroken so it’d be amazing if anyone could help

  • shahrukh  says:

    Is there any hack tool of Shadow fight hack on fb or any trick to get coins and rubies via cheat engine ?

  • Matthew David  says:

    hello everyone, please help me out to download World at arms hack tool, i am using Ipad 2 IOS , how can i use unlimited medals ???? please help me ….

  • Random  says:


    I found this blog with a link to download a hacking tool for Disney Hidden Worlds, but it only comes as an EXE. I tried opening it with WineBottler, but no such luck.

  • Malcolm Hudson  says:

    I downloaded the hay day hack tool for my android phone but i cant understand what is PIN in it?

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior  says:

    I downloaded android version of hay day hack tool but it is asking for a PIN.What is it?Please help.

  • kass9191  says:

    I’ve been around searching for a iron force hack tool to download but i’m unable to because of surveys not working for me since i’m not in any major country like US or Canada or China where most surveys work i’ve been runing into problems with every single one i found none works.i would prefer a download where there’s no survey to be taken for the download.can anyone please help me give me a link please or send me the File i need at mrash4487@yahoo.com would really appreciate it alot. thanks in advance.

  • Harriet W  says:

    A coin slides over a frictionless plane and across an xy coordinate system from the origin to a point with xy coordinates (1.8 m, 8.8 m) while a constant force acts on it. The force has magnitude 1.2 N and is directed at a counterclockwise angle of 123° from the positive direction of the x axis. How much work is done by the force on the coin during the displacement?

  • Dom L  says:

    Ive been wondering lately that a coin might not be exactly a 50/50 percent chance. The coins have designs on each side and wouldn’t that throw it off a tiny tiny TINY bit because of the extremely slight weight difference? Anyways I was just wondering. Thanks in advance for answering.

  • Praveen  says:

    What is a coin that is really large, but not worth that much money?

    Looking for a gaint sized coin, however I can’t have it break the bank.

    Thanks alot!

  • Willie  says:

    My lucky coin is an 1827 Swedish ½ Skilling and I want to make a necklace out of it. Since it’s older, I can’t afford to break it.

  • Mr SoLo DoLo  says:

    Not bullion or special issue coins or coins older than say 1950… what is the worst designed monetary coin that you use to buy things?
    This is your opinion, obviously, but be general.

  • Thomas Lopez  says:

    I inherited a small old coin collection, and have no idea where to start to valuate them. Do I need to do a complete inventory with descriptions then take them to a coin dealer? Does he even need to see them, or are appraisels based on the age and denomination with the description of letters next to the year, etc.

    Any help from experienced coin collectors is welcome, thank you!

  • soccermaster1  says:

    I found some old coins and they say on them “A commemorative medal collection” and “Clashes Ashes.” I think they were made in 1984 and it has a picture of merv hughes on one side and they are silver coins. Where could I go to find out how much (if anything) it would be worth? I also have other ones with different players on them. I am from Australia so please no links to overseas websites.

  • sakyue1993  says:

    The magician will hold the coin and another coin will appear somehow. And there will be two coins already.
    Thanks and sorry for the bother.

  • opurt  says:

    How can I store a mint condition silver coin without the coin being tarnished? How can prevent a silver coin being tarnished? I want the condition of my silver coin to be conserved.
    Is it ok if the coins are exposed to light and heat?

  • shahedC  says:

    You have twelve coins, one of which is a counterfeit and weighs less than the legal coins. How can you use a simple balance three times to determine which coin is a counterfeit?

  • krow147  says:

    I have several old coins from America, and I need to know their worth, how to sell them and make sure that I am not going to loose my shirt in the process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • llb443  says:

    If you flip 10 coins and the first 4 all come up heads, what is he probability of the 5th coin coming up heads?

  • JOHN KAISER PHD  says:

    A coin is placed 13.5 cm from the axis of a rotating turntable of variable speed. When the speed of the turntable is slowly increased, the coin remains fixed on the turntable until a rate of 30 rpm is reached, at which point the coin slides off. What is the coefficient of static friction between the coin and the turntable?

  • Gage  says:

    The coin will be in a box about 15 times it’s size, and the coin is about the size of a dime. How much will it cost to send it to the Netherlands. Thanks!

  • Mike  says:

    I have phillipene coins and queen elizabeth coins made from the 1960s. Are they silver?

  • Chester  says:

    I am planning to buy a 24 karat gold coin from bullion direct. This is the first time i am buying a gold coin. I am seeing both Austrian Philharmonic and Canadian Maple as 24 karat, but former is cheaper that later. Do anybody know the reason? Both are 1 oz and same weight & quality. Can i buy Austrian than Canadian?

  • Sophia C  says:

    If you flip 10 coins and the first 4 all come up heads, what is the probability of the 5th coin coming up heads is?

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